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ice cream and butterflies

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Category: Green Day - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Published: 2010-05-15 - Updated: 2010-05-16 - 133 words

Emilys POV

we ran to the nearest ice cream shop and each got a cone. i led him back to my house and we went to my room. i showed him my guitar and began playing a random song i had wrote. he smiled and clapped.

Faby POV

we sat under a tree in his backyard and i read some poems i had written, he laughed at some of my facial expressions when i read my funny ones. his mom brought us lunch at noon, PBJ sandwiches and juice boxes. i felt like i was 5. joey laughed "MA!! where is my teddy bear!??" i laughed and rolled around in the grass. a butterfly flew and landed on Joey's finger he put it on my nose and laughed. i looked at it in awe
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