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Hi guys...still here...I got threatened with a shovel...~cough-Georgia-cough~ So yes I am still here...hooray?

Frank's P.O.V

Lilli trying to talk to Fiona did not go well. Long story short, they fought again and Lilli ended being dragged away clutching a massive chunk of Fiona's hair. As was Fiona only with a massive chunk of Lilli's hair. Each of them being dragged away screaming obscenities at each other. While Gerard mumbled about how he knew she should never have went. Fiona left cursing everyone as she pretty much got kicked out the door.

Gerard picked up Lilli and carried her over his shoulder to the bar where he sat her onto a stool. I've never seen her looked so pissed off in her life. Ray slid a drink over to her.
"A +" he said. She took a small sip and smiled, her eyes beginnig to tur back to normal.
"Mmmm vintage" she took another sip and giggled. I could smell the blood swirling in the glass. My fangs lengthed and the thirst set my throat on fire.
"1867" he said proudly.
"Twas indeed a good year" colour flushed her pale cheeks as the tingling warmth of blood spread around her. I saw Rachel shuddered out of the corner of my eye and I nudged Lilli. The smile vanished and she said no more about it.
"Sorry" she said guiltily, biting her lip. Rachel just gave a small nod.

Rachel's P.O.V

I saw a few vampires eyes me hungrilly. I skooted over closer to Frank, at first he tensed up but slowly he beagn to relax a little bit. He was having some sort of coversation with Lilli-anna and Gerard. Lilli was pleading, I think. Their voices were too low for me to hear, on purpose no doubt. Gerard was frowning, which in itself isn't unusual. And Frank just looked pissed off. They eventually seemed to come to some sort of agreement.
"Rachel?" he asked nervously.
"We need to talk" he said it so seriously. It was then I began to panic.
"T-talk?...About w-what?" my voice had dropped to below a whisper but I knew they could hear me.
"Somewhere more private" Lilli said thoughtfully.
"Why?" I whispered, my voice refusing to go any louder.
"We're going to show you something" Gerard sounded so bored as he said it.
"Show me what?" My eyes darted to each of them in turn as my pulse thudded in my ears.
"Rach calm down...didn't you ever wonder why we brought you to the castle?" asked Frank. I just shook my head feeling ridiculous. Gerard gave a snort of laughter which stopped instantly as soon as both Frank and Lilli glared at him.
"You...saw no human should, or well more is allowed to. You saw us and...we were...fighting Lycans."
"Lycans?" I asked.
"Werewolves" Frank added demurely.
"And I...I saw this?" I asked, finding it hard to take in. I had no memory of this, it was...odd.
"Yes. I locked it away so it seemed like it never happened" Lilli smiled sheepishly at me.
"C-can I see this, um, memory?" Lilli just nodded.
"But not here...Oh! And if it gets to much I'll get rid of it completely...Oh! One more thing, you may get dizzy and most likely get a headache...sorry about that" I just stared at her with wide eyes, to which she just shrugged.
"It can't be helped"

Frank took my hand and they led me to a small private room. It was fairly small. Dark purple walls and a black ceiling. The door was black too. A double bed was squished into the corner. The bed was un-made and the whole room had a feeling that nothing had been in here at least a hundred years. A small (everything was small in this room) painted black wardrobe. 'MC' was written in beautiful red calligraphy on the doors.

Lilli jumped onto the bed, landing on it wih a couple of bounces. She lay down, stretching out.
"Home sweet home" she sighed. Gerard flopped elegantly next to her (if there is such a thing) next to her. He pulled her closer to him. His face was round and boyish, rather than the cold expression it was normally pressed into. Somedays I could see why Lilli loved him so much and other days...

Frank climbed on the end and curled up on his side.
"Come on Rach...don't be shy" teased Lilli. I blushed slightly and sat gingerly on the end.
"Your still being shy" Lilli giggled. I scowled and then gently lay down in-front of Frankie. His arms wound around me and pulled me closer.
"Everyone ready?" Frank asked, his breath washing over my neck and tickling me slightly.
"Yeah" Lilli's eyes flickered open briefly to look at everyone then shut again.
"As I'll ever be" Gerard said, sarcastic as ever. Lilli lpayfully nudged him and he giggled slightly. She then sat up motioning for me to sit up too. It was hard to draw my eyes away from Frank's tattoos. They were beautiful works of art. I eventually looked up at her. Her eyes began to swirl and rather than being knocked out like I expected. I was more...frozen. Snatches of colour and sounds flashed before me. Then miages...horrible images of snarling beasts, ripping throats and piercing howls. Then I saw him...Frank, my Frank. A dead body. More fangs and claws. Screaming...a dark figure in a

Georgie porgie pudding and pie...McCracken. Lmao! You have no idea how long I've wanted to say that!!! XD Wuv yoouuu!

xoxo Mad Hatter Iero.
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