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Lunch Ellen
“What happened what happened what happened?” Jesse asked repetitively. Ellen laughed and smiled. After Saturday’s kiss she was finally more interested in Jake. He did what he said he would, call her, and they talked for a bit. On Sunday she’d forgotten that he’d said they’d go out, so he took her out in a pricy and impressive restaurant in Wilbert St. Jake really impressed her that night, more with his charm and looks than anything else.
“Well, we went out,” she looked at everyone at the table, “and he took me to a nice restaurant in Wilbert St…” she paused before continuing, “then he asked me to be his girlfriend.”
“OH MY GOD!” Jesse screamed loud enough for two tables away to hear, “that’s wonderful Ellen!” She through her arms around Ellen’s body and returned to her sit with the widest smile yet. “You said yes right?” Jesse’s face was filled with excitement. “Stupid question,” She said rolling her eyes.
“Oh, Jesse, they’re no such thing as stupid questions,” Riley who was now paying attention said from across the table, “just stupid people.” She started laughing in a friendly way.
“Ha ha, yeah you’re so funny,” Jesse glared.
“Oh my god you should of just seen your face it was just like the scariest glare,” Samantha laughed with Riley and joining in Ellen.
“Well yes I said yes.” Ellen said smiling while blushing.
“That’s cool,” she said happily.
“Now who’s going to tell your lover Gerard?” Riley joked.
“What are you talking about,” Ellen said looking down over at Riley. “This again?”
“Well maybe we were wrong on Friday, you not liking him maybe he just likes you.” Riley said straight forward.
“I thought we weren’t going to talk about this, but when it’s you then we can talk about it. Ugh, you know you’re so difficult.” Sam said throwing a fit.
“Oh my god, it might be so true,” Jesse said ignoring Samantha’s fit. “He was, like, asking questions about you and stuff.”
“So?” Ellen asked pushing some hair back her ears, “He could have asked about Sam and it wouldn’t have meant anything, besides he hardly knows me.”
“Whatever Ellen but just be cautious; it might be jealousy on its way.” Riley said cutting the conversation.
I have to tell her now, Gerard thought on his way walking over towards Ellen after what felt like forever in Science. “Um, Mr. Way, will you be joining me in lunch? Remember you had detention?” Gerard’s puzzled face made Mr. O look down on him.
“Detention?” Gerard finally said remembering he was spaced out completely and not really paying attention.
“Yes, you weren’t paying any attention in my class, so you earned an extra class during lunch with me.” He said raising one eyebrow, “This isn’t the best way to start you school year her Mr. Way.”
“But,” Gerard said waiting to find something to say.
“It’s just one lunch Mr. Way,” He found it extremely annoying Mr. O calling him Mr. Way all the time. “Look, I know you’re a good kid, don’t make me think to differ.” Gerard followed and gave up; he did deserve it after all. It had to be art. He had to tell her there.
She didn’t want to think about anything now, it was her time, her only time, so it seemed. She smiled when she saw Gerard sitting on his sit. ‘He’s not into me, so its ok.’
“Hey Ellen,” what she thought was a smile turned quickly into a frown… She felt something at that moment but couldn’t identify the feeling.
“Hey Gerard, “Ellen said glancing at him.
“Can I tell you something?” He said looking at her.
“Uh, yea—“
He cut her off before finishing what she had to say, “I’m going straight to the point, you not going to believe me though,” Gerard said looking down ashamed.
“Oh, really? Try me” she smiled, which made Gerard even angrier. He couldn’t find himself telling her bad news and hurting her, but even though he didn’t want to tell her he had to.
“Jake isn’t a good guy…” Gerard said hesitating and waiting for an expression on Ellen’s face.
“What… what do you mean he’s not a good guy?” Ellen said with blank expression thinking that he was joking. Ellen took at Gerard who didn’t move a muscle; his face was tight and steady, which was… attractive? He must have been joking right?
“Ellen he’s just not…” Her eyes widen in disbelieve, she saw not that he wasn’t joking, but jealous and now making up these stories about Jake. “And he’s bad for you; he wants to do things to you, bad things.” He looked up with sorry green eyes.
“You. Don’t. Even. Know. Him…” She looked down to her sketch book and opened to a clean page wanting to believe that this was one big joke.
“I overheard him Ellen; he’s not good for you.”
“What do you mean not ‘good’?” She looked up at him quicker waiting to debate what’s not good for her.
“Ellen, he’s…” He paused to think about what he was going to say.
“Forget it, you hardly even know me, for all I know you can be bad for me.” She said defensively. “Sure we talk in this class but it’s not like we hang out all the time. You can just figure me out in such a small amount of time.”
“Ellen, he’s not fucking good for you!” Gerard said a little louder.
“Oh and you are?” She said not talking her eyes of his.
“Better than he is,” he started chuckling while looking down, “I wouldn’t do that to you, and I’d never do anything to hurt you.” He said looking at her, he was so sure… this was a promise.
Ellen loved how sincere he looked but she couldn’t just admit her new boyfriend was anything bad. “Do what?” She started looking down now doubting that it was needed to be over dramatized.
“Hello class, sorry I’m late,” Mr. Brown said walking in, shall we get started.
After Mr. Brown was finish teaching the outlining lesson Ellen couldn’t stop thinking about this, she couldn’t get as mad as she wanted to, she couldn’t feel any upset emotions at all. “Now tell me, what did he do that’s so bad?” Ellen whispered.
“It’s not what he already did; it’s what he wants to do.” Gerard said not looking up at Ellen. “I’m going straight to the point Ellen because there’s no other way you’ll get it.”
“I will to get it,” she said looking at him strictly.
“Ellen, why don’t you focus that emotion on that drawing that’s so… unfinished?” Mr. Brown said walking pass them.
“Ellen he wants’ to get in your pants.” He said finally looking up at her. Her face seemed lighter just because light was on her face, and her hair was tied to the side, she looked so beautiful it hurt.
“What are you talking about?” She said talking her eyes of him and down to her paper. Now this she couldn’t believe, “Alex said he was a good guy, and I believe him.”
“That’s because Alex doesn’t know about this.”
“And how do you know, you out all people? You haven’t even been around for a whole semester and you are already judging?” She said pulling a piece of hair away from her face.
“It’s not that I’m judging Ellen, I know.”
“Oh really, and how would you know something like that?” She said frustrated, he wanted this to be pretend because he never felt so horrible before, but it still was true and he had to do something.
“That’s because unfortunately I share the same math class with this moron and well I over her his conversation.” He glanced over her work for a second, his voice sounded so apologetic, which made Ellen want believe it was true, but she couldn’t.
She narrowed her eyes at him, but he was looking down; she shook her head still in disbelieve.
“I’m sorry I had to be the one to tell you,” He said finally looking up.
“Don’t be, it’s not true,”
“I knew you wouldn’t understand,” He growned. “What has he done to earn your trust?” He said needing her to believe him.
“What have you done to earn my trust, why should I believe anything you say? I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, so why should I believe anything you say. Jake knows Alex, Alex does trust Jake, and that’s good enough for me,” He watched her blow silently, what an angry angel and right now there’s nothing he could do.
Gerard paused talking his eyes off her, “Is that why you like him? Because of Alex’s approval? Does that mean I don’t have a chance if your brother and I don’t get along?” He asked.
“No, that’s not why I like Jake!” She drew dark steaks with lighter shadows. “I like him because he’s sweet and funny and smart… and because he’s a good guy.” She paused
He started laughing, “If he’s so smart why is he in my 11th grade Math class sometimes?” He joked.
“Shut. Up.” She said frustrated. “Just don’t talk to me, ok?” Ellen looked up to see no smile upon his face. “I don’t need any of your protection, why do you care about me so much anyways? Oh and not only would my brother not like a guy like you, I wouldn’t like a guy like you,” She shouldn’t have said that, she was regretting that, but why? Was it because she liked knowing that he’d look out for her?
“Why? Because the type of music I listen to, or my attraction to someone so naïve?”
“It’s none of that! And I’m not naïve!” She said completely frustrated and moving the pencil with a faster pace.
“Who said I was talking about you?” he raised an eyebrow.
“You’re so irritating,” she repeated.
“I don’t care how far you push me away, I’ll never let him hurt you, I promise.”
They didn’t talk much after, and as soon as the bell rung she left quicker than she ever was, she had to get there, she had to just breathe.
It wasn’t that moment to talk, he guessed.
“Gerard, will you be helping Ellen teach today?” Mr. Brown said as Gerard shook his head.
“I’m not so sure Ellen would appreciate me being around right now.” He said hopelessly.
“Oh cheer up Gerard, it can’t rain forever.” Gerard sat back and thought of it for a second. “There’s always that beautiful rainbow and then the sun comes out.” He smiled.
That night he sat in his room alone… He looked up at the sealing and tried to think of nothing, it wasn’t really working out for him because all that ran throw his mind was Ellen... and vampires... The Ellen thing was reasonable, and he always liked vampires. He thought he had a lot in common with them actually. Both alone, both could be dangerous, both sharp, and both creatures of the night. “I’ll never let them hurt you, I promise.” He said thinking about what he said to her. And there it was, a moment that made him grab the first paper he saw and pen, he wrote ‘I'll never let them, I'll never let them, I'll never let them hurt you not tonight, I'll never let them, I can't forget them, I'll never let them hurt you, I promise’. After he got those lines he felt a sense of pride and let the rest of the piece just come to him.
Jake called her around six, “Hey babe,” already with the cute pet names? Ellen thought, “I was thinking about you.”
“Hey Jake,”
“How was your art class?” He asked considerately.
“They were fine,” a good way to take things off her mind, she wanted to say, and glad there was absents of Gerard Way. She couldn’t even think of what happened.
“That’s nice,” he said not noticing the difference in her voice when she was hiding something.
“Listen, is Alex there?” she asked politely.
“Yeah let me just put him on,” ‘she wants to talk to me?’ she heard Alex’s fainted voice.
“What’s up Ellen?”
“Alex is Jake listening?”
“No he just went to the bathroom, why?” He answered quickly.
“Alex I need you to tell me something, is Jake really a good guy?”
“Ugh Ellen, can’t we talk later I should be home around in about an hour, can’t this wait?” “---“Ellen waited until he answered. “Ugh yeah I guess. He’s not a bad guy.” He said wanting to get this over with.
“Ok and can you not tell him I asked you this Alex?” Ellen asked.
“Yeah sure whatever, but are you going to tell me why you asked this later?” He said before passing the phone to Jake.
“Yeah,” she said ready for Jake’s voice to come up.
“Hey babe, I’ll talk to you later,”
“Ok bye.” She ended the call and just stud still.
“So do you believe him? I mean do you think Gee’s telling the truth?” Sam said taking her eyes of her French book.
“Well I don’t know.” She said hesitantly. “All I know is I like Jake… I think.”
“Back up, ‘I think’, well do you like him or not.” Riley said raising an eyebrow.
“Yes… I do…”
“So then do what your heart tells you, Ellen, that’s the most we can say.” Riley the wise one said folding her arms.
“I don’t want to talk to Gerard; I guess I’m still upset that he’d lie.”
“Wait did you talk to Jake about this?”
“NO, I’m not going to go up to my new boyfriend and accuse him of wanting to sleep with me…” Ellen said awkwardly.
“Hey, I’d sleep with you sexy thang,” Samantha joked.
“Not funny right now.” Ellen said looking straight at him. “Besides,” she said looking towards Riley’s way now, “he didn’t show up yesterday to help me teach, which means he didn’t want to see me either? Which meant guilt?”
“Or maybe he was just giving you space, Eli,” Riley unfolded her arms and placed them on the table, “because well when you freak out, you freak out.”
“Jake didn’t notice,” Ellen said.
“Well he’s a guy,” Sam quickly said.
“So is Gerard, and I’m sure Jake knows me better than he does.”
“Whatever you say Eli, whatever you say.”
“Ugh, I still can’t help being upset at Gerard; I mean why would he tell me something like that?”
“Maybe to protect you, warn you?” Sam said flashing her eyes back at the table behind her who was trying to listen.
“… That’s the same thing he said,” Ellen didn’t want to think anymore, she had some sort of vision coming together. Ellen cleared her head and left only a pictured of somebody who was half shown and half stuck among the shadows and trying to tell her something, whatever it was it was… beautiful, she needed to draw this, even though she wouldn’t have dawn something like this… Gerard would off. “I’m going to the library,” she said quietly.
“Want me to come with you Ellen?” Sam asked getting ready to get up.
“No, I just really need to clear my head.”
“Well ok,” she said sitting back down and pushing her hair to the other side.
She had about 10 minutes of snack left. She skipped and hid in a corner skipping about 20 minutes of gym, I didn’t matter though, the gym teacher never really paid attention, the only one who was going to question was maybe Eric, and that was only because she was Riley’s friend. This 30 minutes to herself was good though, she finished what she started, and it looked amazing.
“Where were you Ms. Blood?” Couch Glen wasn’t the nicest guy out there, especially no to the guys and girls who weren’t into or good at sports.
“I wasn’t feeling well, still not,” the lie was so twisted she felt guilt in the back of her stomach.
“You didn’t answer the question.” Couch Glen look like he was from the military, mean looking face, deep voice, and uptight.
“I was at the library, feeling sick,”
“So why didn’t you go to the nurse’s office?”
“…I don’t know…”
“Go do ten laps, alone,” so she did, this wasn’t so bad, at least she wasn’t really sick.
“Hey Gerard,” Jake said stiffly, “So there’s a word going around…” he looked down at Gerard, “saying that you don’t know how to shut your mouth…” Jake said feeling threatened.
“Why would you keep anything from her? Unless it’s something you know she wouldn’t want from you.” Gerard didn’t look up; he wanted to just kill him right now.
“Look it’s my last year here, so don’t mess it up, I just want to have fun. For now she’s mine, next year you can have her all you want, hell you can have her as soon as I’m done with her.”
“That’s not why I would want her…” He was playing with his head.
“Listen, Gerard, Ellen isn’t your girl she has nothing to do with you, she doesn’t even like you, so back off and leave her alone.” Yeah, like he was protecting her, he was looking for a way to hurt her, “You can’t be like what you read all the time in the comic world, so stop acting like you can.” He said moving towards his set. He was right about some parts; he was only a man, not a hero.
“And why do you feel so threaten by me? Like you said she’s not my girl,” And also she isn’t his girl… He felt a bit lost at that moment but chose to ignore it.
“Just stay away from her, ok? She’s mine now, and you anything about it,” He stopped no point in continue because he knew he wouldn’t stop.
After math he left avoiding contact whatsoever from Jake and his little pathetic gang, he needed to finally reunite with his group and feel a bit safer.
Gerard didn’t talk to her for about two weeks and she started miss it, him, but she figured it was her doing that they weren’t talking. Maybe he was just trying to give her space. She made sure to sit somewhere else, and he made sure he wouldn’t go to after school art class; they’d also avoid contact at the halls. In art she sat next to a guy named William, who was a big annoying. He looked like a hippy for the 60’s and he always smelled bad too. She noticed Lisa took her place, with fair blond hair, and incredible shocking blue eyes, he couldn’t have missed her.
Ellen now hangs around Jake a lot more, and it’s cute, He always kisses her hello, and gives a longer goodbye kiss. Jake would always want to play and touch her, during lunch. After practices he’d twirled her hair, which she didn’t like, and kiss her softly, but something was missing.

Gerard 2 weeks later
“Whoa, this little shit is messing with you and you decide to tell us now, we got your back, are you going to tell her?” Ray asked calmly.
“Why, she isn’t my girl, he’s right, in that case. Besides I’m going to like a little shitty tattletale, so what’s the point?” Gerard asked hopelessly.
“The point is you little shit, you promised her you wouldn’t let them hurt her, don’t be a dick,” Frank said as a quick response.
“Yeah I mean don’t give up just because you feel threatened,” Ray added, “Jake feels threatened too you know, or he wouldn’t have confront you.”
“Your right,” he looked over to Ray, “And the longer I wait the harder it is to believe, see you guys,” Gerard got up from the table without his tray of food and walked over to where Ellen was sitting, or usually sat. Once he arrived he was next to her.

“Can I talk to you,” Ellen looked back, it was Gerard, dressed in black as usual, and dark jeans, with the same leather jacket he wore the first two days. Jake, who was sitting next to her, narrowed his eyes at Gerard.
“Ellen doesn’t want to talk to you; apparently you’ve upset her.” Right, after a long talk with Alex and him making sure Ellen knew he was a ok guy she told Jake what had happen, “And quite frankly I really don’t appreciate your lies and rumors about me.” Wait, why was Jake doing the talking, did she want to speak?
“I didn’t ask you,” he didn’t take his eyes off Gerard, “I want to speak to Ellen,” She was glad, she missed him more than she thought he did, and her own seat to.
“Let me talk to him,” she said low to Jake.
“No, he’s just a jealous guy who wants you to believe his lies.” Jake said with his hands grabbing tighter to the water bottle.
“Do you trust me Jake,” she asked remembering that it’s all her mother said while Ellen was growing up.
“Go,” he said upset.
“Ok, I’m leaving the moment you start to bug me,”
“Can’t you just have an open minded for at least 10 minutes?”
“Fine ten minutes but I’m leaving as soon as you time is up,” She said walking with him.
“Your boyfriend is just using you for your virginity,” He felt so… good telling her, he felt good that something was now hitting her. Her eyes to widen and her head started shaking.
“This is the same discussion we had before.”
“And you think I don’t know that, they day after I told you he came and talked to me, he doesn’t want me to talk to you,”
She looked down, “Then maybe you shouldn’t, your ten minutes is up,” she shook her head again, Gerard grabbed her by the arm now.
“Why can’t you believe me what image have I created to make you believe that I would try to hurt you?”
“None, I just don’t want to talk to you anymore, why are you attaching yourself on me, what did I ever do to attract you? And how do I know you don’t just want the same think Jake does?”
“So you believe me?”
“I didn’t say that,” she shook her head.
“It was implied in the last sentence you said.”
“Stop it,” She secretly like this, his hand on her arm, felt so cold, “Stop playing with my head.” And she missed it too, just talking to him.
“Stop denying it then, if you really didn’t want to talk to me you wouldn’t have come.”
“You would have kept on begging,” She relied.
“Have I bugged you ever since?”
“No,” she replied faster.
“Why are you telling me this now, it’s been two weeks since I last talked to you, and two weeks since this happened, so why are you telling me now?”
“Because I felt threatened by what he could do, but I’m not anymore,” He said, it’s been a while since she took a good look at those eyes.
“I… just don’t want to hear it, and I don’t blame Jake for scaring you since you started those stupid rumors.”
“God sake I didn’t start anything, he said it,” He let go of her arm and threw his hands up.
“Ok,” She sat and gave up, “I’ll see you later…” He didn’t know what to think right now, he was so confused, but he had to let it go, she had to think about this… she had to talk to Jake…
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