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He saw her walk in art a bit late still sitting next to James again. He tried to study here carefully, but couldn’t see any reaction. “Hey Gerard,” Lisa said flipping her blonde hair back and breaking Gerard’s studies.
“Hi,” He said looking at her then opening his books.
“Who where you looking at?” she said cheerfully.
“Nobody,” he replied kindly.
“Um can I ask you something, if you don’t mind of course,” Lisa was really sweet and he wouldn’t have mind sitting next to her for the past two weeks if he hadn’t meet Ellen. She was attractive, kind, but she wasn’t that type of girl he guessed.
“Sure,” He said nodding he’s head.
“Why don’t you get the girl already and stop sitting next to me,” she said looking up at him.
“What?” he asked confused.
“I believe I can read people… and I can see you really like her,” she smiled, “So why don’t I take my place back next to William and you go sit next to her?”
“Because she doesn’t want me there and all I can do to make her feel better is give her space.”
“Hum…” Lisa thought for a second and walked to where Ellen was. All he could hear were mummers, no words. He was sure there were kind though, and then right that second Ellen got up walking towards his table.
“Well I was just kicked out of my seat…” She said low. Lisa winked at Gerard quickly and looked back at William.
“I didn’t do it,” Gerard said refusing to take the blame, she sighed.
“I know,” Ellen sat down and looked up just thinking. “I talked to him…”
“So?” She looked at him.
“It just led to another date…” There was disappointment in his eyes and guilt in hers.
“Do you want to go…?” He finally asked.
“No.” She answered quickly.
“Then why are you going?” Gerard asked all confused. “You’re being so complicated right now!” Gerard said looking at her with excitement.
“I don’t know, maybe because I do like him…” She said hesitantly.
“You either do or you don’t, Ellen, and I don’t think you like him if you doubt yourself. So make up your fucking mind,” She looked at him in agreement.
“That’s… not… true… all the time,” She knew what she was saying and she did have a point but in this case he was right.
“Well it’s true for this case!” What he said was true, so true it made her sick.
She watched his eyes follow hers. “Maybe I just want to be alone then…” She said agreeing. “I see what the problem is, I went and rushed too fast and didn’t get to feel anything, really. Except his kisses… and the attack of his smiles… but even you have a greater affect on me,” she said honestly.
Did she just say that? This was so annoyingly addictive. Gerard liked the way she basically said she’d like him, but hated the drama covered on top of the truth. He was quite for the rest of class, not know what to say really. She ripped out a drawing of a girl hidden confused, but … happy? It was amazing work.
“Why are you ripping it out, it’s nice.” He said softly.
“Because,” she said looking up at him, “I was going to give it to Jake…” Oh boy, Jake again, Gerard thought “but this doesn’t belong to him, I guess I just need it for myself.”
“Oh,” he said surprised, “yeah you should keep it…” They didn’t talk for the rest of the class, and avoided any contacted again except for eye…
Gerard was really playing with his head now and he wanted it to stop. Jake couldn’t afford losing Ellen now. He swore that little talk they had two weeks ago would care him. Jake had to do something… His plans with Ellen had to move a little quick than he wanted… then again he didn’t mind, he was dying for her now. Her kisses seemed more powerful each time, more painful to even resist.
“Hey babe,” He said moving towards her side walking with her to her locker. He kissed her on the check, but she didn’t really seem thrilled. “What’s the matter?” He asked waiting for a response.
“Nothing,” she said and continued to walk. Her voice said confused.
“Was it something he said, it’s just a rumor,” Jake said defensively which made her look up at him.
“No,” she said sadly, “It was just a long day… a long week.” She opened her locker and watched Gerard passing by her, what was keeping her away from him?
“Do need a ride home?”
“Sure.” Slow answers weren’t a good sign for Jake; he had to step up his game. Ellen got into the car and just sat there for a second or two blank.
“You ok?” Jake finally asked.
“Fine,” she said in a low ton of voice.
“You need to get out more often, come with me, to Matt’s party.” He said grinning.
“Matt? As in quarterback Matt, the guy who tried to beat up my brother last year” She started at him as if he asked what color was an orange.
“His not a bad guy anymore,” he said not so convincing.
“Yes because someone who give’s my brother a bloody noise for no particular reason then framed somebody else is now a good guy!” Ellen said really upset; “Besides I thought he graduated already, what is he still doing here?”
“He’s suppose to be spending the weekend with his parents since it’s a long weekend, but his parents are in a cruise so payback,” Jake made a turn to her house while her jaw nearly dropped.
“I’m not going,” Jack sighed in disappointment and took one hand on the steering wheel.
“How about John’s party,” Jake added quickly wanting no to bring up Matt again.
“Why are you so preoccupied with going to a party all of a sudden?” she asked looking up at him.
“Fine, then how about this weekend you come over to meet my parents properly?” she smiled, finally something she’d approve. He kissed her on the lips, holding her face softly. It was like any other kiss she got from him, for her amazing and for him there was passion.
“See you tomorrow, Ellen,” He shouted out while watching her walk into the house.
“Ellen, this dude on the phone called twice, and I told him I can’t talk to strangers and he said ok, but for me to tell you to call him back, so are you going to call him back?” Gabi said so quickly Ellen could hardly understand.
“Hi to you too Gabi,” Ellen said placing her bags on the floor. “Who called me again?”
“He said his name was Evan, he said it was important.” Jake’s friend? They never talk so why was he calling her? “Oh and Jesse called you too.” She added.
“Ok, thanks Gabi.” She said still confused she walked to her room and closed the door.
“Oh my god, Ellen,” Jesse sounded extremely enthusiastic which was nice since Ellen wasn’t really in the cheerful mood. “Ok today when I was walking out of class I walked out with Frank Iero and we hung out, well we got a drink at star bucks and well let’s just say we’re going out on Saturday.” She was nearly jumping out of her seat.
“That’s great, we have to double date!” She sounded even more excited with ever second she spoke.
“I’m not sure Jake would like hang around Frank, Jesse,” Ellen said in a disagreement voice.
“You don’t have to go with Jake you can go with Gerard,” the sound of that felt good but so wrong.
“Did you forget I’m with Jake?” she paused before continuing, “I mean…”
“Come Eli, you mean to tell me that you never even thought about just going out with Gerard… once?”
“No,” there was a silence, “Jess no,” she said sadly.
“Sure, I was talking to Frank about you, and he said he knows for sure that Gerard likes you and I can see you don’t belong with Jake, no offence, but I kind of believe Gerard.”
“Of course you believe Gerard, you’re about to start dating his best friend,” this was true it wasn’t like she was lying.
“Ellen come on, do you really believe that Gerard would lie to you, he has no reason to do so,” she said doubting Ellen now.
“Well he likes me no? He could lie out of jealousy. “
“Whatever Ellen, I’ll talk to you later. I’m just saying I hardly doubt he’s lying.”
Again she wanted to believe him…
She dialed Evan’s number, “Hello? Ellen?” he said with a fainting voice.
“Yeah, it’s me Ellen,” Ellen said loud and clear.
“Good, listen, Gerard isn’t lying.”
“This again? No offence Evan but I’ve been trying to get this out of my head.” Ellen had the last of it now. She didn’t want to talk about it, she didn’t want to think about it, she wanted nothing to do with it now. “I mean this is getting a little bit too ridiculous. Don’t you think?”
“This is because you’re being ridiculous.”
“Excuse me?”
“YES ELLEN, you’re being ridiculous! My fucking god I was there!”
She paused before continuing, “So why didn’t you speak sooner?”
“Well because it didn’t affect…”
“Alex?” She sighed in disappointment. “You don’t really care what Jake does, huh, or who gets hurt until it affects you doesn’t it?”
“Hey at least I’m being honest!” He practically shouted.
“For the wrong reasons.”
“Whatever Ellen, just don’t break up with him so rough, ok? I’m the one who has to take the blame.”
She hung up the phone before even listing to another word out of his mouth. “Ugh.”
“Hi honey,” Ellen’s mother surprised her and came in to her room.
“Mom,” Ellen’s surprised face made her mother chuckle a bit. “I didn’t hear you get up, you’re feeling better?” Ellen’s mother opened the door wide open and walked over to sit on the bed with her.
“Yep, just the common cold, I took Gabi out of school early today and your uncle Bill came over.”
“Oh, so how is he?” She asked not really caring or putting much thought on Billy.
“Oh Bill is Bill, can survive almost anything hon.” She said so peacefully. She looked down at Ellen, “What’s wrong dear?” She asked looking at Ellen’s sad expression.
“Nothing… Just teenage junk mom,” she sighed and pushed her hair behind her ears.
“You know I was a teenager too hon.” Ellen looked up at her and realized she was smiling.
“I know, I just really don’t want to talk about it,” Even with scars on her mother’s face she still looked beautiful; with long dark brown hair, and blue cold eyes, and nose as cut as a button
“It about Jake?” she pushed.
“No. yes. It’s about… Gerard…” She paused and didn’t see an expression upon her mother’s face, “It’s about both of them,” she sighed.
“Hello?” Frank said on the other line talking to Ray.
“Frank it’s me Ray.”
“No shit Toro, what the hell do you want?” He said checking the time. 4 am. “Jesus Christ do you know what time it is?
“It’s Gerard,”
“What about Gerard?”
“He’s drinking,” Ray replied with worry in his voice.
“In 4 in the morning?”
“Yeah he came over and woke me up by throwing paper around our trash can and I took him in since he’s so wasted.”
“Come take him!”
“Why don’t you just let him stay over the night and let me fucking sleep?” Frank questioned.
“Because, idiot, I don’t want my mom to question me.” Ray said out of frustration.
“Why didn’t you call Mikey.”
“Because he didn’t pick up and he can’t drive yet, did you forget?”
“Arh,” Frank whined.
“IS THAT FRANK?” Gerard asked so loud Frank could hear him clearly. “Hi Frank I’m in a fucking love! I dunk if you know, but I don’t care, let’s rock out tonight.”
“Gerard put that down,” Ray sighed and grabbed his guitar out of Gerard hands, “are you coming or what?”
“Yeah on my way,” Frank said getting up and dressed.
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