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It's All Over!

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Ok, I'm not writing a summary here just saying I couldn't update sooner b/c of a really busy week and it's not over :S hope you enjoy & thanks for your time! :) ~Eliza Bood Way~

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The room was so pretty, lights flashing everywhere. The more you drank the more you’d forget. About the past about the present and for once not have to deal with the future. “Hand me another,” He said to the guy sitting behind the bar. Where was he? The girl with long black hair down to her butt hand him another drink,
“You’re going to regret this kid. I know it might seem like it’s cool but I felt the same way--” her voice was fainting and he didn’t care. The room was loud enough without her talking anyways. Then clash he turned like everyone else did. “OMG the fucking chandeliers fell. Shit shit shit,” the girl with the black hair whined. She must live here he figured. The rest of the parted was quiet for only a second and then the party continued, it was like nothing happened.
Gerard made his way quickly to the bathroom and ran into a couple having a make out session, so he ran outside and finally puke. “You ok,” Ellen? She smiled at him. Heaven was shining on her.
“Odd place to see you,” She was blurry but still there.
“What,” she asked changing her smile to a frown. Her hair fell down with her as she fell too. By the time Gerard notice he was holding her in his arms and her eyes were icy blue now. She was stained with blood as he was laying the knife down. “Go.” She said silently.
“Where,” Gerard asked horrified.
“Ray’s.” and then she was gone, nothing but a memories of a phantom. She slipped away.
Seconds later he found himself waking up at Franks.
“Shit, wasn’t I at Rays?”
“Were at Rays, what the hell were you thinking.” Frank said getting up and grabbing pants. He didn’t wait for Gerard to answer. “Get up we have school to go too,” he said throwing some cloths at Gerard.
“Ugh,” Gerard said with a pounding head ach.

“Hey babe,” Jake said grabbing Ellen by the waist and kissing her on the check. She pulled away and turned her head to the other side. “What’s wrong Eli,” He said so calm.
“Stop,” she said finally lifting her hand up. “We need to talk,”
“Oh no,” He threw his hand up, “Does this have to do with the Gerard thing. How can you believe that gothic freak?”
“Not him this time,” she said annoyed. She hadn’t realized how annoying he was and how much she wanted to get away from him.
“Then who!” He yelled. Almost everyone in the hall stopped and stared.
“Man do you even remember leaving your house?”
“No.” Quick and simple.
“Well do you remember anything?”
“Yeah,” He got out of the car and closes the door behind him.
“Well the chandeliers broke, and well then I woke up at your house I guess.”
“Whoa” He said walking aside from him. “You were crazy last night; I mean I’m surprised you didn’t wake up Ray’s parents. Plus you’re lucky the drug addicts weren’t out. And also luck Ray’s brothers didn’t rat you out.”
“Yeah Ray’s awesome for that. I owe him big time,” Gerard said pushing the doors to the school open. He scratched the tip of his nose and pushed his hair back, then saw her, Ellen. It looked her and Jake were arguing… and just like he promised he went to protect her.
Once Frank noticed what Gerard was going to do he spoke, “Gerard not now,” he walked over Ellen’s way anyways, ignoring Frank.
“Please let’s talk later.” He heard Ellen’s voice, so softly.
“I’m sick and tired of just talking right now! You tell me what the fuck is going on Ellen.” Jake’s eyes were cold, mean and cold.

Ellen turned her face to Jake’s narrowed her eyes, “I will not be talk to that way.” She said so defensively. Gerard never had seen her like that. Then so quickly Jake moved his back hand across Ellen’s face, leaving a red mark.
The. Last. Straw. Gerard rushed over by her side. “Leave her alone Jake,” Jake quickly looked over to him.
“This is your fault,” Jake scrolled. “What don’t you get about staying away and just keeping your mouth shut?” His face was getting tight and Gerard was just lost. Ellen’s expression was filled with guilt and he had no idea why. It looked like a broken fallen angel.
“Gerard lets go, haven’t you got into enough trouble,” Frank placed his hand on Gerard’s shoulder.
“No, let him go,” Jake said angry ready to lift his fist. “He wants to fight with me he can have it.
“Just leave her alone. Haven’t you hurt her enough? She doesn’t want to be with you anymore, get it?” Gerard said expressively.
“And she wants to be with you?” He started laughing silently. “Oh Gerard, you never did tell Ellen why you transferred schools didn’t you?”
“Shut it Jake,” Frank said pointing his index finger at Jake. Gerard was now surrounded by Frank, Ray, and Mikey.
“Fine, since I’m a nice guy,” He turned to Ellen gave her a smile and then ran into Gerard slamming him against the locker. Right that second he saw everyone’s eyes on the fight and realized what an ugly world. He was about to get beaten up pretty bad and everyone just stud and watch.
“Stop it,” Ellen screamed, Gerard blocked everyone’s voice except for hers looking desperate. “STOP IT JAKE,”
Gerard felt the burns, not bad. A few punches or two. Non on the face… oh spoke to soon. He threw his fist back at Jake now, now trying to fight back.
“Ok, what’s going on?” It was Mr. O finally breaking up the fight. “Jake and Gerard go to the office this instance.” Nothing but disappointment was upon Mr. O’s face. But despite who started it almost everyone who’d witnessed the fight knew that Jake would be the one to get away with it. Principal Franken was one of those sporty guys. The one’s you see on TV where they always are on your side as long as you are involved in sports.
She dropped her bag and tried to push Jake away from Gerard, but Jake was stronger. Jake pushed Ellen hard and down to the floor. She hadn’t seen Gerard since that morning and even if it was only snack she wanted to see him at least in the halls ok.
“Ellen it wasn’t your fault there wasn’t anything you could have done.” Sam said patting her back.
“And don’t forget you tried to help, are you ok dear?” Riley said hugging her.
“I’m fine.” Ellen said and sighed.
Jesse then came with her food on her tray. “Ellen?” She didn’t look like she wanted to say ‘I told you so’ but Ellen still felt a threat.
“I know, I know. You told me so?” Ellen barked.
“That’s not what I wanted to tell you…”
“I know…” She said looking away from Jesse, “So is he ok?”
“Yeah… Nothing, but some black and blues,” She said with a sense of hope, “oh and a bloody nose.”
“Jake didn’t hit him in the face hard did he?” Jesse shook her head. “Ok, thank Jesse.”
“Suspended for a week?” Gerard’s mother lifted her arms, “What is your father going to say?” She kept walking towards the kitchen. “I don’t even know how you got suspended for a week.”
“Mama that isn’t fair,” She looked at him, “He started the fight, and he slapped her.”
“And what do you care about this girl?”
“I don’t…” She ignored him.
“First it’s drinking and then this, Gerard, what are we going to do with you?”
“Whatever. I didn’t do it. Frank’s coming over tonight.” She didn’t really care; he was so often she just lost interest.
“Take it easy Jake. I know it’s your last year and there’s lots of pressure with the soccer team. I’ll let this one slide but you have to keep it on the down low.”
“Thank you very much Mr. Franklin,”
“Oh Jake, call my Roy,”
“Ok… Roy” he smiled.
“Now go you wouldn’t want to be late for snack,”
Ray saw Ellen sitting at the library with her arms wrapped around her legs. That was her. The girl Gerard wouldn’t shut up about while drunk. “Hey you ok?”
“Fine,” She looked up and back down.
He then sighed, “No, you’re not…” He sat down next to her and turns his head towards hers.
“Really I am, just worried about Gerard…” She hesitated. “You sure he’s ok?”
“He’s fine,” He looked away then back at her, “Unlike you, you’re not. And I doubt Gerard would like it if he knew I saw you like this and didn’t do anything about it.” He said honestly.
“You’re absolutely right,” she said looking up to him, “So help me. What did Gerard do? I mean why did he switch schools?” It sounded like she was crying, and probably was.
“Well,” he lifted his eyebrow, “Let’s just say he’s not the smartest guy and I don’t think I should be the one who tells you.” She half smiled. Ellen was kind of glad Gerard had a friend like him, someone so nice. Ray stopped worrying about Ellen now and saw Christa.
“Who is she?” Ellen asked noticing and smiling, Ray look quickly at Ellen then back at Christa.
“Christa… She’s in 10th grade.” Ellen smiled.
“She’s pretty,” She noticed her short black layer hair and a piercing on her nose.
“Why don’t you talk to her?”
“Sure you can,” she sighed one of those types of guys huh? Ellen thought.
“Haven’t been able to,” Ray really didn’t have a clue why he even mentioned Christa’s name to Ellen, maybe because he was sensing trust.
Jake wasn’t going to let this go. He had Gerard out of his hair and it’s all done with. He turned to see her, Ellen. “Hey Ellen,” Sam and Riley just stared at him. Ellen ignored him.
“What are you doing here?” Jesse finally asked.
“I’m here to apologize,” Ellen’s crossed arms weren’t a good sign, and then again he didn’t expect her to give in so quickly since he did slap her…
“Just go,” Riley answered and Ellen didn’t even lay her eyes on him.
“Listen I’m not talking to you.” Jake defended himself.
“OK,” she finally turned, “This is –me- saying ‘leave me alone’”
“How the hell didn’t –you- get suspended?” Riley looked over.
“I didn’t do anything wrong!” He shouted loud enough for the lunch room to go silent.
Ellen looked at the crowed who was trying to listen and back at Jake, “YOU didn’t do anything!” She mocked, “-He- didn’t do anything! Did you forget he was –protecting- me—“
“It isn’t his job to protect you, it’s mine, because you’re mine,” Jake interrupted.
“First of all I’ll –never- be yours and second of all did you forget he was protecting me from YOU” He looked down, avoiding eye contact. “Oh right you forgot, you are the one who slapped me for no particular reason?”
“Anger issues much Hun,” Samantha added.
“Not only does he have anger issues but he has listing issues!” Jesse replied.
“What do you mean, it’s was because of Gerard’s lies you were going to break up with me!”
“I. Just. Wanted. To. Talk.” Ellen said looking down frustrated. “It was your stupid friend, Evan, who told me…”
“He--“By this time Alex, Evan, and even Kelli was surrounding him. “Kelli, tell her it isn’t true,” he said controlling.
She took a step closer to him and softly touched his face, “Oh Ellen there’s a lot you must learn from Jake,” She smiled at her then at him watching his tempered face, “But if there’s one thing you should know is that this,” She looked at Jake again, “He is here to play ya’.”
Jake was speechless. “Why,” was all he could ask?
“Why?” She repeated with a soft laugh. “I was like Ellen too you know, baby. Gullible. Beautiful. Possible a better girl than now? A virgin?”
Ellen’s was starting to feel uncomfortable and disinterest in this drama. “Shut up Kelli,” Evan said under his breath.
“Don’t tell me what to do,” she said quickly turning her head towards Evans’ then back at Jakes’, “Don’t you get it, I lo—“
“Shut up, the feelings are un mutual,” He said quickly.
“Why?” She whined.
“Well as you can see, we aren’t meant to be,” Ellen said getting up to leave. Jake pulled his body so she couldn’t get up.
“Just shut up already; I like you Ellen,” He said all worried.
“And I don’t. I don’t want to be in your game, so just leave me alone. I don’t like who you are at all.” He grabbed her arm tight leaving shortly fade able marks, “LET GO OF ME,” she screamed. Jake slapped her harder that he did this morning across her face.
“Shut up!” He yelled. “Gerard isn’t here to save you,” Alex then push and hit Jake to the ground where he landed on his arms.
“You’re right, I am, by the way mi casa -no- es su casa.” Jake finally backed off and looked around, he saw everyone noticing this. A bigger crowed a bigger disappointment. His face wasn’t going to move and his eyes were tenses so what does he do, get up before the teachers could find out what happened. Once he left in humiliated Alex went over to talk to Ellen.
“You ok?” He checked moving Ellen’s hands away from her face, “It’s kind of red.”
“Yeah, just kind of hurts a bit,” she said blank.
“You shouldn’t have let him do that to you Ellen,” He frowned, “Sorry.” He murmured.
“For what? You just helped me,” He shook his head.
“I feel really bad about being a bad brother to you. I mean wasn’t being a really good big brother if I was letting you hang out with that guy.” He frowned again the sincere apology was sweet. Alex has always ways been a good brother to her no matter what.
“You didn’t know. And you are a good brother,” He looked up at her again.
“I guess I really have to thank this Gerard kid huh?” she rolled her eyes and he got up on his feet, “For taking care of my baby sister right?” Ellen sighed and laughed at the same time.
“Whatever you say Alex,” he smiled with her.
“Maybe you should go talk to the principle and tell him what happened,” Ellen shook her head.
“I’m not going without any witnesses,” she said stubbornly.
“I’ll go with you Hun,” Sam said getting ready to leave with her.
“Besides I think he’d have to believe you. You have over 1,000 witnesses and well your face still looks like it’s been slapped hard,” Riley added.
“Ok,” Ellen agreed.
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