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Making Plans

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“Gerard! It’s for you,” Mikey called out from the kitchen.
“I’m not home!”
“She said her name was Ellen,”
Ellen? He walked upstairs to the phone and put it to his ear, “Ellen?”
“Yeah, listen you were right all along. And you’re not suspended anymore.”
“I’m not?” Gerard asked scratching his head. ‘
“No.” Even though there was a second or two of silence there was some kind of relived sound in her voice. “Listen, I’m sorry for everything. The things I got you involved,”
“You didn’t though. You know do anything… wrong.”
On the other line Ellen though it was nice that he didn’t ask anything, and the talk was her bring up. She wanted just to spend time with him, not talking to him for a while was killing her now.
“Hey do you want to go for a drive on Friday?” Ellen felt her smile coming up when Gerard spoke.
“Yeah, where to?”
“Don’t know yet,” weird feeling in her stomach now was really starting to take over her.
“Cool, sure why not,” She wished she could see his face.
“Hey Ellen?” He asked before hanging up.
“Sorry I let him hurt you,” and click. Gone. She wanted to call him back just to tell him he didn’t let her down but couldn’t find any sense to do so.
“I broke my promise; she shouldn’t have given me a chance.”
“Gerard you are being ridiculous, possibly looking for sympathy.” He didn’t want to think anymore just blasted that loud sound called music at this point.
Thursday Alex
Alex saw Gerard walking by the halls and knew what he had to do. “Hey Gerard?” Gerard looked back at him. “You’re name is Gerard right?”
“Yeah,” His puzzled face was entertaining for Alex, “You are?”
“Alex, Ellen’s brother. I came here to thank you, for looking after her… Don’t worry about Jake. He’s not going to anywhere near you once he comes back from being suspended.” Gerard didn’t do much just watched.
“No prop man,” He said causally. It was very awkward for Alex. Usually he’d been the social one, not his sister, and he’d be the one to break tensions, must have been just this guy then. “So see you around….” Gerard said walking away.
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