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and i knew just what we'd turn into.

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Gerard wouldn’t lie would he, but then he wouldn’t of know, not even I can remember! But what if it was Dave who’d done this.

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Katies POV. 2 months later.
I never saw him again, sure I heard a couple of his band’s songs on the radio, his picture plastered all over my roommates bedroom, and the occasional interview of him on the tv. I didn’t know he was in a band, if he was I would never have spoken to him, Dave was in a band, ugh. I didn’t feel well, I ran to the bathroom and threw up everything. Not that I had eaten much, I wasn’t really hungry these days.
James came out from the lounge room, “You okay hun? You haven’t been looking well” he commented.
“Nah its probably just the flu or something” I whined, cluctching my tummy.
“Awkay babes, we’ll I gotta date with Ryan tonight, so you’ll be okay by yourself?” he asked sounding worried.
“Hehe aww, how cute, widdle james has a date” I babied him, pinching his cheeks softly.
“Shuttup” he blushed.

5 months laters.
Not much has changed, cept I’m like a whale, I eat all the time, and I’m pretty fat. I decided I should goto the doctors today, there was something seriously wrong with me.
At the medical centre I was first in line.
“Katie?” a professional looking lady called for me.
“Yeah thats me” I stood up and forwarded into the ladies room. It smelt like alcohol wipes and disinfectant.
We both took a seat and it was an uncomfortable awkward silence,
“Uhm I just wanted to get some tests done, I haven been myself for months and I’ve gained weight like crazy, then it clicked, but no I couldn’t be, Gerard wouldn’t lie would he, but then he wouldn’t of know, not even I can remember! But what if it was Dave who’d done this, he drugged me and raped me god knows how many times, there’s so many black nights I cant remember. “FUCK” I yelled bursting into tears.
The doctor tried to calm me down and rubbed my back, “C-can I have a p-pregnancy test?” I said between sobs.
“Ill be back in a minute” and the lady hurried out probably glad to be away from me. I put my hand to my stomach, I couldn’t be, it wasn’t possible. The women came back in and handed me a pee stick, I rushed to the bathroom, unwrapped it and did what the instructions said, my fears were confirmed, I’m fucking knocked up. I sluggishly walked back out to the doctor, “Im pregnant” I mumbled. She then wisked me away to get ultrasounds, lectured me on folic acid and gave me pamphlets on what to do.
And I waddled out of the Medical Centre I saw scan of the life that was inside me, I was eight months far, and thankfully the baby was alright, my eyes got burred with tears and I looked around, trying to stop myself from breaking down in the middle of the clinic, I saw a dark haired figure come in and push past me, almost tipping me over. “Jerk” I mumbled, the figure had turned around and was about to say something but I was already gone.

Gerards POV
I hurried to the clinic, I needed help and urgent, I had the worst sore throat and I was ment to have a gig tonight, I pushed past some girl and then I heard the bitch call me a jerk. When I turned around I realised that is was her... Katie. But she was already gone.
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