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im broke and abandoned, you are my angel.

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“WHAT? GEARD WAY? THE SINGER? OH MY GOD YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU BANGED HIM!” he sounded real excited, “how was it? Was he good?”

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Katies POV.
“KATIE BABY!” James pulled me into a hug, “Did you find out whats wrong bubs?”
“Im.. pregnant” I whispered looking away.
“Your what? With whos baby? When!?” he sounded frantic.
“Im having a baby, I’m eight months and... uhm, either Dave” I saw James clench his fists “or Gerard Way.. I the father” I said, still looking down.
“WHAT? GEARD WAY? THE SINGER? OH MY GOD YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU BANGED HIM!” he sounded real excited, “how was it? Was he good?”
“I don’t remember James, I was so doped up and drunk I don’t even remember sleeping with him..’ I mumbled on.
“We gotta go to their concert tonight you know, you gotta tell him” James started babbling on and I was horror stricken, I have to see him again? Oh god oh god.
“Go get changed into something that fits Katie!” he squealed, “were going to their gig!”
I sighed and trumped to my room, once James gets an idea theres no way to stop him, I changed into the shirt (Gerard’s) that I had worn at the party, I still don’t know how I got it, and a pair of black skinny jeans.
I waddled to the lounge room where James and Ryan were waiting, “ABOUT TIME” they yelled excitedly,
“Shut up” I grumbled and we piled into the car.
We had just arrived at the venue when I saw them. The screaming fan girls, the signs “Gerard im want your babies” or “Fuck me” and blah blah blah standing all around the centers doors.
“Wow, huge crowd aye” Ryan said, laughing at James’ glaring at the obsessed fans.
“Come on guys, I got us backstage passes for after, maybe they’ll let us in early” he beamed.
“Wait, what? You mean im actually gonna have to be within meters of him? Like actually talk to him?” I asked wearily.
“Uh duhhh, you gotta tell him its his baby” he said as if it was obvious, pushing through the crowd.
“But we hardly talked last time I saw him” I blushed, but he couldn’t see cause some goth had cut in between us.
“Blah blah blah” I mumbled, we had reached the doors and the security halted us, James held up his VIP cards and they let us through surprisingly.
“Uh im gonna goto the toilet, you know, pregnant people stuff, ill be back soon” I lied, I hurried to the bathroom and locked myself into one of the stalls, I checked my watch, 10 minutes til the concert starts, I used the toilet then went to the mirror, I looked okay, I fiddled with my hair and tidied up my eyeliner, my protruding belly was pretty visible in his shirt. I heard the strumming of a guitar and drums banging. I was safe.
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