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Bonding, Blessing and Bribing

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'"They do not want to be shipped off round the world so you can get some money! I won’t let you do that to Gee!”'

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A/N: so, I didn’t get all the reviews I wanted but one off is enough for me :) I think slowly this story is drawing to an end, maybe a few more chapters, a happy ending. I might try a carry on story at some point, in later life or something. Anyway, en-flipping-joy!

“Daaaaaaaaad?” I skipped in the room and sat on his knee, hugging him before smiling.
“What do you want honey? Did you use all the money up?” he proceeded to nudge me off his right knee to gain access to his wallet.
“No, I was wondering...if...Gerard and his band could use the recording studio. The place they practise shut down and they’re really upset... I don’t like seeing Gee upset. It makes me upset.” I pouted lightly; God I hated acting like Sadie, but if it got what Gee wanted I couldn’t care less. “Please?” I smiled and hugged him tightly.
“What kind of music is Gerald’s band?”
“Dad, it’s Gerard and it’s the stuff I like.”
“Gerard, right, so popular music?” I nodded “Music that could make daddy some big bucks?”
“Dad!” I screeched and got off his knee “You do not, at any costs, try and trick them into a contract, they’re in college, and they’re living their lives. They do not want to be shipped off round the world so you can get some money! I won’t let you do that to Gee!” I calmed down before walking over to the scotch cupboard and pouring out a whisky before handing it to him.
“Okay.” He sipped on the spirit before continuing “No contracts, no managing.”
“Good.” I sat down in the chair next to him, staring out the window appreciating the view of Central Park.
“So, you and Geral-ard are pretty serious then?”My dad asked, turning bright red as he did so.
“What makes you say that?” I felt heat rush over me; I hardly ever talked with my dad, let alone about boys.
“I’m just guessing, but by the big fat hickey on the side of your neck I guessed-” I shrieked and clamped my hand to the side of my neck. “Its okay, Rhi, you’re growing up, I understand. Gerard seems a lovely guy.” We both went red and stared out the window. “So, why are you running off to Vegas this Friday?” My head shot back into reality, he was staring at my hand on which Evie had scribbled ‘FRIDAY~VEGAS ROAD TRIP BITCH!’.
“Oh, uh, Evie, the guys and me, if I’m allowed, we were going to take a trip to Vegas as Evie and me are doing our art project on it. I’m not getting married, don’t worry.” I smiled and coved up the writing on my hand, kicking myself for letting Evie doodle on me.
“I wouldn't be angry if you did get married, I’d just like an invite.” Dad smiled and poured himself another drink.
“Dad, could I have some money to make a dress?”

A/N: Ooh! So the guys have a recording space and Lucy has her dad’s blessing! Whats gonna happen?!? Okay, let’s go for... 3 reviews this time :) R&R! P.S, new chapters up on My Dark Angel, check it out ;)
Lu x
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