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Yusuke, the monks, and a laptop.

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Hokushin and the monks never ate ramen. Yusuke had never seen a kitchen while in demon world, nor did he want to. "Keiko's pissed at me again." The monks maintained their grim expressions, and Yusuke pretended they were being supportive of him. "I bet she thinks I'm living it up here, that I'm having the time of my fucking life. But you boys know better, don't you?" Sitting on his throne, Yusuke felt like a tourist that had gone too far in Buckingham palace and still hadn't been caught by the guards. He wondered why there was still a throne here, when there was no longer a monarch. "Home sweet fucking home."

Hokushin brought up an impressively slim laptop up the steps and pulled out a small table to set it on. Yusuke never did get used to human technology in demon hands. "As you can see here, sire…"


"The food cultivation is doing quite well. These graphs show production rate, and these show as a population poll concerning favored alternative foods."

"If everything's going so well, why'd you call me?"

"We needed your consent to continue researching spirit generators."

"I consent. I consent. I consent."

"A-all right then. We also need your permission to—"

"Didn't you hear me? I gave my consent for research, government inspection squads, and distribution to the common market. That's all, right?"

"Well, yes, I suppose."

"Great. Next time, just email me. Now I've got an hour to kill before I can get back to human world. Does this thing have pinball?"
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