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Judy finally comes out to her mother and aunt. And... it doesn't go so well.

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"You're what?!?" my madre cried. I nodded at her as my hand trembled in Judy-bug's.

"Yes," I forced out calmly. "I am gay and this is my girlfriend." I pulled Judy closer to my side. My madre and my tia sat there stunned. I had finally done it. I have come out of the closet to my family. Now, I wish I hadn't. I didn't want to do this in the first place. Judy-bug pushed me into it. Now, I was broke the truth to my family. And... It's not going so well.

"For how long?" my tia asked. I looked away a bit. Something inside took me to shut up and down it. But, I just had to push myself to keep going.

"For years," I said softly. My madre and tia still didn't speak. Madre walked down the hall in shock. My tia sat down at the table.

"I need a drink," she murmured. I looked over at Judy-bug.

"What now?" I whispered. She looked at me, smiling.

"You went through the hardest part now," she whispered back. "Just back up and let them soak it in for a moment or two." I looked at her oddly.

"How long will that take?" I asked. My girlfriend shrugged at me.

"It depends on them," she said. Then, Judy gave me a light nudge on the arm.

"Come on," she said. I looked at her puzzled.

"What? Why?" I asked. Judy-bug didn't answer. She just gently pulled me out of the house. I looked back as we left the house. I could hear madre crying in shock. That was only briefly however, for the door slammed shut after that.

After a few hours, I went home by myself. The house was rather quiet. What caught me was the smell. Or rather, the lack there of. Madre is usually cooking something every night. Worry soon clouded my head. What if... they've disowned me already because they know I'm a lesbian now? I quickly shook my head. Nah. That can't be it. There must be another reason. Yeah, that's it!

"Madre!" I called from the front door. "I'm home!"

"In here, Mer!" I heard say back. She sounded like she was in the kitchen. I slowly walked in that direction. Madre and tia sat at the kitchen table. They both had serious looks on their faces. I looked at them nervously. I could tell that something bad was going to happen.

"Is... there something wrong?" I asked. Dumb question, I know. But, I just had to say something. Madre looked intently at me.

"Sit down, Mer," she told me. I froze there for a moment. Those words are never good. I began to fear the worst. Yet, I did not show it. I just quietly sat down with madre and tia. Madre gently took my head and stared me deep in the eyes.

"You are a lesbian?" she asked me. I nodded at her sadly.

"Yes," I mumbled. Silence passed for eight seconds. (It felt like forever for me, however.) Madre looked at me still.

"Your girlfriend, Judy..." she started up again. "Is she... nice?" I nodded at her.


"Has she had any other girlfriends?"

"No. Only me."

"Is she a vegetarian?" I smiled a little bit.

"No, madre." We were all silent for a moment. My madre and tia patted me on the hands. I looked at them surprised. My tia leaned in to my face.

"Be good to her, okay?" she said. I looked on in astonishment.

"You mean..." I began. "You accept her now?"

"As long as she's good to you," Madre answered. I smiled at them.

"Don't worry, Judy is good to me," I said. They didn't say a word, but they began to smile once again. I couldn't help but to keep smiling. The worst part of the storm was now over.

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