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Under Attack

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Katherine drops a bombshell on the BRM Crew: The Queen Bitch of Journalist, Madison Bude, is coming to pick out a new rising star jounralist from the company.

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Under Attack:

This next challenge came as a bomb shell to the people of Beach Radio Magazine. One even Katherine is worried about. She called a staff meeting in the conference room first thing in the morning. The crew all sat around the table waiting. They all looked at Duncan. He couldn't help but to notice.

"What?" he asked. Nessa narrowed her eyes on him.

"Has she said anything?" she asked. He gave her a confused look.

"Has who said what?" Duncan asked.

"Did Katherine say what this meeting was about today?" Sakura asked. The guy looked at her confused.

"And why would you assume that I would know anything?" he questioned.

"Because you're sleeping with her," Greg answered.

"So?" Duncan asked.

"Shouldn't you know anything that Boss Lady does?" Nessa asked. Duncan quickly caught the hint. He smiled and shook his head at them.

"Sorry to break it to you guys," he said. "But we don't talk about work when we are together."

"Awww!" everyone complained. Duncan shrugged at his friends/coworkers.

"I'm sorry," he said. "But, Kath is a normal person too. She doesn't want to talk about work in her personal life just like the rest of us."

"Kath?" Garry asked.

"What good are you?!?" Gareth questioned. Duncan shrugged once more.

"Look," he said. "You'll have to find out just like the rest of us!" And speak of the devil, the doors blew open wide. The employees all looked up to see their boss walking in. She looked so pale all over. The crew really became worried.

"Kath," Duncan spoke up. "What's the matter?" Katherine swallowed hard at first as she tried to force herself to talk.

"She's coming!" was all that she could yelp. The others looked at her rather confused.

"Huh?" Nessa asked.

"What are you talking about?" Rose asked. "Who's coming?"

"Madison Bude is coming to Beach Radio Magazine!" the boss yelped out even more. The room went into a straight panic. Noriko looked around confused.

"Who is Madison Bude?" she asked. Everyone looked at her as if she was lost her sweet, ever-loving mind.

"You don't know who Madison Bude is?!?" Beth almost yelled. Noriko shook her head.

"No," she said.

"Hello?!?" Nessa yelled. "She's like Queen Bitch of the journalist world. She comes into random companies to bust the rising stars or end a magazine company altogether. She's like God in our line of work. Or rather the Goddess." Noriko blinked once.

"Oh," she said softly. "I didn't know that." Nessa patted her on the room.

"Don't worry, you're young and still new," she said.

"Which is why for the next couple of months," Katherine cut in. "You have to give it all of your best. I want accept anything else, understood?" Mandy raised her hand. The boss looked over at her.

"Yes Mandy?" Katherine asked. Mandy slowly lowered hand.

"Why is Ms. Bude coming here of all places?" she asked. "I mean, we're only big in the state, not the country. So why us?" The boss sighed and raised her eyes.

"How should I know?" she questioned. "I just got the call randomly this morning. Maybe she liked one of our articles or something. I don't know. Look, just do your best, okay?" The crew all nodded nervously.

"Okay," they all said like little kids. Katherine finally breathed out.

"Good," she sighed. "You are all dismissed." Katherine walked out of the room, but her employees didn't. They just all sat around talking nervously. Oh, this didn't look good at all. QB was coming to Beach Radio Magazine to pick out a brand new star? WHAT?!? That was all everyone could talk about all day. Though she didn't know it, but here began half of Rose's mental trouble.

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