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Operation: Oh Snap!

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Vanessa's take on the whole situation. Author's Note: I will be out for next week, so take this as a parting gift until then.

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Operation: Oh Snap!:


Blog Title: MOMMY!!!!!:

We're under attack! Madison Bude is coming to Beach Radio Magazine. That's right. I typed that right. The Queen Bitch of the journalist world is coming to our little circle. Why us? It is so weird when a big shot reporter comes to review you. Could it be... Gasp We've actually made it to the top at long last? OMG! We've actually made it! We've actually made it! WE'VE ACTUALLY MADE IT! Happy dance all around, but then calms down But, enough of that. QB's arrival means that everything has to go super, super, super, super perfect. That's means no dicking around and acting stupid. Gotta make the boss lady proud. Because if not, bye-bye to my journal and potentially this blog. Ooo, can't have that, now can we? No, no, no! So for the next few weeks, no snarky comments, no shifty schemes, no pranks, no mischief. Aunt Nessa will be a pure little angel. (Okay, there will be a little mischief. Just enough to keep work interesting. Nothing to screw us all over.)

In other news, Panda and the Tart are now in the process of finalizing the divorce. That's right, he's almost free from the wicked witch. Just a little bit more paperwork and everything will be perfect. Of course, Rosie will have to play stepmother when the play is born. But, I think she can handle it. Hell, I know she can. She's done a good job of taking care of Davis all of these years. So, a baby should be no problem for her. I have faith in mama!

That's it for now. I'll keep you posted for anything else new and exciting. But right now, G2G


Love, Aunt Nessa

I Think I'm Going Crazy
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