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Professional Widow

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Rose is about to have more problems when her older cousin, Lola, drafts her to wedding her planning to her baby daddy.

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Professional Widow:

My troubles began that Saturday. I had just come home from work that day. I pulled up into the driveway while talking to Petey on my Bluetooth. He was keeping me up to date on the divorce when I froze in speech and movement.

"Rosy?" Petey asked me. "Is something wrong?" I didn't speak at first.

"Uh... I've got to go. I'll call you back," I said in a high pitched voice.

"What? What are you talking about? Why?" he asked. I didn't answer; I just hung up. I turned off my car and still looked out the windshield. I blinked hard. No, this wasn't a dream. There is a dirty white mom-van is in the driveway. Oh no. That can only mean one little thing. My cousin, Lola, is here. Here is a little background information for everyone. She is a diva bitch! Look up Type A personality in the dictionary and you will Lola right now to it. But, what is she doing in my driveway? Did she have another fight with Robert? Please let this one be a quick and easy fix. I do not feel dealing with any Lola drama today.

I turn off the car and get out. With every step, I dread going inside. She's probably whining to Keisha as we speak. I only pity Davis for coming home from school to listen to this. Well, better go support the kid. He deserves it after all.

I walked inside to a shocking scene. Lola and Keisha were sitting in the living room, just... talking. There was no tears, no shouting, and no whining. In fact, Lola looked rather... happy. O-kay... What does this mean? They looked up at me.

"Oh Rose!" Lola spoke up. "It's so good to see you again!" She stood up from the recliner and gave me a big hug. Discomfort in me shot up like a cannon. I begin to look around for an escape. Keisha made a face that told me to behave as if I was six years old again. I looked back at Lola.

"What's going on?" I asked. Lola giggled in my ear.

"Robert and I are getting married!" she announced. Whoa! Whole new level of disturbing here. I looked at her again.

"What?" I asked. Lola slowly let go of me.

"Robert purposed to me after we got into another one of our fights! I said yes."


"And, I'm going to have the wedding here in Miami in December!"


"And I want you to be the wedding planner!" My eyes widened in shock.

"Wait, WHAT?!?" Lola smiled at me in that sweet/sick way.

"Mommy and I talked about it," she went out. "And we figured you would be perfect for the job!" She turned back to Keisha.

"Isn't that right, mommy?" she asked. I looked over at Keisha as if she had just betrayed me. (Which she had in a sense.) She just gave me that look that basically said, "Better you than me." (Oh, I am so getting her later!) Lola turned back to me again.

"So, what do you say?" she asked. I felt so trapped that I ended up nodding my head. Lola squealed aloud in delight as she hugged me tightly while again.

"Oooo! Thank you, baby cousin!" she cheered. I looked up at the ceiling in worry. Oh great! What have I gotten myself into now? I'm now trapped in the tea party with the Mad Hatter! Then, a thought entered my head.

"Hey Lola," I said. She didn't look up at all.


"What does Lulu think about you marrying her dad at long last?"

"Tallulah is fine with it. Robert and I already talked about it to her. So, everything is good." I forced myself to smile.

"That's so great..." I lied.

"Isn't it?" Lola squealed again. I shut my eyes tightly. I think she just blew out some of my hearing. Now I'm really stuck. Yet, Hell was finished with me yet. Oh no! I had only begun this mad obstacle course that I was now forced into taking to keep my sanity together before December came.

Nothing's Ever Promised Tomorrow Today
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