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Good Luck

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Rose is not the only one with wedding problems. Sakura gets natsy news about Adam and Carmen.

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Good Luck:

Adam is such a traitor! How the f**k can he do this to me? It's that slut's fault! Everything was good between us and then she came along and ruined it. Give me a moment to explain everything here. Then, you'll understand it.

On our lunch break, Adam sent me a text. I unwittingly opened it. "Meet me after work at the arcade. I have some great news for you," it read. I became a little excited at first. I thought he was going to dump the whore. Maybe things are starting to look up after all. I'm going to get my friend back! Yay me!

I worked through everyone at my best rate. The excitement had me all worked up. Yes! He's dumping that DJ slut, Carmen! Things will be normal again! Boy was I in for a letdown. That evening came again and I was in the arcade waiting. I looked around me after I ordered a soda. It's packed with kids tonight. Of course it would, it's Friday night. I pushed them out my mind, however. I kept my eyes locked on the door. I couldn't wait for Adam to share his news with me. I even ordered him a soda. Yes! The slut is finally gone! Things can go back to normal now!

About ten o'clock, Adam walked through the door. I sat up and studied his body language for a brief moment. He seemed happy today. Maybe he's realized his mistake and is now happy to have dumped that slut before it was too late. Yet, I must not let on my own joy. I force myself to calm down as Adam approaches our table. Just act subtle about the whole thing. Adam made it over to my table.

"Hey there, old friend," he greeted me. I smiled at him like an excited little puppy.

"Hi ya!" I said. I stood up and hugged him. He hugged me back. Ah, this is just like the good old days already. Once we broke away, we both took our seats at the usual table. I clapped my hands together.

"So," I said. "What's this big news that you texted me about?" Adam gave me a little smile.

"Okay, are you calm enough for this?" he asked. I nodded at him like a hyper little puppy.

"Yeah, yeah!" I said. Adam tried his best to retain himself before speaking. Oh this is going to big, I can tell!

"Carmen and I are getting married!" he announced with a huge grin on his face. I looked at him in disappointment.

"What?" I asked as if I didn't get a joke. Adam nodded as he smiled on still.

"She purposed to me last night," he went on. "I said yes!" He quickly grabbed me by the hands. "Isn't this exciting?" he asked. "I'm going to marry Carmen! I'm actually going to marry her!" That really took the pissed up cake.

"Marry her?!?" I screamed. I broke down into a heavy rant in Japanese. Adam looked at me confused. He stood up and grabbed me by the arms.

"Sakura!" he yelled. I looked at him in my frustration.

"What?!?" I yelled.

"You are yelling in Japanese," he pointed out. I blinked for a moment.

"What?" I asked. "No I wasn't."

"Yes, you were," Adam replied. I looked around for a moment. All eyes were on both of us. I guess I was. I took in a deep breath.

"Right," I said. "Let's talk about this in a cool and calm manner."

"Yeah," my traitor friend agreed. "And in English." That all last for about... five seconds. I just broke down again.

"You can't marry her!" I cried. "It'll just ruin everything!" I pushed him off of me and stormed off before he could speak. When my hand touched the door, I turned around to everyone in the arcade. Yeah, they were still staring at us.

"What the hell are you all looking?!?" I yelled. "The show's f***g over!!! Move it along!" Everyone quickly went back to what they were doing. I marched right out of that Hellhole without looking back.

Adam is a traitor. He proved it tonight when he got engaged to that... that... whore!

Enjoy Your Nightmares, Honey
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