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Nas Ne Dogonyat

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Meredith throws a coming out of the closet party at her house. Little secrets slowly begin to pop up for the crew to see.

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Nas Ne Dogonyat:

My family and I have gotten along better since I came out of the closet. They accept me a little bit better and they are really nice to Judy. Things are really looking up for me. Then on Saturday, it slowly got better and leveled off.

"Mer-bear," Judy said on Wednesday night in our bed.

"Yes Judy-bug?" I asked. She rolled over on her stomach.

"Let's have a party!" I looked at her oddly.

"Why?" My girlfriend gave me a little smile.

"You deserve one. You came out to your family about us and they are taking well. Better than my mom, even. So why not?" I thought about that for a moment.


"I don't know... Friday?"

"Saturday." Judy nodded at me.

"Okay. Saturday is it, then." I kissed her on the lips.

"We'll have it Saturday." So, that's how it was. We had my coming out party at my house. Judy invited Morgan over. Morgan invited her boyfriend, Greg. Greg invited his co-workers. Some of the co-workers brought dates with them. (Well, Rose brought her boyfriend, Adam brought his fiancee, Duncan brought his boss-girlfriend, Noriko brought her boyfriend, and Robyn brought a sort of date.) Needless to say, we had to go into the kitchen and backyard.

Judy helped my madre and tia prepare the food while I tended to the guests. The first to show was Judy's family. Morgan came with Greg. I smiled at them a little bit.

"How are you guys?" I greeted them.

"Great," Morgan chirped.

"Nice," Greg answered. I looked at them oddly. I would talk down to them about age and relationships, (she's nineteen and he's thirty-seven,) but being as I'm a lesbian and in a relationship with a lady, (people out there still don't approve,) I'm going to keep my mouth shut. Greg looked at me funny.

"Something wrong?" he asked. I quickly shook my head.

"N-Nothing," I lied. "Come in! Come in!" The couple walked on with cheery faces. I silently breathed out once they were inside. Whew! The awkward moment has passed. I looked out to greet the others.

As the guests came in, they all sat in the living room, waiting. I studied each of their faces. They all look stressed at the moment. Rose seemed a little more so, but Pete is trying to calm her down by holding her hand. Sakura was glaring at Adam and Carmen. They themselves look all cuddly and happy. (Well, she did. He looked like he wanted to run away from Sakura. I think someone's jealous.) I didn't even see where Patrick and Robyn were. (Bathroom, I assumed.) It looked like everyone was here now. Well, time to entertain the people. I sat on madre's recliner.

"So," I spoke up. "How is everyone?" Mumbles ripped through the room. Ooo, not good. I have to keep going, though. I clapped my hands together.

"Anything good, happening?" I asked. Carmen stood up, smiling. I noticed that Adam's face went whiter than the carpet at our feet.

"I have some great news!" Carmen announced. "Adam and I are getting married!" Everyone looked shocked. Adam hid his face in shame. Sakura looked like she wanted to murder them. Greg looked around confused.

"When did this happen?" he asked.

"Last week!" Adam mumbled in his hands. Sakura shot up to her feet.

"LAST WEEK?!?" she screamed. "YOU COCK!!! I HATE YOU!!!" Then, Sakura stormed off into the backyard. Adam quickly lifted his head at the footsteps.

"Sakura, wait!!!" he yelled. He tried to go after her, but Carmen stopped him. The guy looked at her bewildered.

"Carmen, what are you doing?!?" he asked. She gently smiled and shook her head.

"Let her be," she said. "She'll be fine when she comes back." Adam looked at her uneasily.

"But..." he said. Carmen shook her head again.

"She'll be fine," she insisted. "Just sit down baby." Adam turned back to us. We looked just as uncomfortable as he did. He turned back to his fiancee. She seemed to be forcing herself to smile at him. The moment seemed to drag on forever. Adam sighed at last.

"Fine," he mumbled. Then, he sat down next to Carmen. She only smiled and rubbed him on the back. I watched him in pity. I hate to say it: but, the boy's whipped! Then, we all looked up when heard footsteps enter the living room. My madre stood in the doorway with her hands pressed together.

"Uh... food's ready," she said. Food fixes everything, right? I hoped it did. So far, everything looked good. Sakura had returned inside the house to eat. She still looked like she wanted to kill Adam. He mouthed "I'm sorry" the whole time to her. Carmen just kept cuddling close to his arm. Rose wasn't looking too well either. Pete lightly rubbed her on the shoulder.

"Something wrong?" he asked. She lightly shook her head at him.

"It's nothing," she mumbled.

"You sure?" Pete asked. His girlfriend lightly shoved him off.

"Yes," she said. "I will be fine. Thanks for asking anyway." The guy backed off some.

"Okay..." he mumbled. I listened around at the dinner conversations at the table as Judy held my hand in my lap. We turned and smiled at each other. She and I were timing ourselves. The moment had to be just right. As madre came back with the dessert, Judy and I decided that it was time to make the announcement. I tapped on the table with my free hand. Judy and I waited as everyone focused on us. We stood up, smiling.

"Everyone," I said. "Judy and I have an announcement to make." Everyone looked upon us in curiosity. My smile deepened at them all. Judy held my hand tighter. I giggled at the sensation.

"Judy and I are celebrating today because I came out of the closet to my family a few days ago!" I boomed. There was a moment of silence. Then, Pete applauded us. Soon, more clapping followed behind. I turned to Judy and she gave me a little kiss on the lips. In that moment, I realized that my life was just how I wanted it.

The rest of the party sailed by without any incident. However, one mystery was solved behind the evening was set in.

"Any food left?" someone asked us out loud. We all looked up to see Robyn walking into the dining room. She went over to the mirror to straighten herself out. We all noticed prickle sores all up and down her back. They came down to her knee-high boots. We all looked concerned. I automatically put two and two together. You see, we have a terracotta bush just a few feet away from our garden. She must have been lying in it, somehow.

"Robyn," Greg spoke up. "What happened?"

"I fell in the terracotta bush in the backyard," she brushed off. We didn't question it anymore. But then, Patrick walked in on his cell phone. We all noticed that he had the same prickle sores on his hands and knees. I put it all together in my mind, but said nothing. Patrick looked up and noticed us staring at him.

"What?" he asked. Nobody spoke at first.

"Trick!" Pete spoke up. "What happened to you?" Patrick stared at him blankly.

"I fell in the bush too!" he lied, quickly. The guy turned back to his phone. I smirked to myself in secretly. I knew what really happened, but I said nothing. Why bother? I can't judge "shady" relationship when my own is "shady" in its own way.

You are an Obseesion, You're My Obsession
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