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Who's Gonna Save My Soul

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Greg enlightens about the depressing nature of his workplace as of late. Nice and short chapter.

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Who's Gonna Save My Soul:

I look around the office. Everyone seems so uptight. Queen B has us all like this. It's not a fun place anymore. Even, I'm worried. QB is a scary mother f**r! She could eat us all alive. That is no joke! I get chills just thinking about that. Just like right now.

Right, can't think about that now! Must think about something. I looked all around me. I keep saying more and more stress. Oh this is not good. Not good at all. Everyone is upset about something. Rose is planning her tight-laced cousin's wedding. Sakura is still pissed about the whole Carmen and Adam thing. Adam is stuck between Carmen and Sakura. Katherine is dealing with the job. Robyn has been acting strangely. Me? I'm just stuck in the middle of everyone. Not a pretty thing, really.

BRM doesn't feel right at the moment. It's so tense here. It looks like anything or anyone could snap at random. I hate when it's like that. I just stay at my desk and hide. I glanced up at the clock. Damn, it's only been two minutes since I got here. Oh god! This is going to be another long day. I just hope I can keep my head down, do my best, and avoid conflict if I have. Ha! Good luck with that one! Yeah, I know.

I begin to feel someone glaring at me. I think I am probably right. I don't want to look. But, I need to. Oh, what if I piss them off? But, I have to know the truth. I can't just sit here and pretend that everything is fine anymore. What to do? What to do? I think about this for a moment. I know, I'll only take a quick glance and get back to work. Yeah, that'll be perfect! I slowly take a glance upwards. I don't see anyone staring at me. They all seem so busy with their own work. It looks safe so far. But, is it really? There is only one way to be certain...

I swallowed hard. I really am not going to like this... I shut my eyes as I lifted my head. I slowly opened up my eyes. Nope, nobody is looking. They are busy with work. I breathe out in relief. But, that doesn't last long. I can't keep looking around; I'll attach attention that way. I force myself back to work. It's always the same thing every morning. I don't like anymore than anyone else does here.

Morgan is always trying to cheer me up after a long, tense day at work. It worked-for the first few days. All she would have to do is smile at me and I would forget about the new hostile environment at work. It was even better when she added in the sex to keep my good mood running high. But then, even Morgan's happy magic worn off on me. She still greets me in a perky way.

"Hey Greg!" she chirps everything time I visit her. "How was work?" I hold up my hand to her.

"Don't talk to me about that Morgan," I say. Then, I walk away to her room. The sad thing is that my misery is bringing her down as well. But, work is the main problem.

Sighs I'm sorry am I depressing you with work. Sorry about that. Maybe something better will come along. I hope...

Oh My Baby, Don't Cry
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