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I can't get no satisfaction

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(M/M slash) rated for future chapters. This is a story of unrequited love, and not always wanting what you have. Rayne Phelps may be unattainable but Edward Mason never said he didn't live with his...

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The warning this time is that there isn't very much humor and this ch definitely reminds us why this story is rated M please be warned and read with caution as some material may offend. A reminder this is a story with a homosexual slant.The title is from a rolling stone song it isn't my own.

"Ward, did I loose you?" Christian breathed his finger lightly stroking my chin.

"No. I'm right here." No, how can you when you never had me?

He grinned and kissed me stealing my breath. Fuck! The boy knew how to kiss. My eyes rolled back in my head at the whirling butterfly sensations in the pit of my belly. A fever of need burned inside me. It sent my heart beating so fast it shuddered through my body. I trembled from my hunger.

His lips reached my nipples and for a moment, he could do nothing but stare. He was ready to devour. The tips were hard, light pink, the perfect buds swollen and flushed as they rose and fell sharply from my agitated breathing. Watching the hard little points carefully, his tongue distended and swiped over the delicate bud experimentally. The muscles of my stomach clenched beneath his hand, my hips bucking sharply.

"Christian?" There was fear and desire in my voice. A husky little moan of pleasure that frayed the last threads of his determination to go slow.

His head lowered, his mouth covering my nipple as his hands worked my pants from my slender hips. I arched to him, my hands locking in his hair as he began to suckle the engorged nipple.

"Say my name." Christian growled against my moist bruised nipple taking a not so gentle bite out of it.

I was chanting his name and he was drowning in it. " Yeah, keep it coming. Do it again, baby." He let his tongue rasp my nipple as he sucked at it. He pushed my pants to my knees.

Christian's hand smoothed up my thigh and I stilled. Opening my eyes as he moved with greedy hunger to my other nipple, his gaze locking with mine. My darkened green eyes were wide, dazed as I watched him. His hand neared the humid heat emanating from my cloth-covered crotch as his tongue licked my unattended nipple in slow strokes, his eyes never leaving mine.

My head jerked, my eyes darkened. His hand covered the hot mound of my erection and I cried out brokenly. The sound appeared to have gone straight to his cock if the insistent bulge against my leg was any indication. Lifting his hand from between my legs, Christian quickly worked his pants open. The pressure must have been too painful.

I was so hard I wanted to scream from the agony. When he was finally free, his fingers ran over the damp spot on my briefs. I jerked in his arms, twisting against him. I must have looked a sight with my cheeks flushed, my lips opening in a strangled gasp of pleasure as he moved the crotch of my briefs aside, his fingers sliding down my slick, damp shaft.

"Gypsy Eyes." Christian panted my name as he lifted his head from my nipple. He planted soft, sweeping kisses across my chest, my neck, back to my lips. I was hungry for him, my lips opened, my hands tightened in his hair as my hips arched to his fingers.

"So sweet," he growled against my lips, then stroked them as his fingers slid into the wet velvet crease at the tip of my erection.

I stilled, my eyes opening again, staring up at him as I whispered his name beseechingly. His fingers moved slowly through the slick dimple to circle my swollen weeping head.

"Oh God, Christian." My thighs opened wider, my hips pushing against his hand.

"You feel so fucking good, Gypsy Eyes," he whispered, desperate, "Mine!"

He clenched his teeth as my hands left his hair, moving to his shoulders. I was watching my hands now, smoothing them over his chest. Curiosity lit my expression, amazement washed over his face in waves that I would draw such joy from touching him.

"Yes, baby," he groaned, hearing the fierceness of his voice. "Touch me. Please God, touch me." His fingers moved further back spreading my essence at my tender opening. My hands stroked his clenched stomach as he slid his finger shallowly into the tight, hot entrance.

"Christian Oliver Holt, open this door right now! Do you hear me?!" I heard the voice through my sensual haze but it didn't really hit me it was talking to my Christian.

"Christian, open this door right now. You do not talk to Lisa like that!" The man on the other side of the door bellowed banging furiously. The poor think looked like it was going to fall off its hinges in defeat.

"Fuck! It's my dad!" Christian groaned in frustration as he scrambled off me. "I am sorry Ward. Get dressed this is going to be bad." He panted gasping for breath. H took a deep breath before he zipped up and straightened his shirt opening the spazzing door. Does this mean no nookie for me? I don't mean to whine but, God when will it be my turn?!

"What do you want?" Christian greeted his irrate father at the door. Alright so far this family was not winning any brownie points for family of the year. I tumbled off the bed and began to get dressed. So I've got delayed reactions...anyone would with noodle legs.

"Don't fuck with me, boy. Lisa told me what you said. I don't care what skank you have up here but you will not speak to your mother that way you hear me?!" Skank me? I beg to differ.

"That bitch isn't my-" Slap! More like a blow to the face. A small trickle of blood ran down the corner of his lips, a testament to his father's intolerance. There was a deafening silence.

"Mother. She left you." Christian finished quietly silver eyes riveted to silver eyes.

"In case you conveniently forgot she didn't just leave me she left the both of us." His father finished just as quietly.

The tension was too much for me. I had to interrupt the loving family discussion. Up to now I had remained hidden behind the door and so I hadn't had the opportunity to meet his dad.

"Uh, Christian?" I hesitated, tentatively stroking his arm. His arms was stiff and he didn't look at me but his other hand covered my fingers with a reassuring squeeze. His father looked at me briefly his lips getting impossibly thinner. I must say that the man was the spitting image of Christian. If there was any of his mother in him it must have been the temperament. Christian's dad had a bit of gray at his temples giving him a very distinguished gentleman look. There were fatigue lines bracketing his full lips and his eyes very much like his son's had a world weary look.

"Who is this?"

"You don't need to know."Came the clipped answer.

"You're right. You've never introduced me to any of your sluts before so why break with tradition now?" His father sneered.

"Edward, meet my father James. James, Edward Mason. Now we are going to be leaving before you wow him with more Holt Hospitality." Christian retorted snidely. He clasped my hand shoving his dad to the side slightly.

"It..It...was nice meeting you sir." I stammered blushingly completely intimidated by the man.

"Christian. This isn't finished. Come straight back home." His dad ordered sternly.

"Yes, sir." Christian saluted mockingly. I can say, I have never been so uncomfortable in my life. First to be interrupted by my boyfriend's dad when our activities are very obvious then to witness the family row. There is no way the man could have missed the fact that his son was on the verge of fucking me. Since he didn't seem perturbed by that fact only the fact that Chris had been rude to Lisa then does that mean he knew about Chris' homosexuality and approved? Come to think about it did either of them approve of me? What a great first meeting of the parents.

We got in his car a Toyota Solara. It was a really sweet rid. We just sat in the car not moving for a wile. I couldn't bring myself to look at him.

"I'm sorry, Ward. You didn't need to see that. No one needs to see that." He whispered white knuckles gripping the steering wheel.

"It's okay. Not what I expected when I barged in but...hey who knows may be I was wrong and blue balls is making a comeback!" I said trying to lighten the oppressive mood in the car. It's really hard moving from highs to lows quickly and ignoring a raging hard on is something no one should have to experience.

Christian turned to look at me his eyes dull. "I guess you're curious as to what just happened."

"No-" I tried to stop him but he covered my lips with his finger silently asking for quiet. Mmm my lips seem to remember that finger and the urge to slurp is almost too strong.

"Lisa is my stepmother and Peter is my half brother. My mom left when I was 11 and my dad married Lisa a year later. The divorce was pretty messy and the only definite thing to come out of it all is that my mom doesn't want me and my dad doesn't care about me. I don't mind... really. I have my friends and Rayne and I have been as close as any brothers. My dad knows I'm gay. He has known for a while even before my mom left. I don't know how he knew since he never spent much time with me between business trips. I want you to know that I don't bring casual flings back to my home regardless of what my dad said." Christian finished fiercely gaze unwavering. I felt choked up. How horrible. Some parents don't even realize the damage they do by doing nothing. With tears shimmering in my eyes I leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Thank you." I choked out my voice all watery with unshed tears. Christian's eyes widened.

"What was that for?" He gruffed hunching his shoulders forward.

"For telling me." One of those uncomfortable silences accompanied my words. I didn't mind much but I think Christian did because he started the car and turned the music up really load. The words of Puddle of Mudd's "She hates me" was like so many crickets barely intruding on my thoughts. I feel like I am finally getting through the tough veneer Christian wears so well to the lost boy beneath. Maybe I shouldn't be putting it so poetic because heaven knows that lost boy or not fucking him is all I can think about now. I do believe Christian likes me...
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