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Eye of the Tiger

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Just to answer a pervious question. Gerard's jealous cause someone else made Lilli happy and not him. And because she was spending time away from him. He's just very very uber scary protective. Lmao! Enjoi xo

Rachel's P.O.V

Frank pulled me up two minutes later.
"Wanna see something awesome?" he grinned. The noises from the bar kinda scared me. I shook my head.
"Oh" was all he said, looking really disapointed.
"So, uh...what do you wanna do then?" he asked. Frank put his hands in his pockets, swaying slighty, looking awkward.

I ran and jumped onto the bed almost falling off. I totally under-estimated how bouncy it was. Frank rolled his eyes and joined me on the bed. A lot more gracefully.
"Tell me about yourself Frankie" I said, curling against his side.
"Uh, well...I'm Franklin Anthony Iero...I'm 27"
"How long for?" I asked.
"500 odd years" he cringed.
"Oh so only a little bit older then?" I smirked. Frank mumbled something about whipper snappers and having no respect for the elderly. I stiffled a giggle.

We fell into comfortable silence and I heard him begin to hum.
"I think I've heard that song before" I said, talking to myself.
"Really?" Frank sounded suprised.
"Hmmhmm, I think Lilli was humming it on the train..." Frank just giggled.
"Do you promise not to tell anoyone Kitten?"
"I pwomise" I giggled and he just rolled his eyes, looking demented whilst doing so.
"Years and years ago when Mikey was still still here in-fact, we had a-"
"-Woah...who's Mikey?" I asked, interupting him. He sighed.
"Mikey was Gerard's brother. he got kidnapped by Lycans and was never seen again"
"Oh...uh, continue your story...please?" He shifted slightly before continuing.
"Like I said, we had a band" I couldn;t help but burst out laughing. I looked up to see him looking quite hurt.
"Sorry...So you, gerard and Mikey had a band?" Frank just nodded.
"So who did what?" I asked, skootching up to lay my head on his shoulder.
"Gerard sung and M-"
"Gerard sings?!?!" Frank gave a small laugh.
"I know. He's amazing, well...when we managed to get him to sing. He used to get all embarassed"
"Wow..." was all I could say.
"Yeah...Mikey played bass and I...I played the guitar"
"Awesome! Where you guys any good?"
"Fuck yeah!" he grinned.

Late dawns and early sunsets,
Just like my favourite scenes.
Then holding hands and life was perfect,
Just like up on the screen.
And the whole time while always giving.
Counting your face amoung the living.

Up and d-

It was then Frank noticed me listening in and stopped dead.
"Sorry" he blushed, looking away from me.
"Why'd you stop?" I whinned. He just shook his head and pressed his lips tightly together.

The door then flew open, crashing against the wall and making the bed shake. A massive white tiger stalked in. It crouched down, its lips curled back revealing sharp white canines. A snarl ripped out. Its eyes focused on me. Frank crouched down in-front of me in what I'm guessing was a defensive position. he was growling too buthis fangs weren't there and it seemed almost playful. The tiger sprung and Franbk launched himself at it at the same time. And I...well, I fainted.

Frank's P.O.V

Tiger Gee and I crashed in mid-air. Her soft white paws locked around me and I got a mouthful of fur. She licked me from chin to hair line.
"Ewww" I squealed and she let go, leting me crash to the floor. I swear she giggled at me! Georgia then grinned at me before turning around and stalking back out the door, her long strippy tail closing the door with a flourish.

I rolled my eyes before turning around to see Rachel porcelain white and passed out.
"Aww shit" I murmered before going over to make sure she was okay.

Mmmm definatley. Smells so fucking good.
Yupp. her chest is moving up and down, up and down up a...

Okaaay, thats enough of that...things are becoming uncomfortably...tight.

I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to think of something else.

Uh...dead puppies, my NAKED!

Thank fuck that worked, then there would be seriously something gay about me. But it did work.

I briefly pressed my lips against hers and left.

Lilli-anna's P.O.V

Music pulsed through the speakers, vibrating through the walls and floors. Georgia sat on the end of the bar, now back in her vampire form, drinking O negative from a champagne glass. Whenever Ray walked past she's pull on one of his curls and let it spring back into place. I saw that it pissed Ray off abit but his expression would soften slighty when it made her giggle.

Fiona and long since left, which made me very happy. Gerard sat like some sort of loner in the corner, drinking. Frank appeared seemingly out of no-where to join Gerard. They were talking quietly. I couldn't help but wonder what about. Frank looked more embarassed than I had ever seen him as Gerard laughed. I could faintly hear his giggle drift up to me.

There was an upper floor to the club. It wa closed off to everyone else. Most of the floor was glass, except for the area around the edge, which had tables and couches on it.

I swirled the blood and vodka around and around. Just watching it move. The tihngs I saw that day gerard almost died. my own fate was entwined with his. It always had been. Just the same as Rachel's and Frank's are. Everything was drawing to a close. I could feel it...I saw it. Oh man is Georgia gonna be pissed when it all kicks off.
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