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Anyone still out there?

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Is anyone still on this forum?! It seems like everyone left for :S

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Holy crap!! I havent used this account in 3 years, I look back at it now and I'm soooo embarrassed at myself! XD I have a new profile it's danikarules14 (though i'm not 14 anymore either) I obviously let everyone down epically with my lame attempt at story writing so a few months ago I decided to give it another shot! :D I write for American Dragon: Jake Long now. I hope you'd be interested in reading my new and improved writing techniques and ideas ;D

I might write a Delilah and Julius story if anyone resquests it but it seems like this place is a ghost town now :| its scary!

Anywho, its great to be back! Hopefully people haven't lost faith in me enough to give me another shot with a clean slate! I'm going to favorite my other account so if you wanted to read the new stories.

Hope to hear from you guys soon :D ttyl danika_rocks (a.k.a danikarules14)
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