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Just Smile # Frerard #

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For Lottie xoxo

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[Frank Iero pov;]
I'm laying in the couch, because I truant. Hmmm, mom believed me when i told her, I'm not feeling well. I will never go to school again and when i say never, that's what i mean. I kick off my shoes and put my feet on the couch, eyes closed. This is much better than school! School is good for nothing. That's proven I think ... Suddenly I hear the stupid ringtone that I had set for Janis, as I hear it, she's calling. It is "reckless love - beautifull bomb" it's her favorite song. I grunt something and pick up. "Wazzup?" I say silly, but I allready knew where this wass gonna go. "Frankie! Why weren't you at school today?" she asks, she sounds like my mother. Or at least, she sounded like a mother should sound. My mother made me sit at home whenever I wanted, my mother let me leave until I wanted, I could stay away from home for 3 fucking days. she wouldn't even call. "I did not feel good." I explain, I try to let her belive me. "You truant again ..." She sounds disappointed, I've disappointed her again. "Sorry ..." I mumble back. Then I hear a long beep, she hung up. I sigh and go back into the couch. When I was finally laying good, the doorbell rang. Shit! That's probably Janis. I would ignore her at first, but I know from experience that is not a good plan. I'm going to open the door and there she is indeed. "I don't care! But, you go to school now!" she screams and she pulls me into the street. She runs inside and grabs my bag and my shoe's. I put my shoes on under light and force of Janis and hang my bag around my shoulder. "Frank, it's enough, now just go back to school, like everyone else." I sighed loudly and clearly. "And no buts!" she still screams. "Janis, why does it bother you?" I ask as we walk from my street, just around the corner is our school. "Because, well ... You are my best friend and stuff, very best." she grins. "Sure I am ..." I mumble and we still walk in silence. "Besides, there is a new last year." she almost screamed, so happy and hyper. "Tell me!" I scream back, now I was back in my mood.
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