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Thet changes stuff

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"Well, he's tall, he has black hair, green eyes and he was started today, today he has a Misfits shirt, he's really hot!!" Janis screams. "I hear it all, you type!" I grin back. Another one hundred meters and we are already in school, I had missed the first two hours, but that did not matter since it was drawing. "Besides, I suggest you never will miss another drawing lesson!" she grins. "How so?" I ask back. we're at my school and i think i allready know why i shoudn't miss any drawing lesson. Like in the movies, a light breeze blowing through his lank black hair that surrounds his handsome face. He stands with a sketchbook in his hand. He's showing of his new drawings to someone, he looks up and then he drops everything, as if petrified. Then he runs towards us, what happens? "Janis!" he screams, They're allready together? "Hi!" screams back. "This is Frank, the naughty boy!" she grins. I can not help but laugh. 'You do a lot worse! " I help her remember and we are both in a fit of giggles. We once did grafiti on the schoolstatue, that was the best in school, ever! ... Until now, anyway! I look again at the black-haired god, his teeth shining in the sun as if he just left a toothpaste advertising. It feels like my hard insn't beating, but it's actually beating so fast i can't feel it anymore. "So next lesson?" he asked. I look at him quizzically. "We have a block hour!" Janis grins. I nod as I remember. "I had to go to school for a block hour ..." I mumble followed by a series of unintelligible insults that were meant for Janis. "But I wass go to meat up with Lottie, so why don't you guys talk for a bit?!" Janis grins and she runs into the building. Dirty matchmaker. "So ... what's your name?" I try to come swiftly. "Gerard and you Frankie." he grins. Gerard, what an old-fashioned name. "please! Call me Gee!" he says anoyed. I grin. "Gee ..." I try the name. "Yeah?" he asks. His voice is soft, velvet, as they sometimes say, but rather sweet honey. He seemed most "nice" and indeed he is very handsome! "Well, what do we do during the block hour?" I ask as I fall down in the grass behind us.I lit up a cigaret to calm down, or trying to get me to calmed down. He grins and plops down next to it. "Just this?" he asked. I agree with a nod and take my MP3, I turn it on and plug my ears in both ears, we were done talking. He also nods, just friendly. Grabs his sketchbook and begins to quietly draw. Janis, I will not be matched up whit some dude i don't even know. I start playing the riffs of the song with y hands, he looks. His lips say something but I can not hear anything so I ask what he says, probably too loud. He pulls out an ear and put it in his ear. "Whether you play guitar." he asked further. "Oh." I say short. I feel my cheeks turn red so I nod. He grins and begins softly to sing the lyrics, it sounded great. What do you want? With a silky and honey-sweet voice? It was to be expected, anyway! I continue with my riffs and he continues with his drawing. He doodled something in the nature of a man with wings, one of the wings snapped, it has established a deeper meaning. I better not ask. "May I see your drawings?" I ask, he nods. There are a couple of crazy in there first, then a couple of superheroes, and a lot of an with snapped wings, at least 15. There must be something wrong. "Nice ..." I mumble. "The hybrid, so it calls, half human, half vampire. One wing is my brother the other is my grandmother, it is snapped. She died a few months ago." he says, then he grins. He probably thinks about the nice things about her, biscuits and cookies or something. "she really meant a lot to me, she always told me that life is hard and that not everyone will be allowed you for who you are. I'm only friends with people who like me for who i am, some girls find it regrettable." He stares at the cloudless sky. "She sounds like a wonderful person." I laugh at him, just friendly. "And you, why you play guitar?" he asked. "My grandfather, he loves music. It's in the family I think. Anyway, you should be a singer or something!" I say, I mean, he sings heavenly! "You exaggerate." he mutters. "Grandma always said that too." he says softly. I want to wrap an arm around him to help, but I don't want a friendship grows between us, when he notices that I'm gay and that I think he's hot, then ... then he hates me.
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