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Chapter 10- Gerudo Valley

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Chapter 10
Gerudo Valley

I knew that I was supposed to stay at Link’s house, but I had to follow Ganondorf. Link wouldn’t be back until that afternoon and it was about midnight. I had plenty of time to follow Ganondorf and get back to Link’s house. I knew that medically I would be risking my sanity, but I had to help save the kingdom, even if it was in my pajamas and without weapons, seeing how that was all I had.
I was taken on the other side of Hyrule and the surrounding area seemed to be a canyon or a desert of some sort. Since it was nighttime, the area was rather cold, but I couldn’t let that stop me. I followed Ganondorf the whole way and was about fifty feet behind him, just so he wouldn’t suspect anyone was following him. I tried to keep rather quiet, but once we reach a wooden bridge I knew I wouldn’t be able to get across it quietly so I just waited for Ganondorf to keep going.
There was an entranceway that Ganondorf had gone into and I didn’t hear anything else, so I decided to leave Lightning by himself and take Lux to where Ganondorf was headed. I left Lightning underneath an area where there was a log serving as a bridge. I felt bad for leaving him alone, but I had to do so.
I walked across the log slowly and Lux followed me. We walked forward to the bridge that I was afraid to cross with Lightning. There was actually no one in sight, so Lux and I didn’t really have to be too careful with worrying about noise. I looked below the bridge and saw this huge river. It was flowing rather quickly and then I realized how high up I was. What if I fell? What if Lux fell?
The worst possible conclusion of crossing that bridge came to mind and I freaked. I wouldn’t take my eyes off the river and my eye sight became really blurry. I started to feel dizzy and felt like my heart was beating a billion times a second. I couldn’t believe how far up I was and how far down the river was from the bridge. It was overwhelming.
Lux bit my leg all of a sudden and I snapped back into reality.
“Raichu,” he scolded.
“Yeah, sorry buddy,” I said and we began to walk further across this bridge.
On the other side of the land there was a hitched tent and some soft firelight was shining through the opening. I had no idea what or who was in that tent, so I passed it as quickly as possible. I didn’t want to get caught by anyone because I had to return home as soon as I could.
Lux and I took the same path that Ganondorf had on his horse and we entered what looked like a clear out area. Beside me all I could see was a wall, but I heard voices, so I decided to investigate. As I walked further, I noticed that there was stairs, but I didn’t bother with the stairs because I could get caught if I walked up them. I took the back way instead, which was a slope of some sort.
Upwards, I saw a flag whipping in the wind. It was only a small, rectangular strip that had been ripped on the ends, but it still looked like a flag to me. It was a blood red color. As I walked a little bit up this slope, I realized that this wasn’t a flag pole. It was a post for hanging someone.
I was terrified. No one was being hung yet, but there was a noose ready. I ran back towards this closed gate that seemed to be closing off a desert of some sort. Beside it was a ladder that went to a lookout spot. I climbed it and Lux held onto my back. Once I got up there safely, I was relieved to find that no one was actually up there.
I could see the gallows clearly now and standing beside the pole was Ganondorf. He was standing up straight and tall with that evil expression on his face; his caterpillar eyebrows balled up. He had his arms folded and he stared at the crowd of, what seemed like, his people, in front of him.
The people in front of him were all girls and they were all dressed in purple. These girls had spears and they wore a purple looking handkerchief over their face. They girls were really tan and they were tall and skinny as well. They also had long, red hair, a color red that was similar to Ganondorf’s hair.
After a couple seconds though, different looking girls came out and they had on huge, puffy white pants. They had shorter red hair and were actually a tad bit shorter than the other girls. With them walked out a taller woman with a sharp face. She had really long red hair and she looked annoyed. She bowed to Ganondorf, but kept a disgusted look on her face.
“Is he here?” Ganondorf asked.
“No, my lord,” the girl said. “King Koopa said that he had another conflict come up.”
“Humph, no matter,” Ganondorf said. “I’ll just have to teach you rats a lesson myself. Bring out the girl!”
The crowd moved over a bit and I saw two guards and a girl sift through the crowd. The girl looked like all of the others, but she had cuts and bruises on her. She looked down as she was shoved through the crowd. Everyone looked sad for some reason as they watched her get on the gallows. Ganondorf looked rather satisfied however.
“Now ladies,” Ganondorf began, “Ms. Dragmire here, my baby sister,” while he said this, he pinched the girl’s cheek, “has dishonored my rule. Do you want to know how?”
The crowd of girls remained silent as Ganondorf put his hands behind his back. He looked proudly over the girls and said, “Well, my little sister here decided to disobey my commands by not carrying out the duty of killing two annoying pests that will get in our way. She returned from the Kokiri forest, empty handed. When I asked her why, she said she just couldn’t kill two children.”
The sister was crying. I was guessing that the ‘two little bugs’ were Link and I. I had no idea that there was a girl following us, but I was glad that she felt guilty and decided not to kill Link and I off. I wanted to do something to save this girl, but I didn’t know what to do. If I would do something, I would’ve been bombarded with guards, but I also knew I could do something up in that tower.
My electric powers could be used to save the girl, but also not get caught. I was just really nervous to use them, seeing as I had trouble controlling it. I didn’t have any time to practice those powers, but I knew I had to take a shot in the dark.
“Now, baby sister,” Ganondorf said as he slid the noose down her neck, “since you have disobeyed your big brother, you must be punished.”
I became pissed off. How could Ganondorf do that to his own family members? The girl started to cry as Ganondorf went and stood by the pole, which had a lever on the side. All was silent during this moment, except for the red flag whipping in the wind. The only smile that I could see was Ganondorf’s, which was a big, toothy smile. He put his green, meaty hand on the lever and waited for a second.
After a couple of seconds, I heard a thud. Ganondorf had pulled the lever. His sister was struggling with the rope and the crowds of girls were crying. It was a terrible sight, my reader, and I didn’t care how crazy my powers were, I had to do something.
I pointed my finger right at the rope and aimed it in the center as carefully, but as quickly as I could. I looked at Lux who was a bit uneasy, but I knew that he was aware that someone had to save this girl. I got my finger ready and concentrated hard on what I wanted my powers to do. I tensed the muscles in my arm and I felt the surge started from my chest, to my right shoulder, down my arm, and finally it shot though my finger.
This thin, blue bolt of lightning shot out of my finger and hit the rope right on. I crouched down behind one of the lookout walls and listened. I heard the girl’s body hit the ground and the all of the girls started to scream. The lookout walls were wooden so I put my finger on the wall and used my power to burn a small peep hole into the wood. I looked through and saw Ganondorf looking terribly angry and that one girl, the one that seemed second in charge. She seemed very calm, but I could see a small smirk on her face.
“Where ever you are, show your face!” I saw Ganondorf yelled. After I stayed silent, I saw him grab a hold of the odd woman and pull her up. He had a hold of her thin, tan neck and started to shout: “Where ever that came from, I want you to find out. Someone is here that shouldn’t be here.” He threw the girl on the ground and said, “Get my sister back into her cell. We’ll dispose of her once that intruder is found.”
Ganondorf left the scene, stomping loudly as he walked into the fortress. The odd girl got up from where Ganondorf threw her and brushed herself off. She walked back up to the gallows and put her hand down where Ganondorf’s sister had fallen. She pulled the sister up and gave her a huge hug. She started to cry a bit too, but she had to send her away with guards to go back to her cell. She faced the rest of the crowd and crossed her arms.
“Ladies,” she said, “before you all look for the intruder, I want you to get some lunch. I will talk to Ganondorf as soon as I can, but just relax for a little while. Now go eat.”
The girls all went into the fortress. The leader girl stood behind and waited for them to clear out. She looked up at the lookout and I swear we made eye contact, or at least she saw my eye through the peep hole I created. I felt a nervous surge go through my body, so I got away from the hole and laid on the floor. I waited a couple of seconds and looked back and saw her go into the fortress.
The coast seemed clear, so I started to climb down the ladder. Lux was still uneasy, but he knew he couldn’t leave me alone. He followed me down the ladder and up the slope where the crowd of girls were standing. We crept as quietly as we could to the front of the fortress.
There were several entrances in the middle of this brick, but rather old looking fortress. I at least wanted to spy on Ganondorf, and possibly find his sister, too. Even if she was evil, I would still help her escape. It was only fair, seeing how her brother had treated her. I wasn’t sure what to do, or even where to go, so I just went into the center entrance and wished for some sort of luck.
In the center entrance was a long hallway with a bend to it. Lux and I walked quietly because we heard voices. They were soft and sounded full of sorrow. I could hear the clanging of silverware and the crackle for fire with the audible bubbles popping in a stew or some sort. I saw this by looking over a crate. This place was like a cafeteria because a lot of girls were sitting there and they were eating.
I decided to go back to where Lux was, instead of pressing my luck and walking in on the girls eating. Lux was waiting back at the entrance keeping watch for somebody. We exited that side of the fortress and decided to take the right entrance.
In that entrance we ran into yet another hallway. This hallway was actually straight and led us to an unoccupied jail cell.
“I’m guessing she’s not in this cell, Lux,” I said and he looked up with a sad expression on his face. He seemed worried, like something could go bad in any second, which was technically true, but I tried to not worry about stuff like that, especially since, with my relapsing, it wouldn’t take much to freak me out.
We decided to walk on the other side of the cell area and came upon another hallway. This one had a bend towards the end and I could see the light of the exit. When we left that area, I became rather disappointed. We both ended up back outside and at the front of the fortress.
“Damn it,” I muttered and Lux had a tired look on his face. “Uh, let’s go over here. I’m sure there’s another entrance somewhere on the other side of this thing.”
So I had to drag Lux to the other side of the fortress, which did indeed have another entrance. I was able to get him to follow me inside and we were at another hallway. This hallway’s path was sloped upward and once we got to the top we came to what seemed like a throne room.
Lux and I knelt behind a crate as we watched a scene go down in the throne room. Ganondorf was sitting lazily on his throne as two girls came in from the other hallway, across from where Lux and I were hiding. One was carrying what looked like a small ball. I suddenly remembered what kind of ball she was holding.
This woman had a Pokeball in her left hand. Lux became a bit tense himself. All I wanted to see was what kind of creature was in that ball. I hadn’t really been able to look into this whole Pokemon business, but I hadn’t really seen any other Pokemon besides Lux and Zucchini.
The woman with the Pokeball bowed to Ganondorf who just waved his hand. He laid his head on his fist and looked terribly bored.
“This had better be good,” Ganondorf said.
“I assure you, Lord Dragmire, that this will be worth your time,” the woman said. “Do you, by any chance, know what kind of ball lies in my palm?” She tilted her hand back and let him see the ball.
“I wouldn’t have the slightest idea,” he muttered.
The woman started to look nervous, so she cleared her throat and continued on saying, “Well, this is a Pokeball and inside of this Pokeball is a powerful, hideous creature.”
Ganondorf perked up a bit and became interested. “What kind of creature?” he asked.
“This creature is called a Pokemon, and it has yet to be released to the Kanto region,” the woman said. “The Kanto region is the main region of the Pokemon world sir, and if Kanto doesn’t have it, you have a novelty Pokemon on your hands.”
Ganondorf sat up straight and rested both arms on both of his arm rests and said, “Well, show me this hideous creature.”
“As you wish,” the woman said and she clicked a button on the Pokeball that made it increase in size. The woman threw the ball and a flash of red light came from it. The red light started to take the form of the Pokemon that occupied the Pokeball. It formed the outline of a small dog and in another second, it formed the dog itself.
The dog was actually a small, cute little puppy. This puppy had pointy teeth and what looked shrew skull on its head. On its back was a pair of small ribs that wrapped around it. The ankles of this dog had small, skeletal rings around it. It was actually quite cute.
“Houndour,” it growled.
Ganondorf’s expression was everything but impressed. He balled up his fist and hit the arm rest on his throne.
“What the hell is this?” he asked. “Where’s the hideous creature?”
The woman cringed and said weakly, “King Koopa said that you’d like it.”
“You’re giving me King Koopa’s sloppy leftovers!” Ganondorf thundered. “You seriously think I would like to have some mutt helping me take over this kingdom. Do you realize how much of a joke I would be?”
“I just thought-“the woman began.
“Well, you thought wrong!” Ganondorf shouted. “Get this woman out of my sight.”
The girl was taken quickly underneath her arms by two guards. Ganondorf stood up and picked up the puppy by its back neck.
“Humph, you’re pathetic,” he said and he threw the puppy against the wall. It yipped and cowered in a corner. Ganondorf stood up tall and sniffed for some reason. He looked around and I saw him look towards my direction. I heart rate increased suddenly and my throat became dry. We were done if he spotted us.
Instead, Ganondorf cleared his throat and shook his head. He walked towards the hallway across from us and kicked the Pokeball right into the little puppy. It yipped again and ran towards another corner. Two guards left the room with Ganondorf, so I decided it was okay to come from behind the crate.
I went straight for the dog. It was huddled up in the corner and it had a sad expression on its face. I crouched down next to it and Lux was on my right side. Lux wanted to see this dog.
I picked the dog up and it yipped. It didn’t wiggle around or anything, but I assumed that it was extremely sore, seeing as it was kicked across the room by a huge ass foot. One of the bones it had on the outside was cracked a bit, but those bones protected its body. I checked the gender of this dog and figured out that it was actually a girl.
The odd thing about this dog was that it had these piercing green eyes. The eyes looked rather pained however. She was panting quickly, which tore my heart to pieces. I didn’t know what to do, so I carried her in my arms. There was the option of putting her away in the Pokeball the woman left behind, but I wasn’t sure how comfortable that would be.
I picked up the Pokeball and put it in my pocket for the time being. I carried this dog back to where Lux and I had entered because I was afraid to take the hallway on the other side and run into Ganondorf. I had to save the dog and Ganondorf’s sister, plus I still needed to get some dirt on that asshole.
Once outside, I began to notice that the sun was starting to rise. I had to work quickly if I wanted to get back to Link’s house in time. I was feeling rather sluggish however, so I knew it would be tough to do all of the stuff I needed to do and then get back home before Link.
I took Lux on the right side of the fortress and found an entrance that was around the corner. We entered the opening and came upon a really large jail cell. The odd lady was in front of the bars and it seemed she was talking to Ganondorf’s sister.
“Um, hello,?” I said quietly.
The odd girl turned around and glared at me for a second. Then she asked, “Who are you?”
“I’ve come here to help this girl escape,” I said hesitantly.
The girl walked up to me. She was taller than I thought and I could see up the big, pointy nose of hers. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I stared at her like I wasn’t scared of her. I wanted to appear brave, like all heroes do, but I really couldn’t stare right into her eyes because she was so tall.
“A puny girl like you has decided to save this girl here?” the girl asked.
“Well, I can try, I guess,” I said. She was scaring the crap out of me and I looked down at Lux who was shaking. He must have been scared, so I panicked. If he was scared and I was scared, who would save us?
The girl bent down to my level so she could look at me straight in the face. She glared at me and just stayed there for the longest time. After a couple of seconds, this girl smiled and started to giggle. She stood straight up and turned around. After a couple steps, she looked back at us and said, “You want to save this girl, correct?”
“I’d like to,” I said.
This girl looked at Ganondorf’s sister and asked, “Do you know this kid?”
The sister shook her head.
“What is your name, kid?” the odd girl asked.
“Um, Ashley Brandt,” I stammered.
“Do you work for Ganondorf?” she asked.
“Ew, no,” I said quickly.
The girl laughed and said, “You seem decent.”
“Uh, thanks, I guess.”
The girl turned around and said, “Alright. My name is Nabooru and this girl here is Ganondorf’s sister, Aurora. She was almost killed this morning. Suddenly, some bolt of lightning came and saved her.”
“Well, I am the one who saved her,” I said quietly.
Nabooru’s face brightened and she said, “You have electric powers?”
I nodded and she continued: “Could you show me those powers?”
I sat down the puppy who laid on the ground panting. I held up my pointer finger and let some of my electric power ball up at the tip. The light from that ball of electricity lit up Nabooru’s sharp facial features. I could see the reflection of that ball in her eyes. I became a bit scared because her face seemed to be lit up with greed.
“Wow,” Nabooru said. “Ashley, you could really do a lot with that power.”
“Yeah, I guess,” I said and I sucked the power back into my finger. I picked up the puppy that was still by my feet and faced Nabooru. “Now, can we get Aurora out of here without getting caught?” I definitely did not want to meet up with Ganondorf again. I was in his territory now, reader, so he knew this land a lot more than I did. He also had his little army of girls with him and I was no match for them.
“Have you ever met Ganondorf, Ashley?” Aurora asked from her cell.
I walked toward her cell and asked, “Why?”
Aurora looked a bit nervous and said, “My brother sent me out to kill you and another boy about your age. You guys were so young that I just couldn’t do it.” Aurora broke into tears. She seemed a lot softer than her brother.
“Yes, I have had some altercations with your brother,” I said. “He has been an enemy of mine for a couple of days, I suppose.”
Aurora put on an angry expression and said, “My brother is getting way out of control. He’s dragging the Gerudo name through the mud. All he ever talks about is getting a hold of this Triforce of something and taking over Hyrule.”
“Whoa,” I said quickly, “what about the Triforce?”
“My brother always talked about this Triforce of some sort. I guess there are three pieces. He talks about this sword, too and these damn stone things.”
“Can you at least tell me why he tried to kill Link and I?” I asked.
“He said he wanted to kill Link for he’s destined to be some sort of hero. The reason he wanted me to kill you is because you’re Link’s partner and you provide great protection to him. Without you, my brother said Link would’ve been easy to capture.”
So, what I gathered was that the only reason I was a bounty for Ganondorf was solely because I was Link’s ‘protector’ for the moment. For me reader, this was a bit of a slap in the face. I hoped that the goddesses would have had some sort of special job for me, like a hero as Link must have been, but instead I became a bit depressed and was close to crying.
“Are you okay?” Aurora asked.
“Yeah,” I said and I pressed my face to the puppy’s soft fur. She smelled like my old dog back at home and I became nostalgic for where I use to live. There was no time to play with a dog or lay down for a short nap. I hated it here in Hyrule for goddesses controlled who a person was. I didn’t seem to be destined for anything but following some blonde kid around that wore stupid, green clothes.
“Ashley,” Nabooru said behind me, “we should be able to help Aurora escape, but we might have to wait until nightfall.”
“Uh, I can’t wait that long,” I said quickly. “Is there any way to get her out now?”
Nabooru stood and looked like she was deep in thought. She rubbed the area of her nose that was between her eyes. Finally she looked up and said, “The girls are all eating lunch right now, so we should have time to help her escape, but we’ll have to move quickly.”
“Alright,” I said.
Nabooru nodded and came by the cell. She had a key so she unlocked the cell door and slowly opened it. Aurora rushed out, but Nabooru grabbed her.
“Not too fast,” she said.
Nabooru reach in her pocket and grabbed a veil to put over Aurora’s face. I didn’t need it for, even with the veil on, I would still stand out from the crowd of girls.
“Ashley, you have no way of disguising yourself,” Nabooru said, “but it would help if you put that dog and that shrew away.”
I looked at the puppy in my hand and reach in my pocket to get the Pokeball. I pressed the button on the middle of the ball and it enlarged in my palm.
“Return,” I whispered and a laser came out from the ball and suck the puppy up. I pressed the middle button again, which made the ball become smaller, and I shoved it back in my pocket.
“Unfortunately, Lux here doesn’t have a ball,” I said to Nabooru.
Nabooru shrugged her shoulders and started to move out. I followed the two and had Lux jump on my shoulders, just so he wouldn’t stray into another direction.
We exited the room where the cell was and Nabooru took us up another slope which was actually rather long. At the top of this slope was a tent with two horses. Nabooru helped Aurora up to one of the horses and she mounted one herself.
“We’ll leave a space in between both the horses for you to walk with us,” Nabooru said. “That way, of someone is outside and they are on our left or right, they would have to look below both of us to see your feet.”
It sounded like a dumb idea, but no one was outside of the fortress so our cover wasn’t blown. We came to the exit and Nabooru dismounted her house.
“Aurora, you need to get out of this place,” Nabooru said. “Take the horse and just ride as far away as you can from Hyrule. I’m afraid that if you return, you’re brother would’ve already killed the Gerudo thieves and we would be long gone. I’d advise you to start a new life. You’ve been a great part of this fortress and I want you to always believe that.”
“Thank you, Nabooru,” Aurora said and she looked at me and nodded. She suddenly took off towards the exit and disappeared from our eye sight.
Nabooru turned towards me and said, “Ashley, you need to get out of here as fast as you can.”
“Too bad you’ve already been caught,” a voice boomed from above.
We looked up and saw Ganondorf on a ledge above us. A bunch of those guard girls surrounded us and I felt a spear at my throat. I gulped as Ganondorf jumped from the ledge and landed right in front of Nabooru and me.
Ganondorf grabbed Nabooru’s chin and titled it back so that her terrified eyes were staring right at his.
“You thought you could get away with letting my sister go?” Ganondorf asked softly and he laughed a deep but short laugh. “My dear, you must have mistaken me for some kind of idiot, haven’t you? Well, unfortunately for you, I will have to exile you to the desert so you can live being hungry, thirsty, and lost forever in that sandstorm. Guards, get this disgusting bag of filth out of my sight.”
These two girls came up and seized Nabooru. I stood straight up with my head up high, which was only because I coincidently had a spear pressing against my neck. Ganondorf looked pleasantly at the guards man-handling Nabooru, but focused his attention on me shortly after.
“Now, let’s get to your set of punishment,” Ganondorf said. He put his hand up to his chin and began to stroke it. “Since you’re not a member of my thieves here, I’m afraid that I would not be able to exile you.”
“That would appear so,” I mumbled.
“You’ve recently become a huge pest in all of my plans and you’re a complete smartass, which I hate entirely.”
“Well, I hate evil people that decide to take over a kingdom that they don’t deserve,” I said sharply.
In a split second, I felt a sharp pain on my face. Ganondorf had smacked me and it caused me to fall on the hot sand. Ganondorf was able to break skin on my face and I felt the warm blood drip down my cheek and watched it stain the sand I was sitting on.
“While you’re here, I would suggest that you keep your damn mouth shut,” Ganondorf snapped. “I have never met someone who was enough of an idiot to insult the person who captured them.”
I stood up weakly. Lux had rushed by my side to help me but he seemed scared of all the people surrounding us. I wiped off the blood on my check and stared at Ganondorf.
He smirked and said, “I just got a great idea for your punishment. Since I assume that you’re the one who ruined my sister’s hanging this evening you owe me. Therefore, you will provide the entertainment tomorrow morning by suffering the punishment that my sister should have suffered. Guards, take Ms. Brandt to the prisoner cell and don’t feed her or this damn rat of hers. The lighter she is, the easier it will be to hang her. Take her away.”
The guards grabbed me and Lux. These girls had rubber gloves on so that Lux and I couldn’t shock them. With my hands behind my back and my pajamas covered in sand, I walked away defeated and had no hope at all.

The cell I was thrown into wasn’t inside. It was rather up high in a hallowed out in a part of the canyon. There was a small opening, but it was almost up to the ceiling and even if I could reach it, jumping out of the window will cause me to break my legs. I sat in the corner of this dank, dark cell and Lux huddled up with me. I started to cough because it was getting extremely cold outside.
I didn’t have a fairy for he was back at Link’s home and in my floppy, green hat. All I had in my pockets were the Pokeball and the ocarina that Saria had given me. I grabbed it before I left for some reason. I was just going to be prepared if I met someone at the fortress who was to teach me a new song. I didn’t know how to play the damn potato with holes, but I could figure it out.
My stomach began to get upset. I grabbed my stomach and felt my throat become solid feeling. I started to puke wildly and, through the dim moonlight, I saw small traces of blood. I curled in a ball and shook wildly. Lux must have decided to stay in the corner because he didn’t come over to me.
Pathetically, I took out the ocarina and started to play notes that sounded airy and not as good as Link’s notes sounded. I needed to play Saria’s song and contact her in any way, so that Link knew where I was. I was afraid he would be too busy to save me, but I wanted him to at least know where I was.
I played something that sounded like Saria’s song, even though the song was still airy and pathetic sounding. I was shaking wildly while playing the ocarina, but the song sounded right, but I wasn’t sure how to contact Saria after playing the song. I just started to cry and scream to the ceiling of where I was, hoping, just hoping, that Saria or Link or Zelda heard my scream and would come to my rescue, but I knew that would never happen. I was as good as dead.

“Wake up, you pathetic pile of shit,” a girl said and she kicked me in the side.
I opened my eyes to a bright, hot sun and turned over to see a girl above me. I slowly got up, but the guard kicked me again and I fell to the ground.
“Get up faster,” the girl snapped at me.
I got up quicker this time, but fell back against the wall. I felt terrible and depressed. Seeing as I’d been wearing my pajamas in the dirt that night, I also felt dirty. I was going to die in my pajamas…
I climbed up a ladder with a spear constantly poking my back. I felt like collapsing and just giving up, but I would have enough time to do so later with a noose around my neck.
My hands were tied behind my back as I got to the top of the ladder. Down below I could see Ganondorf standing on the gallows and a huge crowd around it. Lux was placed in a cage and was brought up separately. He looked at me with a sad expression. I didn’t know what to do at that point because I had no sword, my electricity wouldn’t work on the guards with the rubber gloves, and Ganondorf was going to get his way.
I had surrendered to Ganondorf and he could tell as I walked up the gallows. He had a smile on his face as he grabbed my arm. He had on the rubber gloves as well.
“We even made you a specialty noose,” Ganondorf said and he pointed at a noose that was covered in rubber. “But, look at the bright side. The rubber on the side of the noose is probably more comfortable than the dry, itchy rope.”
Ganondorf placed the noose delicately around my neck, like I was a guest of honor. He fitted it perfectly around my neck and he then touched my cheek.
“It’s such a shame that someone as pretty as you has to die,” Ganondorf said.
I looked down at my feet. My boots were rather dirty, but that was the least of my worries. I heard Ganondorf’s feet make the wooden floor of the gallows creek as he took each step towards the lever that would determine when I would die.
“Ladies, we have here this afternoon a special guest entertainer,” Ganondorf said. “Straight from the Kokiri Forest is Ashley Brandt, ‘hero’.”
Ganondorf looked at me and smiled. He put his hand on the lever and decided to just lay it there. It made my heart race because I had no idea when he was going to pull the lever and every second made me freak out even more.
“Bye bye, Ash,” Ganondorf said and he pulled the lever down.
Now reader, it’s hard to describe the feeling of being hanged, but I felt the floor collapse underneath my feet and my body drop instantly. I swung around as I gasped for air, but I couldn’t get any kind of air to enter my wind pipe. I felt helpless as I swung around and around and I became dizzier and dizzier. I was going to die reader.
However, I suddenly heard the rope break and I came crashing to the ground, underneath the floor. I could see Ganondorf’s shocked expression through the cracks of wood when I looked up.
I quickly loosen the noose and ripped it off my neck. There was an opening underneath the floor boards, so I crouched and ran towards the opening. As soon as I got out, I saw Zucchini and Link fighting off a bunch of guards. On Link’s back was my sheath and it had my sword in it.
I would have asked Link to toss me my sword, but my hands were still tied behind my back, so it was impossible for me to find away to defend myself. There were guards coming at me, so I rushed over to Link and had him slash the rope that was bounded tightly around my wrists. Link didn’t slice it perfectly though, so I had a cut on the side of my hand. It stung a bit, but it wasn’t too bad.
I grabbed my sword out of my sheath that was still tied to Link’s back. As soon as I got my sword out, all hell broke loose. I first needed to save Lux, so I jumped back on the platform of the gallows and started to slice my way through some guards. It didn’t take me very long to reach Lux, but there was a different sort of guard waiting for me. In front of Lux’s encasement was a girl that had two swords. She looked extremely mean, so I had to be careful.
This girl was terribly quick and she jumped right towards me. I put my sword in front of my face and tried to block her two swords from slashing my skin. My blade was placed between the two blades of the guard. I panicked as she looked at me. Underneath her veil it looked like she was smiling. I pulled my sword away from hers and started to attack as furious as I could. I had to be quicker than she was, otherwise I wouldn’t get passed her defenses.
All that I could hear was the clinging of our swords and that sound really hurt my teeth. It sounds worse than nails on a chalk board and it felt like the sound of the clinging were entering my ears, going down my jaws, and made a home under my gums and started to push my teeth up.
I had to ignore this feeling and fight for Lux’s life. I needed to save him, even if there were noises bothering me and my poor teeth. I started to fight a lot quicker and even tried to trick her. Back at home I played basketball and I would always do what we called a fake. That’s when you pretend you’re going one way or passing the ball to one person, but you quickly do something else. I tricked the guard pretty well, which was surprising.
I knew she was quick, but I also knew that people had to get tired eventually. Yeah, I had to wrestle around with her a bit, but it really only took five minutes to have her get tired and slip up. I didn’t really care for killing actual people, so I hit the girl on the head with the hilt of my sword, just so she’d pass out and leave me alone.
I ran over to Lux’s cage and unlocked it. Lux jumped right out and hopped onto my shoulder and I turned around as quick as I could to start fighting the rush of guards that were heading for me. I was assuming they didn’t expect me to defeat their tougher guard because they were waiting for something or someone while I fought the guard with two swords.
Lux suddenly leapt off my shoulder and showered the guards in bolts of lightning. They screamed as the jolts of lightning surged through their bodies. I felt a bit bad for them as I watched them collapse, but I had no time to feel sympathetic because I felt a terrible power hit me in the back. I soared over the guards and hit the brick wall of the fortress.
I slid onto the sand and opened my eyes. My vision was terribly blurry, but I could see a green man running towards me with his fist ready. I moved out of the way quickly and heard Ganondorf’s fist pound against the wall. I turned around to face him and he quickly removed his fist from the dent that he had created in the fortress wall. Ganondorf started back at me again and had his fist ready, but I was able to use my electric powers to create a bubble around him and put him in the air. I slammed him against the wall and relieved my power.
Ganondorf jumped up and used his evil power. He created a purple ball in his palm and shot it at me. I thought quick and created an electric ball in my palm and shot it straight forward. It collided directly with Ganondorf’s power and created a small, but powerful explosion. A powerful wind blew me back and some of the guards that were watching. Even Link and Zucchini, who had been fighting the whole time, fell over from the power.
The sand in the air cleared and I saw a shadow move quickly through it. Ganondorf emerged from this shield of sand and punched me right in the face. I flew backwards and ran into a guard of girls. I dropped my sword as I flew backwards, but Lux rushed over to keep it safe.
Lux released this huge power of lightning that engulfed the greater part of the fortress. A lot of guards became injured and passed out from the surge of electricity. Some of the guards went into a sort of seizure state.
Once things calmed down, I could see Lux breathing rather hard. He had black marks and cuts all over his body. I looked over and saw Link and Zucchini. Link was on the ground and had probably passed out, but Zucchini was standing, which he was barely standing, but he was still standing.
I got up slowly, but my body was aching so I by slowly I mean I barely moved. I limped over to Link and started to shake his shoulder to wake him up. It took half a minute, but the kid opened his crystal blue eyes and looked at the sky.
“Link, I think we should go,” I said quietly.
“Where’s Ganondorf?” he asked as he made a small attempt to get up.
I looked around and saw only guards and Lux. Ganondorf had probably teleported or something like that. The bad guys always seemed to leave when they were about to get their asses kicked, but I needed to get all of us out of the fortress before the guards woke up.
“It doesn’t matter right now,” I said. “Zucchini, Lux, let’s go.”
I grabbed Link’s hand and helped him up. He was sore, so I needed to help him slowly. After a bit of pain for the both of us, we grabbed our Pokemon and headed out of the fortress.
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