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Story 1 - Chapter 1

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Some of the most epic things that have happened to me, told using the characters of MCR.

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Story 1 - And old fri- I mean enemy

Gerard sat doing his english work, occasionally looking up from his work to talk to his friends Ray and Frank. It was just a normal Thursday morning, Ray was being a nerd, Frank was cheeking the teacher and Gerard was doodling all over his english book.
Gerard started doodling a small anime picture of Frank as a girl to delibrately piss him off when he looked up. He wasn't quite sure why he looked up, he just did. And what he saw across the other side of the room pretty much shocked him.
He tapped Frank on the shoulder "Who's the new guy?" he asked, pointing towards the guy across the room.
Frank shrugged "Don't know, don't care." He turned back to the teacher "Sir! Bet ya can't do this..."
Gerard turned to Ray "Who's the new kid?" I asked him. Ray looked in the direction he was pointing.
"Umm... Bob. Bob Bryar."
Gerard's face drooped. Great, just fucking great.

Flash Back

"Whatcha drawing Gerard?" Bob asked, smirking at him.
"It's not any of your business!" Gerard snapped, closing his sketchbook. 'Please don't start...' He begged in his head.
Bob laughed "You're a freaky little loser. No wonder you haven't got any friends, apart from your nerdy little brother. And he's just a big a loser as you are!"
Gerard sat there and didn't respond. Bob waited for a reply. Then he got bored of waiting.
"You should just go home, get a knife and stab yourself!" Bob spat at him, before turning and running off to play football with his friends. Because ofcourse, he just had to be amazingly popular.

End Of Flash Back

Frank turned back to Gerard "What's wrong?"
"I think... I think I know him."
"Primary school bully?" Ray asked, not looking up from his work.
"Aww, it'll be okay Gerard..." Frank looked at the front of Gerard's english book "Wait... Is that me?"
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