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Story 1 - Chapter 2

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Story 1 - Chapter 2

Gerard prayed inside his head that Bob would just ignore him and his brother. He prayed that Frank and Ray wouldn't say anything to Bob about the past. He was desperate to drop it, but whenever he looked at Bob he just couldn't.
Everything went well for a few weeks. Until technology. There were four different technology groups. Gerard and Frank were in one, Ray and Bob were in another.
"Do you think Bob will say anything to Ray?" Gerard asked Frank for the fifth time.
"You worry too much!" Frank laughed "They've been in the same tech class for weeks... And has he said anything?"
But after technology Ray came and found them "You know that new guy Bob?"
"Yes, we know Bob." Gerard replied "Why?"
"Well in tech, we had to get some wood and cover it in hot glue." Ray told them "Don't ask me why, it was Mr.Faux's idea. Anyway, Bob covered his in tons of hot glue and asked me to hold it. So being friendly I took it. And guess what it did?"
"Burnt your hand?" Frank asked "Let's see."
Ray held up his hand and showed Frank and Gerard a ton of blisters across his hand "I grabbed it really tightly and it really hurt."
"What did Bob say?"
"He just laughed at me. I think he did it on purpose but I don't want to just jump to conclusions..."
"I do!" Frank said "Come on, let's go find out why he did that!"
"Who did what?" Mikey asked, appearing next to them.
Gerard explained to his little brother what was going on. His eyes grew wider "Why would someone do that?"
"We're gonna find that out..." Frank told him, walking over to Bob. He was leaning against a fence and smoking, even if it was forbidden at our school.
"Why did you burn Rays hand?" Frank asked, as soon as the others had caught up with him.
Bob smirked "I felt like it."
"I don't see that as a good excuse." Frank replied bitterly "You gonna apologise?"
"Why should I? It's not my fault he didn't ask whether it was covered in hot glue."
"That's not generally a question you ask people when they ask you to hold something."
"I don't care. I'm not saying sorry because I don't have to. So just leave me alone."
Frank tried to argue back, but Ray grabbed his arm "Let's just forget it Frank. Come on."
They turned and walked away. As they walked off, they heard Bob yell "See ya found fag!"
But Gerard wasn't scared. Not in the slightest.

End Of Story 1
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