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Story 2 - Chapter 1

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MSN Arguements Suck

Gerard turned on his computer and clicked on msn. He typed in and pressed sign in. Frank was online so him and Gerard got talking. Then Frank added Ray to the conversation to prove that when Gerard had red hair it actually wasn't red it was secretly ginger. Gerard added Bert to back him up that it indeed was red, even though the guys didn't know Bert. Then Frank decided to piss Gerard off by adding Lyn-z just to annoy him. Gerard fancied Lyn-z and Lyn-z knew that but didn't want to go out with him.

Gee - Lyn-z, was my hair ginger?
Lyn-z - Yeah it kind of was.
Frank - Ha! In your face loser!
Bert - Nah, it wasn't ginger.
Ray - It kind of was.
Bert - Hey Lyn-z...
Lyn-z - Yes?
Gee - Bert, dont...
Bert - Are you single Lyn-z?
Lyn-z - Yeah, but I'm not gonna go out with you Bert.
Gee - Bert, shut up...
Bert - No I wasn't thinking about me. Would you go out with Gerard?
Gee - BERT!
Lyn-z - No, I'm sorry.
Gee - Okay, that's fine.
Bert - Well you're missing out big time. Gerard is an amazing guy.
Frank - HeHeHe.
Lyn-z - I know but I think we'd just be better off as friends...
Bert - He's not gay.
Lyn-z - Wha... What?
Gee - What?
Frank - What?
Ray - What?
Bert - Just saying. She's missing out big time.
Lyn-z - I know what I'm doing Bert, god!

Gerard quickly turned off his computer and stormed upstairs. "Why does Bert have to ruin everything?" Gerard asked under his breath.

End Of Story 2
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