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Again And Again

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"Good luck guys!" I lightly shoved Mateo as they headed onstage. The crew handed them their instruments and the crowd started screaming even louder when they showed up. I yawned and sat on the couch beside Josie. "So you've known these guys for a while?" she asked me. "Yeah, I met Matthew almost ten years ago" I answered. "Wow really? You guys knew each other that long ago?" she looked very surprised. "Yeah, we met through some mutual friends in the music business" I shrugged. "So that's how you met Nathan, Mateo, and Dan?" she was still asking me questions. "Well, sort of. Matt and I hung out for a while before he introduced me to Nathan" I said, shaking off the memory of that day.

I didn't want to think about Nathan. Thinking about him made me remember about the times we had together. None of that mean anything to me anymore. The only thing that means something to me now is to make Nathan and my sister happy. That was the whole reason why I'm here. But deep down inside, I wanted to spend more time with Matt. Of course I wasn't going to tell Josie that. "That's cool, you are so lucky. If I met these guys earlier, my life would have been so much better" Josie sighed. "How did you meet Matt anyways?" I asked. "Don't worry about it" she smirked. I looked at her in confusion. She just shrugged it off.

When the guys finished their set, they headed backstage and took turns for their showers. "Rachel, come" Matthew hissed at me. I nodded, following him to the hall. "We need to start planning, make sure no one's here" he whispered to me. I looked around. There we several crews but no one else really. "Let's start" I opened the binder he was holding. The front cover was disguised as my company's name. "Did you choose which flower shop yet?" he began. "I was stuck between this and the Floral Delight" I flipped to the page, showing him the address and prize. He licked his lips, nodding. "I like this one better than Floral" I shrugged, not being able to decide.

"What color flowers are we getting?" I asked him. "What color does Skye like?" he wondered aloud. "I don't know, black?" I kind of smirked at my stereotypical joke. "I think we should get purple and red ones" he suggested. "It depends on the decorations. We have to make sure they match" I scratched my head. "Obviously" he took the binder away from me and began flipping through pages. "What are you looking for?" I asked. "Hair stylists" he responded. "Matthew, really?" I rolled my eyes. "Why not?" he questioned. "Can we worry about hair later? We have more important things to plan than the hair stylists" I sighed. He laughed, handing the binder back to me. "Let's arrange the flowers and the tables okay?" I asked. He nodded. I smiled at the progress we're making.

"Hey Henry, do you know where Matthew is?" I could hear Dan ask one of the crews. "I saw them over there" Matt quickly ripped the binder off my hands and sat on it. We decided to engage in a random conversation to kill off the suspiciousness. "There you are!" Dan yelled, pointing at Matt. "Hey here I am dude" Matthew held his hands up. My lips curved into a smile. I just wanted to run into his arms and just stay there for hours. But dreams can never be reality. Dan eyed me suspiciously so I immediately stopped smiling. "Nathan choked on your pick before" Dan chuckled, continuing on to his point. Within two seconds, all three of us fell into fits of laughter. "But I'm serious" Dan added. I suddenly feel bad.

The guy choked on a guitar pick, that's pretty dangerous and wasn't meant to be funny. His relationship with the woman he loved was on the line. Laughing at him over the guitar pick is probably a very bad thing to do. "So what are you two up to?" Dan changed the subject. "We are just chatting and catching up. We haven't seen each other in a while" Matthew responded with a wide grin. "Yeah" I nodded, agreeing. "That's really nice" Dan eyed me again. I gave him a questionable glare. He smirked and turned to Matt, "I think you should go talk to Nathan now. He wants to talk to you or something. He's been depressed, go cheer him up" Dan lightly shoved him. Matt snickered as he walked back to the dressing room.

"So Ms. Denmark, tell me" Dan slid closer to me with a cheesy grin. "Tell you what Chizel?" I decided to play dumb. "Hitting on Leone aren't you?" he raised his brows. "Oh I'm so over him. We were over about two years ago remember?" I decided to continue playing dumb. "No I didn't mean Nathan. I know you like Matt" he patted my shoulders. "You are going to tell him aren't you?" I asked in defeat. "Hell no, you are my friend and I am planning on keeping your secret" he pulled me into a hug. "Thanks Chizel, you are the best" I thanked breathlessly. "So you are admitting that you like him" Dan wanted to confirm it. "I do but I can't. It will never happen. I'll just keep on dreaming. Did you know that these dreams are coming back to me again and again?" I rambled.

"What dreams?" he asked me. "It started when I was with Nathan. I never stopped having all these dreams about him. It felt so realistic and then I wake up and none of that shit happened" I frowned at the memory. "That sucks; I don't know how to help you. Isn't he dating your friend now? I can't help you on that one" he shrugged, looking back at me helplessly. "I don't think I want him but I can't prevent myself from acting like a fool in front of him" I sighed. "You don't need to worry about that, trust me. He is already the fool" he smirked. "I used to have no problem, why is this coming to me all of a sudden? I miss being best friends with him. This feeling in me sucks so many asses" I whined. "Rachel, you can't control how you feel and it's not your fault. Follow your heart but make sure you don't hurt anyone" Dan warned. "I'll try" I laughed and followed him back into the dressing room.

Matthew and Nathan were in the middle of a conversation when we walked in. They stopped immediately and turned to look at us. I lightly waved, turning back to Dan awkwardly. "I'll uh... Let you guys talk. I'm going to go chat with Mayday Parade" I chuckled, preparing myself out the door. "No! It's okay!" Nathan shouted. I turned back on my heels and sat down on the sofa beside Matt. "So what's up?" I asked them. They all shrugged as a response. I couldn't help but roll my eyes. "Josie!" Matt yelled, making us all turn to the door. Josie walked in giggling. "Matt!" her face fell a bit but then smiled. Was something bothering her? "What's up?" he asked. "I was chatting with Mayday Parade. They are such nice talented people" she explained. "That's nice" he gave his girlfriend a funny look. "So how was the show?" she decided to change the subject. "It was very uh... Sweaty" Nathan chuckled. "That's good to know" Josie sat down on my lap.

Nathan and Matthew both whistled. Josie and I rolled our eyes. Boys will be boys. "So Rachel, guess who I saw on the new issue of J-14 magazine before?" Josie asked. "Uh who?" I raised my eyebrow. "I saw your sister!" she exclaimed happily, still oblivious to the fact that Nathan and Skye were somewhat involved. I could see Nathan tense up from the corner of my eyes. Matt patted his shoulder, comforting him. Before I could give Josie a hint to stop, she took out the magazine from her handbag. "Why the hell would Skye be on a teen's magazine?" I questioned. "Because of Josh Ramsay I guess" she smirked. "Who the fuck is Josh Ramsay?" I asked, a bit confused. "The lead singer of Marianas Trench" she flipped through the pages and handed me the article. There were several shots of Skye and another man eating in an outdoors restaurant. My stomach churned. What she's doing now isn't really helping.

The headline read "Josh + Skye = ?" I examined the pictures again. The guy was laughing at something Skye had said. I looked through all the pictures and the last one showed them hugging each other tightly. "Don't they make a cute couple?" Josie continued. "Whoa what?" I glared at Josie, signaling her to shut up. "I mean of course Skye and Josh would look perfect together. I wouldn't see her with anyone else. Look at them" Josie made this whole situation even worst by pointing at the picture in the magazine. Now we got Mathew, Dan, and Nathan leaning in to examine the pictures. Matt gave me a concerned look. What if our plan didn't work? Would Skye honestly move on? Matthew and I told her that we were working on it. We would make everything work out. How is this ever going to help? Going out with that Josh guy isn't going to help at all. "Josie" I gave her a stern look.

Nathan looked up from the magazine with some kind of hurt in his eyes. I gave him a look of sorry. He shook his head and stormed out of the door. Everyone looked at the door that he walked through. I sighed before walking out to follow him.


"What is the deal with them?" Josie questioned. "Josie, did you know that Skye and Nathan were almost engaged?" I asked, sighing. "Are you fucking kidding me?" she stared at me like I have two heads. "Yep, they were still working on their relationship but then they were struggling. What you just did made everything even worst" I couldn't really blame her because she didn't know. "Why are you blaming me?" Josie yelled. "Whoa Josie, calm down. I wasn't blaming you" I held my hands up for defense. "How the hell would I have known that Nathan was Skye's boyfriend when nobody told me?" she continued with her outburst.

"It's okay let it go. No one's blaming you" I sighed. She rolled her eyes at me and turned away from me. I shrugged as Mateo came out of the shower. He looked around at the tension around the room. "Did I miss something?" he asked. "Dude, you missed a lot of shit" Dan said to him. "Oh really? What did I miss exactly? Where's Nathan and Rach?" he looked around the room. "Nathan flipped a shit over Skye and her new guy so Rachel's trying to fix it" Josie answered. "The way you say it make it sound so mean" I commented. She flicked me off and the other two were snickering.

What bothered me the most right now was the plan. If Skye was going out with Josh Ramsay then what are we going to do? Rachel and I have worked so hard to get some of the arrangements done. I want Nathan to be happy and Skye better not make him a depressed man. Even Rachel knew that Nathan and Skye were meant to be. Why couldn't Skye just wait for a few months? Did Skye think that Nathan was never going to forgive her so she quickly moved on? I know that Skye cared about Nathan. What he thinks mean a lot to her. I just want everyone to be happy. But so far, no one was happy. It wasn't part of the plan.

"They are arguing again" Dan sighed, pointing at Josie and me. She groaned and I looked away from everyone. "What's with the hate?" Mateo questioned. "What do you mean?" Josie mumbled. "You guys act like enemies" Dan laughed. "We do, so what? Leave us alone" I shot back. "And we are perfectly fine so don't worry about it" she snapped along with me. "Erm okay" that should shut them up, Josie walked over to me, hugging me. I chuckled, tightly hugging her back. The door opened, Rachel and Nathan walked back into the room. Rachel looked stressed out and Nathan looked tense. They eyed us and we immediately pulled away from each other. Rachel sat next to Dan and Nathan sat as far away from Rach as possible. What the hell is going on here?


"Nate, wait up" I called behind him. He stopped and turned to look at me. Tears were already forming in his eyes. I could feel my heart sink. My heart ached for him. I knew what it feels like to lose or having the sense that you’re losing someone you really love. I feel so bad. I just wanted to make everything okay for everyone. "Nathan, come here" I pulled him into a tight hug. He allowed himself to shake and sniff for a while. "Nathan, she will never leave you for that punk" I said to him. I don't know if I could even believe myself. I guess I'll have to do my research. "I ruined it" he said. "Dude, it wasn't your fault in any kind of way" I sighed. "I pushed her away. Maybe if I told her everything was alright, everything between us would have been fine. But honestly, nothing is fine" he was starting to regret. Was this even a good sign?

"Nathan, I don't think Skye would ever want to let you go. She came to me, telling me how much she regretted what she did. Time apart will suit you both well" I let go of him, patting his back. "Are you sure?" a smile began to form on his face. "No one wants to lose someone as amazing, beautiful, talented, caring, and charming as you. I fell in love with this man once and I didn't let go until you stopped letting go. I think Skye is similar. I guess we Denmark’s just can't help but fall for you huh?" I chuckled nervously. He stopped smiling and looked into my eyes. It was kind of scaring me.

Then he began walking closer to me, leaning his forehead against mine. "Nate, what..." I was cut off by his lips. As soon as I realized what was happening, I broke away and backed up. Nathan looked really regretful and confused. "Nate, we can't" I shook my head. "Why not? Skye doesn't want me anymore. You don't have anyone else. I love you, you love me right?" he questioned. "Since when do you love me? You left me for Skye" I smirked. "Rachel, I love you. I always have" he whispered. "Too bad, I don't love you anymore. I already moved on to more important things in life. Love isn't always everything. And don't ever think Skye doesn't want you. Don't do this to Skye. You can't really confirm that she's with that Josh guy. Just wait to get the evidence and answer before you make conclusions" I told him.

He sighed, looking away from me. I groaned and started heading back to the dressing room. Nathan obviously followed me back in. When we entered, Matt and Josie were pulled into a hug. Matthew examined me and I quickly looked away from him. The two quickly let go of each other. My stomach churned at the sight of those two in love. I decided to take a seat next to Dan. He gave me a knuckle touch as I looked over at Nathan walking to the other side of the room. Someone's acting immature here. But I have to remind myself to not blame him. Poor guy got his heart broken by some kind of miscommunication. That's why I'm willing to help him get back to where he was.

Was he really in love with me again? This can't happen. I'm over him and I’m never going back to what we once had. I'm done with this Leone. I want to spend the rest of my life dreaming about the other one. But I know the creepy dreams have to end soon. I will find out my fate soon. I just want to do whatever it takes for everything to be alright.
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