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Let's Get Out Of Here!

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"No, green wouldn't look good with red. That would be like fucking Christmas" I smirked, lightly shoving Matt. "But I like Christmas" he pouted. "Dude, Skye's Jewish" I answered. "What? I thought you guys were German" he tilted his head to signify confusion. "Yeah we are, I'm just kidding" I laughed. He frowned, shoving me for my bad joke. "But dude, I don't like green and red together" I continued. "Fine then we'll do whatever color you want" he handed my binder back to me. "And you can get whatever hair stylist you want. Are we fair and square?" I smirked at his obsession for a hair stylist. A huge grin appeared on his face and he nodded. I smiled at his silliness.

"I want this to work out so bad" I said after we looked through the pages for five minutes. "It will. You are amazing for wanting to do this for selfless reasons" he whispered in my ears. "I mean I'm here, aren't I?" I flashed a grin. "Thanks for being here; you came on tour just for this to work out for Nathan and Skye. As Nate's twin brother, I appreciate that" his lips curved into a smile. It made my insides melt. I couldn't tell him that I wasn't here for selfless reasons. I was partially here because I wanted to spend more time with him. I'll never have him but just being around him makes up for everything.

Suddenly, Matt threw the binder under the sofa and pinned me down on the soda. I was confused until I hear footsteps coming towards here. He smiled at me and pretended to kiss my neck. I didn't understand why he was using this as a cover up but I didn't care because I like it. I looked over at Nathan who just walked over to us. "Um... Guys?" he stared at us. Matt smirked, getting off of me. I wanted to frown at this moment but I decided against it. "May I help you Nathan?" I asked. "I was just wondering what you guys were doing back there. Now I know" he showed a look of disgust and probably jealousy. Why was he jealous? He didn't need me, he got Skye. I searched online a few days ago and it was confirmed that Josh and Skye were just friends.

"Don't you have a girlfriend Matt?" Nate shot him a dirty look. "Nathan, don't you have a girlfriend too?" Matt replied back. "Not anymore" he muttered. "Nathan Daniel Leone, how many times do I have to tell you that Skye is still your girlfriend and she's not going out with Josh?" I shouted. He shook his head. "Why won't you believe me? Everything will be fine, just please trust me" I looked directly into his eyes. He looked back into my eyes for a while before nodding a little. That's good enough for now. "Okay now can we go back to what we were doing?" Matt interrupted us. Nathan nodded and walked back to his bunk. "That was close" Matthew sighed in relief. "Yeah" I snickered.

"How did you do that?" he asked. "How did I do what?" I scratched my head. "How did you get Nathan to trust you so much? Just by looking at you, he believed you" Matt sounded really sincere and curious. "I gained his trust, hopefully I'm right because if I'm not, he's never going to trust me again" I told him. "But you did this for his own good; he should appreciate that no matter what" "Matt, can we stop talking about Nathan? Let's get back to the arrangements" I took the binder out again, flipping through the pages. "What's wrong?" Matthew asked. "I just don't want to talk about Nathan" I said honestly. "Okay, I'm sorry" he apologized. "Don't be sorry. I just didn't want to talk about this anymore. It's like this is all we talk about" I sighed.

We got some more arrangements done and we called it a night. The others were already in their bunks, getting ready to sleep. "Goodnight Rachel" Matthew whispered to me. "Night Matt, sleep well okay?" he pulled me into a hug, kissing my hair. A smile appeared on my face. He let go of me and climbed on his bunk, closing the curtains. I turned back to my bunk, plugging my headphones into my laptop. I went on YouTube and searched for the recent videos of Marianas Trench's Canadian tour. I scrolled down to a video titled, "Marianas Trench- Good To You (Live with Skye Denmark)" I clicked on it. The video began with Josh on the acoustic guitar singing the first verse and the first chorus before Skye came out and sang the second verse.

Then they sang the second chorus in sync. They smiled at each other as Skye sled into the seat next to him. They sang together in perfect melody and finished the song. They hugged each other as the crowd whistled. I frowned at the sight. Let's see what other people think. I scrolled down to the comment. There was a conversation going on in the comment box.

Mtrenchluv15: Josh and Skye would look so cutee together!

Lavacakett: Mtrenchluv15 Skye Denmark is going out with Nathan Leone from Madina Lake, so it won't happen

Mtrenchluv15: Lavacakett really? Aww too bad, I wanted Josh and Skye together. I bet they'd be even better together than her and the guy from Madina Lake.

Riverppl123: Mtrenchluv15 what the fuck are you talking about? Nathan Leone is fucking gorgeous. Skye is sexy as hell perfect together!

I shook my head at the comments. I decided to just let everything be. Skye is just being friendly. But people were constantly getting the wrong ideas. I need to do more research. I feel like a stalker but did I have any choice? I went on Google and began researching again. A web interview came up and I began reading though some of them. There were questions asked about Josh Ramsay and Skye Denmark together but they were denying their relationship. Skye didn't say anything about going out with Nathan either so that didn't help at all.

(A few months later)

We already came home from tour last month but Skye was coming back home tonight. Matthew and I finished the arrangements. We are going to set up our plans and we are going to make everything work out no matter what happens. "Skye do you need me and Matt to pick you up?" I asked her on the phone. "No it's fine. Hey do I have to come to this dinner?" she asked. "Yeah why not? We should all come together and talk" I said. "But Nathan is going to be there" she said nervously. "So? Don't worry about it. I think this is the time you two work it out" I told her. "But I'm not ready" she sighed. "But just come, the guys missed you a lot" I begged. "Fine but can I bring a friend with me?" she asked, hopeful. "Yeah sure whatever makes you comfortable" I laughed.

"Thanks Rachel, I'll see you later" she thanked me. "Anytime sis can't wait to see you either" we both hung up. "Okay dudes, Skye is going to come!" I yelled from the kitchen. "Hell yes!" someone yelled. I peeked at Nathan in the living room. He was staring at the TV blankly. "Nathan, don't worry" I called out to him. "What are you doing in the kitchen anyways?" he asked me. "I was planning on having a private conversation with my sister so I used the kitchen" I stuck my tongue at him. "Rachel can I talk to you?" he sighed. "Yeah sure" I walked to the living room, taking a seat next to him.

"I'm nervous and scared" he started. "Don't be. I'm sure you guys can fix this tonight. Are you willing to forgive her?" I asked him. "I think I am. I mean I can't hold onto it forever. I don't ever want to lose her so I guess I have to" he shifted his position on the couch. "That's a good thing" I patted his shoulder. "Rachel, what I did the other day, it was wrong and immature" he turned to look at me directly. "You mean the kiss?" I asked, even though I know the answer. He nodded, "I mean I still love you. I'll always have that special place for you in my heart but Skye..." "Yeah I know. You love her a lot. I can tell. Just promise me you'll never let her go" I held out my pinky. "I promise" he hooked his pinky to mine.


"I'm nervous" Josh rambled. "Why are you nervous?" I chuckled. "What if your sister doesn't like me?" he questioned. "Josh, why wouldn't she? You are simply an amazing person, just give her your Ramsay charm and you get everyone loving you" I laughed. "Oh really?" he smirked. "Just be yourself, don't sorry. We are going to a gathering dinner. Alex, Casey, Fiona, and Collin are going to be there too. I hope that makes you feel better" I patted his shoulder. "That doesn't help at all, Skye" he sighed. "Don't worry" I repeated.

I pulled over at Rachel's driveway. I already saw Frank's car there. Alex's van was there as well. I seriously can't wait for the gathering. The only thing I was scared of was Nathan. I didn't know what to expect. Maybe I shouldn't expect anything so when nothing happens I wouldn't be that upset. "There are so many cars" Josh mumbled. "Yeah and Marianas Trench have so many fans" I stared at him glumly. He laughed lightly and followed me out of the car. We walked to the door slowly. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous.

I rang the doorbell. Five seconds later, the door swung open and Rachel immediately eyed me and Josh. "Rachel!" I pulled her into a hug. "Hey Skye, I haven't seen you for so long. How are you?" she hugged me tighter and we pulled away. "Oh and Rachel, this is my friend Josh Ramsay. He sings for Marianas Trench, the band we toured with" I introduced. "It's a pleasure to meet you Rachel" Josh said politely. "Hello Josh" Rachel invited us inside with an unreadable expression. "Skye, you brought Josh?" Alexander asked the second we walked into the living room. "I persuaded him to come" I answered. "Wow, Ramsay needed persuasion to come?" Fiona smirked in Frank's arms. "Skye, how are you?" Frank asked. "I'm good, sorry I missed your wedding" I apologized. Frank and Fiona had a wedding but I missed it because Josh's rental car broke down and we couldn't make it.

Gerard and Lyn-Z walked over to us. "Hey, you looking sexier than ever" Lyn-Z laughed. "Well thanks, your looking sexy too" I hugged her. After I let go of her, I scanned the room. I immediately looked down when I saw the face I feared to see. He had his gaze on me somehow. Is that a good thing? "Hey Josh, let's go to the kitchen and see Matt" I quickly pulled Josh into the kitchen to see Matt preparing food for the guests. "Skye!" Matt dropped his bowl and ran over to me with a hug. "Matthew, haven't seen you in a while. What's up?" "The ceiling" he laughed. "Wow... So corny yet so awesome" I chuckled.

"And Matt, this is my friend Josh" I introduced. Matt looked over at Josh and nodded at him. Josh awkwardly nodded back. "You're that singer from Marianas Trench right?" Matthew asked. Josh nodded. "He's Canadian" I added. "That's cool, I'm American" Matt laughed. "No, your Italian" I corrected him. "I was born in Chicago" he shot back. "So was I, so that makes me American?" I questioned. "You grew up in America didn't you?" I sighed in defeat. Josh and Matt broke into laughter. That immediately made me happy. I wanted more than anything for Josh to feel comfortable around my friends.

"Skye did you greet the guests in the living room yet?" Matt asked. "Yes sir" I bowed to him. "Let's go, we are eating soon" we followed him out of the kitchen. Everyone was engaged in different conversations. Rachel looked at Matt then ran for the kitchen. "The tables over there so knock yourselves out" Matthew pointed at the big dining room. Everyone got up and walked towards the table. I shot a tiny glance at Nathan. He stared at his plate blankly. I sat down beside Josh. "Poke" he poked me. "Poking back" I poked him back immaturely. "Poke war!" he poked me with both fingers.

"Cheater!" I yelled, mocking his actions. We both cracked up as Rachel came over to us. "Would you like to drink anything?" she asked. "May I have coke please?" Josh asked politely. "And I'll take vodka" I responded. Rachel nearly rolled her eyes but smiled. "Some things never change" I laughed. "Do you guys want ice?" she asked. Josh and I smiled at each other wickedly before nodding violently. Rachel looked confused but went to retrieve the drinks anyways. Matt was serving Nathan, Frank, and Fiona. Matt looked over at me then looked away quickly. I was confused but I ignored my confusion. Nathan glanced at me and looked away quickly as he saw my eyes on him as well. I sighed, turning back to Josh and Rachel brings back the drinks with ice.

"Ice!" Josh went to fish out two pieces of ice. He handed one to me. "Ready?" I asked. He nodded. "1,2,3" we both stuffed the ice cubes into our mouth.


I looked over at Skye and Josh, having the time of their lives with ice cubes in their mouth. They were shoving each other playfully while laughing. Why was I feeling so sad? Maybe I expected us to fix this tonight and go back to the way things were. I guess I was wrong. She ends up with the Josh guy of course. This is how all the story ends. Those two live happily ever after. I got up from the conversation I was having with Fiona and Frank. I decided to be the brave one. I'm going to go up to them and talk. I'd talk about anything. I slowly walked over to them as they finished their game. "I told you I'd win!" Skye exclaimed excitedly. "Hello" I interrupted them. They both looked up at me. Josh had on a welcoming expression but Skye's expression was full of shock.

"I came over to say hello to you guys" I started. "I'm Josh Ramsay, Skye's friend" he introduced. Skye's friend huh? "Oh and I'm Nathan Leone, Skye's friend as well" I shook his hand. I could see Skye's angry or shocked expression from the corner of my eyes. "So I met your twin brother before" Josh started the conversation. "Matthew? Yeah we play in a band together" I responded. "That's cool, being able to do something you love with someone so close to you." he said. "I am lucky. I don't think I'd know what to do without him" I replied. "I mean your mother must be so proud of you guys" Josh smiled.

My face expression soured a bit. Skye pinched Josh, causing him to flinch and glare at her questionably. She shot me an apologetic look before turning to Josh. "That kind of hurt" he retorted. I have that feeling of my heart sinking again. I haven't thought about it for so long as I've tried so hard. The memory of my mother brought all the pain back. "Josh, talk about something else" Skye hissed at him. "Can you explain?" he asked her.

Skye eyed me, asking for permission. I nodded. It won't even make a difference if he knew or not. Skye whispered something in Josh's ears and he stared back at me with guilty as an expression. I gave him a smile before walking back to my seat. Everyone was gazing at me, making me feel more uncomfortable. I was feeling way out of my comfort zone. I needed to get out of here, out of everyone's ear and eye shot.

When the dinner was finished, Matthew helped Josie and Rachel clean up. Everyone else was engaged to several kinds of conversations. I was secretly peeking at Skye and Josh from the corner of my eyes. Could this really be happening? Are we really over? We haven't even spoken a word to each other for so many months. I thought time would make everything better but it just made everything worst.

"Nate, are you ready to go?" Matthew asked with car keys in hand. "Of course, let's get out of here!"
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