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Through The Pain

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I waved goodbye to Fiona and Frank as they headed out the door. Everybody else already left. I turned back to Rachel. She looked like she wanted to tell me something since her mouth was forced open. "Rachel, if you wanted to tell me something, then go ahead" I sighed. "Skye, there's actually nothing I want to tell you" she shook her head. "Oh okay, but if you want to talk to me I'm always here" I commented. She just nodded. "Want to watch TV?" she asked. "Sure why not?" she handed me the remote as I turned on the television. What was there to watch honestly? I got engaged in this soap opera show when Rachel got up from her seat and walked to the kitchen.

I saw her come back with a plate in her hands from the corner of my eyes. "You want cookies?" she asked, putting the plate down on the coffee table. "Looks delicious, who made it?" I asked, examining the vanilla chip cookie with pink decorative powder on it. "Matthew made it and decided to leave some here" she smiled at me. "Thanks" I took one from the plate and quickly chewed on it. We continued to watch the movie until I yawned. I was feeling a bit drowsy. It didn't take long until I realize I was passing out. I let myself drown my surroundings out and fell into unconsciousness.


"The cookies are so damn good" I said with my mouth full of delicious cookies made by my brother. "Glad you like it bro" he winked at me and I chuckled. "So what are the ingredients?" I asked. "It's a secret. I'm not supposed to tell you" he hissed. "Is that so brother?" I smirked. "Yep, it's so secretive that I can't even tell my own twin brother" he stuck his tongue at me. "Well as long as you make me cookies anytime I want, I really don't care" I reached for another cookie, stuffing it in my mouth as a whole. I couldn't help it. It's like everything I ate from dinner didn't matter anymore. Could it even be possible to be addicted to cookies?

"I'm kind of tired" I announced, stifling a yawn. "Go to sleep then" Matt rolled his eyes at me. "That's what I'm going to do bro" I was planning on walking to my room but my eyes couldn't stay open so I passed out on the couch.


"Matthew are you ready?" I asked. "Yes I am, are you ready Rachel?" he asked me. "I am, so did you put him in the room yet?" I questioned. "I did indeed, you?" he asked. "Yep, anyways I'm on my way" I told him. "Okay well so am I. Maybe I'll meet you halfway" he smirked. "Maybe so dude" I hung up. Skye was passed out in the guest room and everything is figured out. I took my car keys and dashed to my car, pulling out of the driveway. I drove to Matthew's house, meeting him halfway. The plan was settling very well so far. I just hope that nothing would mess it up. I walked in their house; looking for the room that Nathan was supposed to be in.

I did find him in the guest room of the house. I walked to the kitchen to retrieve the food supplies that will be needed for tonight until tomorrow. Then I walked in the guestroom, locking the door behind me. No one can get out but me. That means that Nathan was stuck here until I let him out because I have to keys. The plan Matthew and I developed were amazing. Nathan was passed out on the bed. I sat on the sofa and took out my phone, texting Matt.


I woke up at the sound of text messaging. I opened my eyes and yawned, trying to remember where I was. "Matthew?" he was sitting on the chair, texting on his phone. He looked up at me and smiled, "greetings to you too" he smirked. "What are you doing here?" I questioned. "Your sister sent me here. You want food?" he held out a plate of hash brown. "Sure" I ignored my questions and began eating. Eating has always been a thing for me. "I need to brush my teeth. Do you mind waiting for me outside?" I questioned. I was still confused to why he was in my room. "I can't" he answered. "What?" I raised my eyebrows at him. "Just do your thing, I'll be out here" he smirked. "Okay" I did what I was told.

I came out of the bathroom after I finished cleaning up. "So what's up?" I asked him, sitting down beside him on a chair. "I have to talk to you" he started. "You have to talk to me about what exactly?" I asked. "My brother" he answered. I immediately looked down at my lap. "Skye, look at me" he sighed. I shook my head. "I know Nate's a touchy subject for you but you have to be ready for it somehow. This is very important" Matthew whined. "Fine" I grumbled, looking up at him. "Alright, do you love him?" he asked me directly. "It doesn't matter anymore" I looked away. "What do you mean?"

"Oh, I'm just his 'friend'" I air quoted friend, mocking the way he introduced to Josh last night. "Skye please explain" Matt begged. "Matthew, are we here to just argue about Nathan? It doesn't matter anymore okay?" I shouted. "What do you mean your just friends?" he questioned. "Well Nathan doesn't love me anymore. He introduced himself to Josh as my friend" I rolled my eyes. "Yeah maybe because you were with Josh" he replied. "Josh? Oh damn it. Did Nathan think I was with Josh?" I asked, dropping my jaw. "Yeah we all thought so. What's the deal between you and Josh?" Matt asked. "Nothing we are just friends. Oh my god, I messed up. Nathan thinks I'm going out with Josh?" I began pacing around the room. What do I do? I have to talk to Nathan about this. I don't think he'll ever forgive me but it's worth a shot. "Look, I need to talk to Nathan now" I walked over to the door before Matthew could object. The door was locked. I gazed at Matthew questionably.

"You are not going anywhere" Matt said. "What is up with you?" I rolled my eyes at him. "You can't leave, I can't either" he responded, shrugging lightly. "Where's Rachel? She will never let you lock me up inside my guest bedroom" I glared at him. "Skye, just go with it. Everything will be fine" he sighed. "I need to talk to Nathan. Why can't I leave?" I questioned. "We have a surprise for you. We can't tell you anything but just go along with it okay?" he begged, gazing at me sincerely. "Okay Matt, but just tell Nathan that I love him" I sat back down beside Matt. "I think he knows that" Matthew took out his phone and began texting. I would peek but he didn't want me to see it so I'll just wait and see what the surprise is. It's most likely for my birthday since it's coming up next week. Whatever, just follow the plan and make them happy.


"Where are we going?" I knew I was in a car. The blindfold around me prevented me from seeing or noticing my surroundings. "I can't tell you" Rachel hummed. She sound excited so I'll just go along with it to boost her excitement. Maybe I'll get something out of this. Let's just hope I get something out of this. "A hint?" I begged. "Nope" she popped the "P". The automobile began moving. "So am I getting anything out of this, Rachel?" I questioned. "More than you think. Nate" she smirked. The whole entire way to the mystery place was full of silence. I couldn't say the silence killed me but anticipation was.

"Alright Nate, this way" Rachel escorted me out of the car and began leading me to somewhere. The floor was marble so I know it's somewhere high class. "I'm not dressed for this occasion" I complained. "Neither am I. We'll handle that okay?" she continued dragging me somewhere. Could this be a birthday party or an album release party? Was Rachel even allowed to kidnap me like this? It wasn't really kidnapping. Rachel probably has good intensions. "Hello guys!" I heard my brother's voice. "Matt! What's going on?" I asked impatiently. "I can't tell you bro!" Then I was dragged into a room. "What are we doing now?" I asked. "We are getting you dressed"

"Whoa, what? Its fine I can do this myself" I reached for my blindfold but Rachel slapped my hand away. "Nathan, there's nothing I haven't seen before" she smirked. I couldn't help but laugh too. She began stripping my clothes off and putting some clothing over my head. I think I'm wearing a tux. The jacket material tells it all. "Alright next I'm going to fix your hair" Rachel sat me down on a bench. I could hear the mushy sound of hair gel. Then her hand was instantly on my hair.


"Matthew? Can I change myself?" I begged. "No you can't. You will know where you are and then it's not a surprise anymore" he whined. "But why can't Rachel do it then?" I questioned. "She has other things to take care of" he sighed. "I never thought that I'd say this to you in a million years but undress me then" I said, holding my hands up. He began taking my clothes off awkwardly. "Maybe I should've left this for Rachel" he muttered.

"Just take it off and relax" I chuckled nervously as I felt him put an elegant feeling dress on me. "Wow, I feel like a princess already" I shared. "You are going to be one" he laughed. "Are you done dressing me up?" I asked. "I guess so. I'm calling Rachel and the girls in now" he told me. "Call away then" I honestly couldn't wait till I see Rachel. Maybe she'll crack and tell me what's going on here. I seriously can't wait. The way this "surprise" is set up made me so anxious to know what happened. It seems very important. Was it my birthday party? Are they setting me on a blind date? "Rachel, I'm done with Skye now. Are you done?" I heard Matthew ask. I seriously wish I could take off my blind fold now. Why did I ever promise to go with the plan?

A few minutes later, footsteps walked into the door and Matthew said his greetings. The ladies that walked in, including Rachel, said their greetings to me. Matthew told me that he'll get back to me later and he has something else to take care of. I wonder what the girls are going to do with me next. "Hey Rachel" I said. "You look absolutely amazing, Skye" Rachel sounded a bit like she was crying. It was the happy kind of cry. But why? Why do I have to look so "amazing" for? "Let's put some sexy makeup on the lady here" someone said. "She's going to look absolutely stunning" Josie's voice was recognizable. "Okay turn off the lights" Rachel instructed. "Give Pandora her makeup kit" someone shouted. "I'll take the flashlight" flashlight? Pandora? What the hell is going on here? "Can someone please tell me what's happening here? I really can't take this anymore. I want to know what happened right now or I'm taking my blindfold off. I don't care about your surprise anymore I can't take the anxiety" I yelled, reaching for my blindfold.

"Skye please, we've gone this far just wait a little longer for me, for you, for everyone please?" Rachel begged. "Rachel, I'm doing this just because I love you. But anxiety is killing me so hurry" I rushed. "We were going to take off your blindfold anyways" someone took the blindfold off but I couldn't see anything. The light was out. Then Rachel turned on the flashlight, directing it to my eyes so Pandora could put make up on me. The room was filled with silence as Pandora concentrated on my eye shadow. "What color is it?" I asked her. "I can't tell you" she laughed. "You will see. Remember everything will be a surprise" Rachel added. "I'm nervous" I said for like the millionth time. "Just hold on a little longer" Josie said from what sounds like across the room.

When Pandora was done, Rachel turned off the flashlights and the blindfold was back over my eyes. It felt like hours since we got here. "How long have we been here?" I asked no one in particular. "Almost four hours" someone answered. "Are you guys almost done? I can't wait" I groaned. "Skye, calm down I'm here" Matthew's voice sounded near me. Then I felt his hands on my wrists, leading me somewhere. I could hear chatter all over. Was it some kind of ceremony to honor me? What did I do right recently? Everyone thought I was cheating on Nathan with Josh. I shouldn't be honored to be here right now. Then Matthew linked my arms with his. "Matt!" I sighed. "Skye calm down, everything will be just fine. Just keep walking okay?" his voice rung in my ears. Then he started walking. I had no choice but to move on forward.

I heard some applause but I still didn't know why. It didn't matter; I just have to wait till I'm aloud to take off my blindfold. "Don't worry" I mumbled softly to myself. How come I felt like I didn't deserve to be here? I didn't deserve any of the honor people are giving me. Is this for my birthday? Whoever planned this was genius. It's probably Rachel or Matthew. They did a good job keeping me anxious. Then Matthew stopped, removing his arms from mine. I could hear Rachel and Matthew whisper "3, 2, 1!" and my blindfold were taken off. I turned to the audience. Everyone was seated, dressed formally. I looked at the decoration, it was for a wedding. But who's wedding? I turned around to the direction my body was facing, catching a glimpse of my dad from the corner of my eyes.

I gasped. This was my wedding. My eyes met with those familiar green eyes. They looked so warm and forgiving. I was getting married to Nathan.
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