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Rachel pushed me forward a little, making me almost lose my balance. Nathan was still in shock which means he wasn't in on the plan either. I looked at the priest as he began reading from the book he was holding. I'm not that educated on wedding stuffs and the religious things that went on. I listened carefully and thoroughly to what he said as a smile remained on my face. Luckily for me, Nathan was smiling back at me. "Nathan Daniel Leone, would you take this woman as your lawfully beloved wife?" the priest turned to him. I gulped a bit, mentally crossing my fingers. What if he didn't want to marry me? He hated me now didn't he? It's not like he can't reject me.

He examined me and I closed my eyes shut, expecting the worst. There were pure silence before he spoke up, "I do" my eyes quickly shot open. Then the priest turned to me. "So Skye Elizabeth Denmark, would you take this man as your lawfully beloved husband?" "I do" I answered without hesitation. "Now sir, you may kiss the bride" Nathan grinned at me, pulling me closer toward him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and his arms around my waist. Then he kissed me. Another smile formed on my lips. This is the moment I will never forget. I can't believe Nathan agreed to marry me. I don't even know what I'd ever do without him. If he left the ceremony without me, my heart would definitely be broken.

We finally broke apart and everyone clapped their hands. Nathan held my hand as we turned to everyone else. Everyone was starting to get up and coming towards us as music begins to play. Then I looked to see my father glancing at us. He was the one walking me down the aisle before? It wasn't Matthew as I expected. I grabbed Matthew and pulled him towards me. "Matt, why are my parents here?" I hissed harshly at him. I didn't have the best relationship with my parents. Scratch that. I had a terrible relationship with my parents. They were against everything I do, what are they doing at my wedding?

"Don't worry about it" Matt patted my shoulders. My dad came over to us and I looked down at my feet. Nathan squeezed my hand, comforting me. "Congratulations you guys" he gestured towards me and Matt. "Whoa, um... Dad over here" Nathan cleared his throat. My dad chuckled and shook Nathan's hand. "I can't believe your already calling him dad" I whispered to him. This was one of the first words we've ever spoken to each other since the incident a few months back. He kissed my forehead before turning to my dad. I spotted Rachel talking to our mom. I could feel myself tense up. I didn't like this at all. What are they doing here?

"Hey" I jumped a little and turned to Alex. "Congrats bestie" he hugged me. "Thanks" I shook his hand. Then he left a box and a card on the table. Fiona, Lyn-Z, Frank, and Gerard came over. "I'm so happy for you guys" Fiona hugged me then Nathan. "Thanks" we both said simultaneously. "You guys are so perfect for each other" Lyn-Z gushed. "Oh my god thanks. I'm so happy right now" I tried to stop myself from happy tears before hugging her. "Don't cry" Frank pouted. "Shut up" I muttered. We all chuckled. The four of them left some gifts and cards on the table before walking away for the next in line. Rachel, Josie, and Matthew all walked over to us. "Rachel thanks so much. I can't believe this. It's like a dream come true!" I squealed, tackling her with a hug. "Skye, you look gorgeous and this is you and Nathan's day. Thank me later. I'm just so excited for this to happen. We'll talk later. But let's celebrate first"

They all said their happy wishes before putting the gifts on the table. "Hey that's my dad" Nathan mumbled to me. I smiled at Mr. Leone. I've seen him once last year when he invited Nathan, Matthew, and I to dinner. "Dad!" Nathan pulled his father into a hug. The grin on my face was permanent. "My new beautiful daughter" Mr. Leone walked towards me, hugging me. "I can't believe Nate's finally found somebody special" he whispered in my ear. "No, I can't believe I found somebody as special and amazing as your son" I said to him, tearing up a bit. He let go of me and said his congrats before putting his gift on the table. I wiped away my happy tears and Nathan pulled me into a hug.

Next, my parents started coming over to us. I gulped. "Don't worry, they're here for you" Nathan said to me. I smiled at him, pecking his lips. "Skye!" my mother cried, pulling me into a hug. "Mom" I mumbled softly. "I'm so sorry that I missed out on most of your life. I made a mistake of pushing you away. I'm sorry. But I'm so happy that you've found someone" my mother continued sobbing. Then she let go of me and hugged Nathan. I sighed, looking at my dad. He smiled, patting my shoulder. He was always a very strict man, even to Rachel sometimes but at this moment I could see the very loving side of him.

Then I saw Pandora coming towards us. It was Nate's turn to gulp. I kissed his cheeks before I hugged Pandora. "Congrats guys!" she kissed my cheeks. "Thanks Pandora" I kissed her cheeks as well. We used to do that a lot in high school. "I'll leave my best wishes over there!" she pointed at the table. Nathan nodded and I thanked her once again. My expression froze when I turned to Josh coming to us. Nathan tensed up. I shook my head and turned to him. "It's alright" I promised. He slowly nodded. "Hey guys! I didn't know you guys were together until this morning but whatever. Good for you guys! Nathan, I've known Skye for several months, she's an amazing girl. Don't ever let her go" Josh hugged me as he said that to Nathan. "I'll never do that, trust me" he turned to me and smiled.

"Josh, thanks" we broke apart. "Anytime. I still can't believe you're getting married" he blinked several times before turning to Nathan. "Congrats man" he shook Nathan's hand. "Thanks Josh" Nathan actually smiled. It wasn't forced or anything which was good. Everything was almost okay. We just have to move forward and go past this incident that nearly broke us apart. Then after everyone expressed their best wishes to us, we started dancing to the music. Nathan led me to the dance floor and we swayed to the beats and melodies to the music.


I sat on the bench, watching everyone dance. I sighed. I'm glad that Skye and Nate were happy but I'm honestly not that happy. I'm starting to wish I got something out of this. Did I deserve something? I saw Matthew and Josie dancing happily. It tore me up inside but it didn't matter. They were happy and how I feel didn't matter either. "Rachel, dance with me?" Alex asked. "Sure" I took his hand and we began dancing to The Goo Goo Doll's "Iris". "Did you dance with Nathan yet?" he asked. "I haven't danced with anyone yet" I tried to sound okay with it. "Why not? Not much of a dancer?" "No one asked me to dance" I answered honestly. "I'm asking you now, so don't worry" he chuckled. "Thanks buddy"

"Alexander, may I dance with her?" Matthew appeared behind Alex. "Sure" Alex gave me a look before leaving. "Hi" he took my hand and we began dancing. "We did it" he gave me a high-five. "Yeah. I can't believe we created all this" I gestured towards my surroundings. "You did a good job. Thanks for going through this whole adventure with me. You are simply amazing" he complimented. I tried to smile at him. Something was bothering me. I used to have everything Skye didn't but now it's the other way around. She found somebody she loved and she has a really nice career path ahead of her. This is the beginning of her new life. I'm still stuck in where I started.

"Thanks" I thanked him. Within Temptation's All I Need started playing. "Hey, it's your song" Matthew smiled at me. I nodded. We were both choosing some songs a few weeks ago and I insisted on this song. I told Matthew how much I loved this song. It just emotionally moved me every time I listen to it. "So let's make the best out of this" he pulled me towards him closer and we began swaying. Was this supposed to be some kind of romantic moment? I looked directly at him. He was perfect for me but I wasn't perfect for him. That's how life is. We don't always get what we want.

As we were dancing, I can feel some kind of love in the air. I think only I could feel it. The dreams kept coming back to my head. When I was pressed against the leather material in the back of his car. Our bodies were pressed against each others as sweat drips on the leather. All these images of my dreams keep flashing in my head. Matthew pressed me against the wall and kissed me. Then we were in Josie's guest bedroom. I was getting the pleasure of my life from him. I shook all those thoughts off and looked at Matthew. I started crying. None of it was true. I couldn't look at him anymore. "I've tried many times but nothing was real" the song played. I never realized how real those lyrics are to me. Nothing between Matt and I were real.

The images keep coming back. They weren't real but it was forever tattooed in my mind. I broke away from Matthew and ran for the hotel lobby. That's when the waterworks were really happening. Everything was too overwhelming for me. I can't stand being with Matthew when he can't be mine. Everything felt so real but it wasn't. Every time I see him, I'd be thinking about both of us together in those dreams. "Rachel!" someone called from behind me after two hours of sitting near the fountains alone. I took the cue to start running. I didn't know where I was running to but first step is the elevator. I pressed the closed button as fast as I could. "Rachel!" this time it was a feminine voice. A pair of hands opened the elevator door. Dan and Skye walked in. "Damn Rachel, what's wrong? Matt's been going crazy looking for you" Skye pulled me into a hug.

"Why are you guys looking for me? Skye you shouldn't even be here. Go back to Nathan and celebrate the best day of both of your lives. I'll be fine" I patted her shoulder. "No I won't because you are not enjoying yourself and Matt's not enjoying his self because you are missing" she explained. Dan gave me the look. "Why doesn't he go chill or make out with his girlfriend or something? I'm not even needed. You guys go have a blast. I'll be fine" I reassured them. "You won't be fine. Wait, is this how it is? You are jealous of Josie and Matthew?" Skye looked from me to Dan. I looked away. If Skye and Dan knew, who's next? "Rachel..." Dan motioned for Skye to shut up. "Okay, Skye let me tell you something. Don't worry about me but I'm going to tell you because I love you. You are one of the closest people to me even after all the drama that's gone through between us. I trust you a lot no matter what"

"Rachel, I trust you too and I'll do anything you want me to do. I will I promise. You did something so special to me and Nathan. We are both forever in dept with you and Matthew. But whatever secret or things you want me to keep, I'll do it" she promised. "Skye, I love him" I confessed. Skye's jaw dropped. "Rachel, you didn't have to plan the wedding if you still loved him. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have married him if you..." "Whoa calm down there girl. I wasn't talking about Nathan. I don't love him anymore. I'm talking about Matthew. I fucking love him so much like I can't stand seeing him with Josie. I always have images of us being together from these dreams I have of him. I'd wake up after all these dreams and cry when I found out they weren't true. Skye I love him so much and I can't do anything about it" I fell on my knees and continued sobbing. Skye knelt down beside me and pulled me into a hug.


My jaw dropped. Did Rachel just mean what she said? Dan agreed to bring a webcam and record Rachel for me. I wanted to know what happened. Skye went with him so of course Rachel would get personal with Skye so it would be the best opportunity. It took a lot to convince Dan to do it but I did it and I want everything I've been through to be worth it. "Rachel, it's not your fault. And if you are having those kinds of dreams then there really is something there. If he can't see it then it's his loss. So when did those dreams start?" Skye asked Rachel. "They begun when I was with Nathan" she answered. "That must have been a long time ago. When you were with Nathan, your heart truly belonged to Matt"

"But that's not true. When I met Nathan, I believed that he was the one. I didn't even think about Matthew like that" Rachel muzzled her face into Skye's shoulder. I didn't know she was so upset over this. "Maybe in your mind it's Nathan but deep down inside, you craved for Matt. I was a bitch for taking Nate away from you but I really loved him and it just happened. I still can't forgive myself for making you this miserable. But it helped you realize that Matt was the one you wanted, not Nathan" Skye stroked her sister's hair. "Skye, it's not your fault Nathan chose you. You two were meant to be. I don't even know who I'm supposed to be with. Matthew is with Josie. There's nothing I could or want to do about it" she said.

"Why not?" Dan asked. "Because Josie is my friend and I want her to be happy. Screw myself and the selfish reasons I have. I'm not going to come in between them" Rachel sighed. "It's not working for you is it? If you keep all these feelings inside, it's going to drive you insane" Skye said. "I'm already insane! Look at me! I seriously have gone mad because every time I tried to not think about the sexy dreams, I do. And it's hard to look at Matt without thinking about it" Rachel buried her head in her hands. I closed the laptop. I couldn't take this anymore. I left the laptop on the table and got up. "Where are you going?" Nathan asked. "I'm going to take care of things" I replied angrily.

"Take care of what?" Josie asked. "Of things" I shot her a look. She nodded, stating that she understood. I stormed out of the room and went for the lobby. The after party was still going on but Rachel has been gone for almost three hours so some of us were worried sick. We weren't even in the mood to go back to the party. I didn't know how some people can go on with the part without Nathan or Skye. Nathan and Josie were kind enough to stay with me until someone finds Rachel. I swear I was going to go psycho if no one was going to find her. I still couldn't believe what Rachel said. Did she really mean anything? Could this even be possible? I still didn't know how to feel.

I checked the elevator. One of them was still in the lobby, unmoving. I could hear sniffing in there so I suppose this is the correct elevator. I pressed the button and I went right in. "Matt..." Rachel and Skye stood up and glared at me cautiously. I groaned, pushing Skye and Dan out of the elevator while ignoring their protests. I closed the door on them and pressed a random button as it starts to go up. I could see Rachel shaking from the corner of my eyes. I walked over to her, grabbing her wrists. I'm trying to manage my anger. Where did all this anger come from? I just need to breathe in and out and think of somewhere relaxing so I don't flip a shit over Rachel. I turned to her; she was gazing at me with a frightened expression.

Great, now I made Rachel scared. When the elevator got to the floor, I immediately pulled Rachel out. I stormed to the end of the hall, tightening my grip on her wrists. She was breathing heavily. I let go of her wrists and pushed her against the wall. She closed her eyes shut, expressing pain. I immediately wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. When she got the message, she wrapped her legs around my waist. I didn't even know where I'd rather be. She moaned lightly against my lips as she placed her hands on the wall for balance. I held onto her body tighter. She got the message and removed her hands from the wall, wrapping them around my neck.

Her legs were still attached to my waist, our lips never parting. Then I took out my room key, carrying Rachel to my hotel room. I closed the door behind us. Then she let go of me immediately, falling to the ground. "Wait Matt?" she gazed up at me questionably. "Hmm?" "You can't possibly do this to Josie can't you? And how did you know?" she got up from the floor and sat down on the chair. "Rachel, I have a lot to tell you" I sighed. "Can you please you tell me? I really want to know what's up with you and with us" I knew that I'd have to tell her now. After these two years of keeping it from her, I'd have to tell her. Who knew she'd love me too? I was angry that I had to do this for two years to find out when we could've been together two years ago.

"Well aren't you going to tell me?" she stared at me. "You said you had those dreams about me right?" I clarified. She nodded. "They weren't dreams, they were real" I told her. "What do you mean? Like everything is real?" she stared at me in disbelief. I nodded. "That can't be. I wake up and I'm in a different atmosphere" she bit her lips. I shook my head, she has no idea. "Damn Rachel, remember I made the cookies for Nathan and Skye to fall asleep?" she continued nodding. "You ate those cookies and you fell asleep. I mean you didn't remember eating them but you get the point. So when you fall asleep, I leave so you wouldn't think it was real" "But why Matthew?" she asked. "Because you were with Nate" I answered. "I understand but only if I knew" she sighed, looking down at her hands. "I didn't think you feel the same way. If I did, I wouldn't have made you think everything was a dream"

"So the past two years, everything was real? We really met?" I nodded. "But your with Josie" she pointed out. "Oh please" I snickered. "What?" "Josie? I had to freaking pay her for her to go along with it" I sat on my bed, crossing my legs. "So that was a set up too? Why? Was that even necessary? So I was pissed for no reason?" she growled angrily. "See, your jealous now aren't you? That was the point! Josie and I don't get along too well. She's such a control freak. Damn, I chose the wrong person to set up a plan with" I smirked. "Is that why you two always argue? I thought it was the love kind of thing" she stated. "Oh please, you are the reason why I wanted to go through with this" I shook my head, motioning for her to come over. "So we've done this many times?" she asked, undressing herself. "Absolutely. But this will be the first time that you realize this is real"


I put down my notebook and turned to my side, waiting for Nathan to finish his shower. I hope Rachel and Matt are alright over there. I almost had to slap Dan when I found out he's been recording Rachel's confession of her love for Matthew. Dan told me that everything will be fine. He better be right or I'm going to be kicking my husband's band mate's ass. That wouldn't be pleasant at all. I was thinking about calling Rachel to make sure everything's fine but I decided against it. Maybe it wouldn't be a good time to call her. She's probably in the middle of an important situation. If she has a problem she'll definitely call me or else I'll have to look for her again just like last time.

But aside from that, I feel like the luckiest woman on earth. So many good things happened to me today. Firstly and most importantly, I married the man that I loved so much. I thought I'd never have him again due to so many wrong doings of me. Then my parents forgave me as well. I got so many good wishes from all my friends, families, and loveys. It's like I've never felt so loved or wanted in my life. I got everyone by my side. I mean what could possibly go wrong now? Wait, let's not jinx this. I still can't believe Nathan has forgiven me. Is our life going to be better now? Would everything go back to the way they were? How did Matt and Rachel even set up the plan anyways? It must have taken a lot of their time for this to happen. But how the hell did I get locked up in that room with Matt? Why was Matt there instead of Rachel? I guess if it was Rachel, she would have cracked easily and same with Matt and Nate.

The bathroom door opened and Nathan came out nice and fresh. "Hey" I smiled, patting the empty room on the bed beside me. "Hello" he exchanged the smile and sat down beside me, pulling me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around him and rested my head on his chest. "So how's Rachel?" Nathan asked. "She didn't call me yet" I sighed, suddenly worried. "Did you know that my brother loved her?" "And how would you know that?" I questioned. "First off, he's my twin brother. We have this kind of connection that no one should question. I know things about him that no one will ever know. He doesn't need to tell me, I just know. We trust each other with our lives and nothing could change that" he explained. "So the twin telepathy thing exists?" I asked. "Of course they do. Why do you think Matthew and I understand each other so well?"

"Why is he going out with Josie then?" I asked. "How the hell would I know?" Nathan defended. "Hey, I thought you understand him so well" I repeated his words. "I don't know why though. He loves Rachel, that's all I can tell. And once Rachel told me about a dream" he started. "Wait, she told me about dreams as well" I bit my lips. "Yeah, it's a sexy dream" "With Matt?" I asked. He nodded. "She said it felt so real" he added. "Could it be?" I gazed at him questionably. "Holy shit then she cheated on me when we were together" "Rachel and Matt would never do that to you so it couldn't have been real" I expressed my words of wisdom. "Wow, you believe in them so much"

"Of course, Rachel's my sister. I think I know her better than most people she knows besides Matt. No one knows her more than Matthew I guess. They've known each other for what? Ten years?" "I mean dreams are not real so why is it bothering me? It shouldn't bother me at all. Honestly I don't care anymore. Skye, we're here right now and you are the only woman that matters to me right now. Do you believe me?" he looked into my eyes intensely. I pecked his lips. "Of course I believe you. And I'll tell you that I love you. No one else. Not even Josh or Tom. You know that I don't love them right?" I questioned. "Yeah now I know. The Tom issue, can we just forget about it? I mean of course I'm kind of disappointed but it was partially my fault. If I told you about Pandora sooner, things might have been different. What you did with Tom doesn't really bother me that much anymore because I know that you love me and that's enough for me"

Then we were both in a lying position on the bed. His arms were still around me protectively and my head was still resting against his chest. I've never felt so safe and secure in my life. I felt like I've been forgiven for all my sins. Did I actually deserve that? I honestly believe I didn't but I'm going to cherish this chance and never mess up again. I know that Nathan loves me and he won't do anything to ever hurt me. Maybe he has before but now we are up to the point where we can trust each other. We are both married for god's sake. Trust is the biggest thing in relationships and if I want my happiness to last, I have to appreciate this second chance and learn something from it.
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