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The Way U Are

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My vacation...turned out to be a nightmare.But,at the same time,it was like the real world had hit me and knocked me off my feet,leaving me with a refreshed feeling.
I go to the city in South Korea,to have fun until I had to return back home at the country side with my alcoholic father.But instead,I am beat up by some gangsters mistaking me from a guy that looks exactly like me.
And that started the best thing that ever happened to me.

A boy with a black hat with skulls on it,a short-sleeved black graffited shirt with a black and white long-sleeved striped shirt under and some jeans,with converse,and sunglasses,holding a bag with clothes in it.
His name was Hero Jaejoong.
He was born in the country side,and was raised there.In South Korea.
He had always wanted to see the city,and now he could on his three-month vacation.So he came to the city of South Korea,called Seoul.
Once he set foot on the pavement of the road,he smirked.
"No place like Seoul.",he murmured.
He had short,black hair that almost reached his shoulders,with short black bangs,a light tone of skin,with gray eyes.
As he entered the carnival,he looked around.
"I'm finally going to ride K-Tex,but I can't find the dang ticket booth.",he muttered,crossing his arms.
Suddenly,his bag was ripped off of his arm and he turned to see two big men standing there.
"Hey!Give back my bag!",he yelled.The two guys looked at eachother silently,before looking back at him.
They both suddenly grabbed him covering his face with a small towel,with a fume that got him going dizzy.
"What...",he murmured as they dragged him.Finally,he lost his conscience and everything went black.

Hero woke up to cold,freezing water splashing onto his face.He sat up in a jolt,and looked around to see big men in suits all around him.
"I see you returned.Haha!Lets hope it's for good this time.",a man with a deep voice said.
Hero tried to speak,but suddenly he was being picked up onto his feet.
Then immediately punched in the jaw.The punches continued on his face,his stomach,and soon he was bleeding so much,his face was covered in blood.He feel to the floor on his knees,when a man walked up to him.
The man bent down and started to wipe off Hero's shirt,as if there was nothing happening.
"Where's the money,Chang Shik?",the man asked.
"What money?",Hero forced himself to whisper.The man looked at him and narrowed his eyes.
"Don't play stupid!The money you stole from me before you ran away!Where is my money!",the man yelled.
"I don't know who you're talking about.I'm not Chang Shik?My name is Hero Jaejoong.",he said,woozy from all the punches.
"Fine,I'll knock some sense into you.",the man said,and stood up,kicking Hero in the face,making him fall back.Soon,he could feel things hard going against his body,and he opened his eyes just the littlest to see the big men holding bats,and hitting him.Hard.
"Stop!",a voice suddenly said.The beatings stopped,but Hero could no longer feel that.He was very numb.
"I think he's had enough,boss.Don't worry,I'll take care of him on my own.I'll be sure to get him back to working.He's gonna work off every penny he stole from you,you can count on it.",the man pleaded.Hero moaned at the smeel of his blood,and started coughing.
"Fine,I'll let you take care of him,Mang Shin.But if he escapes,you know what your punishment is.",said the boss.Hero could hear the footsteps and soon a door closing.
"Chang Shik,stay with me.Don't worry,you'll be fine.Just stay with me.",said a man's voice.Hero once again became unconscience for the second time in a day.
To wake to a huge surprise.

"Hey!",a voice yelled.Hero's eyes shot open,and he stood still for the slightest moment,before jolting up on a bed.But pain followed,as his stomach throbbed,as well as his back.
"Good,you're okay.Alright,first things first.You better be glad that the boss let me come with him today.So,be glad and don't get tempered like you always do.",a man said.Hero looked over to see a man standing at the side of the bed.A man around his early 30's with a uniform on.
"Who are you?",Hero asked.
"Chang Shik,don't play these dumb games.Come on,we have to get you up and running.The boss isn't playing this time.He wants the money you owe him back.So,guess you got your old job back.",the guy said.
"Who's Chang Shik?",Heor asked.The man narrowed his eyes.
"What do you mean who's Changshik?Kim Chang Shik,you are him.I know you're still a little lacked out from the beating you took,but it'll come back to you,ok?Now,come on.",the man said.
"Look,I'm not this Kim Chang Shik.I ma Young Woong Jaejoong.People call me Hero.",Hero tried to explain.
"And I'm Cinderella.Call me Princess.Now,come on,get up!",the man said.
"I am not Cinerella-I mean,UGH!I am not Chang Shik.I am Hero!",Hero yelled.The man's eyes widened and he sat down on the bed.
"Oh,no.You lost your memory.Oh,gosh!What am I going to do now?",the man said.
"Wha-What memory loss?",Hero asked.The man turned to him and took a deep breath.
"I'm your friend.I am Mang Shin.You may not remember me,but I'm also one of the boss's henchmen.The boss,is very man with you.You stole lots of money from him and he wants the money back.Now,there is a uniform on the chair over there.Just get dressed,do some work.When we got breaktime,I'll try and explain the rest.",Mang Shin said and stood up walking off before Hero can say anything.
Hero sighed and looked down shaking his head.
"Why to me?Why did I do to deserve this?",he asked himself.He looked up,and his eyes went to the uniform hanging on the chair.He sighed and looked down for a moment,before looking back up at it.
"Might as well."

Well,I know I'm not so good at story writing,but I guess I did a good job.If you want to see what Hero looks like,just go to this link:
He is a singer to a boy band from South Korea,named DBSK.
It stands for Dong Bang Shin Ki.
I got this idea from a drama they did.I ma basically copying it,but putting more things into it because they didn't do much in the episode,but it was still very awesome.
So,please continue reading on once I post up new chapters.
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