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Chapter One

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Dressed on the same uniform as Mang Shin,Hero exited the room,to enter a club.Lights flashing everywhere,with women and men dancing and drinking.Other waiters and waitresses were dressed almost the same way as him.
He walked ahead,and past a few tables,soon to be touched in the butt by a women.His eyes widened and he turned to see two women giggling.
"Excuse me?",he asked.
"Hey,why don't you give me some service.Back at home.Tonight?",she giggled.
"Sorry,no thanks.",he said.
"Oh,why not?",she asked,the girl beside her pleading as well.
"I have to go.Bye.",he said and walked away.Soon,he was by a stage,when lights went off and dancers began coming on the stage.One,though,caught his attention.The main girl.She moved her hips at all the right places,making him hypnotized.S
Suddenly,her eyes met his and she narrowed her eyes making him jump a little.He looked down,and the music had stopped.He looked up to see her no longer on the stage.He walked up closer,to suddenly find her standing right beside him.
"Ah!",he yelped.
"Been a long time.",she said,her arms crossed.

"So,you want to explain?",she asked.They now sat in an empty V.I.P room all alone,beers on the table.
"Umm...explain what?",he asked.
"You want to play dumb suddenly?Chang Shik,I've been looking everywhere for you,and thinking of you every night.Where were you?",she asked.
"Sorry?",he asked.She sighed standing up starting to pace.
"You can't even remember your own girlfriend?",she asked him.His eyes widened and he froze,as she stared at him.
"Girlfriend?",he asked.
"I guess Mang Shin was right.You had some kind of memory loss.Anyways,I'm your girlfriend.Young Mina.We met about two years ago here at the club.",she said sitting beside him.
"Umm,okay?",he almost asked.
"Well,I'm glad you're back.It was so lonely back at home.",she said hugging him.He gulped,his eyes wide once again,but thought for a moment.
He thought,I am going to have to act like this Chang Shik until I finish his debts.Forget it,I'll play along.
He slowly wrapped his arms around her.
"Hopefully you'll remember again.",she said.She sat up straight with a smile.
Hero had now noticed how truly beautiful she really was.She sat closer to him,their legs together,and she touched his face.
"There seems to be something different about you.",she said.
"Really?",he said nervously,scratching his head.She shrugged.
"Probably just because it's been a long time.",she said.
"Umm,how long have I been away?",he asked.
"About seven months now.",she said grabbing a beer and drinking some.
"Oh.",he said looking down.She turned to him and smiled.
"So,can't I have a kiss or something?",she asked.His eyes widened and he turned to her.
"K-Kiss?",he asked.
"Yeah,kiss.I've missed you,and like I said,it's been a long time.I want a kiss from my boyfriend.",she said.Hero looked down and bit his lip.
"I don't think that's a good idea.I mean...I don't remember you and all.",he said looking up at her.But the moment his face was up to her,she planted a kiss on his lips.
Hero's eyes went wide,almost popping out,and he froze.She grabbed his face and pulled him closer,trying to make the kiss more passionate.
Soon,Hero gave in and he parted his lips,just enough for Mina to make it more hotter.
Soon,both were making out,her arms around his neck.Hero kept his hands down though.
She pulled away slowly,and tilted her head.
"Your kiss is a bit different too.You really have changed.But what's wrong?Why won't you touch me?",she asked.
"I...I'm just not ready for that right now.",he lowly said.
"It's okay.We've already done it.",she said.
"We did?",he asked.
"Yeah,so it shouldn't be so hard for you.Here.",she said and grabbed his hands,placing them on her hips.Hero's once again widened his eyes.
"It's okay.Just go with it.",she said and placed her lips against his again.Hero kissed back,and his arms seemed to move by themselves.
They went to her waist and tightened,pulling her body closer.
Suddenly,the door opened,and a girl came in.Hero and Mina stopped and looked over to see the girl,and Hero's eyes widened.
Another beautiful girl standing there,her eyes wide.But she looked too innocent.
"You're here early,Shi Shi.",Mina said.The girl,Shi Shi,stayed silent,keeping her eyes on Hero.
"Is that...",the girl asked.
"Yeah,he's back.",Mina said.She stood up turning to Hero.The girl closed the door and walked up to Mina,standing beside her,also turned to Hero.
"Chang Shik,you may not remember,but this is my sister.Shi Shi.",Mina said.Shi Shi smiled and waved.Hero stood up and waved as well.
"You're back.",Shi Shi said.
"Yeah,guess so.",Hero said scratching his head.
"Shi Shi,Chang Shik had a memory loss,so he doesn't have much he remembers about.",Mina explained.
"Oh,well.I don't know if you remember this,but you would come to me and Mina's house,and I would cook for us all.You used to love my cooking.You'd say some mean things,but you always loved my cooking.",Shi Shi said,a smile on her adorable face.
"Oh,well,sorry about that.",he said.
"It's okay.",Shi Shi insisted,biting her lip nervously.
"Well,do you need a hug or something?",he asked.Shi Shi blushed.
"Well,looks like I have to get back to work.Shi Shi,try and explain some things to Chang Shik,and feed him soem food.But save some for me.",Mina said.
"Do I take him back home,then?",Shi Shi asked.
"Yeah,looks like he needs a place to stay for a while.I got enough room in my room.",Mina said with a wink to him.Hero blushed and looked away,scratching his head.
"I don't think that would be a good idea..I think Mang Shin will have some space at his house.",Hero said.
"No,it's okay.Besides,Mang SHin will keep you up all night watching some dumb old cartoons,and buy bad take-out.You'll be in good care with me.",Mina said walking up to him.She wrapped her arms around his neck,and gave him a really quick hot kiss.
"Okay..",he trailed off,absolutely hypnotized again.
"See you late.",she said and give him a last peck.She hugged her sister bye and left.
"Can I get that hug now?",Shi Shi asked.
"Umm,sure.",Hero said.She walked up to him,and he hugged her,making her blush.They pulled away and Shi Shi laughed.
"What?",Hero asked.
"It was kinda wierd.When you hugged me back then,you would give me a kiss on the cheek too.",Shi Shi said.
"Oh,sorry.Here.",Hero said and gave her a kiss on the cheek.Shi Shi blushed as he pulled away madly,and touched her cheek."What?",he asked.
"I meant on the forehead.",she said.Hero's eyes widened.
"Oh,sorry.Still trying to remember and all.",he said scratching his head nervously and looking away nervously.
"It's okay.I liked it better.",she said.Hero looked at her and gave a small smile of relief.She gave him a smile of her own and walked to the door opening it.She turned back to him.
"Come on.Lets go to my house now."
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