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Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

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Joe/Laney, Andy/Laney [My Friend wanted this one shot to be about her.] R&R?

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Andy placed the opening of his bottle to his lips as his eyes wandered over to the bridges edge. Laney’s giggle reached his ears and so did Joe’s hearty laugh. He looked over to his right, watching the couple with envy. His greenish eyes looked through his glasses at Laney’s curves hungrily. Andy’s varsity jacket was his shelter for the cold Chicago air but he wondered why so many people would celebrate their winning championship football game on a bridge.

“Hurley! My man!” Joe exclaimed knocking Andy out of his thoughts. Joe caught up to him, Laney holding on to his arm.

“Hey Trohman, how’s it going?” Andy high-fived his teammate and his best friend.

“Nothing much. I just have to piss so badly. Laney, stay with Andy while I find a bush.” Joe said, moving his weight to each foot trying to hold his bladder. She nodded, her expression was clear disgust. Joe ran into the mob of high shcoolers. Laney smiled before she collided her lips with his. She pulled away smiling.

“Hey Andy.” She said finally greeting him with words.

“Hello.” He said before embracing her in another kiss. Once they pulled away, a pang of guilt hit Andy right in the stomach. It slowly faded as he saw Laney shiver as the wind blew. He quickly took off his varsity jacket and draped it over her shoulders. She smiled as she put her arms through the Jacket arms.

“Oh, reach into the pocket.”

Andy whispered in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her waist, remembering he had a gift for her.

Andy pushed her dark hair to the side as he watched her take out a blue box out of his pocket. She looked up at him with surprise before opening her present. Laney gasped when she took out a heart shaped locket.

“You bought this for me?”

Andy nodded as he took the locket from her hand, unclasped the locket and placed it around her throat, putting the clasp back in place.

"Oh my God! It’s beautiful! Thank you!” She gave him a long lingering kiss to thank him. He smiled and pulled her farther away from partying high schoolers.

She was twirling the metal heart in between her fingers while Andy watched her.

“Are you happy?” Andy asked suddenly.


“Are you happy with him?”

Laney was more hesitant with this answer.

“Yes.” She said finally.

“If you say this makes you happy then I’m not the only one lying.” Laney narrowed her eyes at him and sighed.

“I can’t end it with Joe. It’ll hurt him.”

“It hurts me to watch you with him.” He reasoned. She looked over the bridge then back at the brown haired teenager.

“I don’t like hurting you either.” She sighed again when she saw Joe walking towards them. “You’re my best kept secret.”

“And your biggest mistake.”
He countered. Laney stared at him in shock as Joe wrapped an arm around her waist.

“Hey, how come you’re wearing Hurley’s jacket?” Andy shrugged at Joe’s question, his eyes still on Laney. ‘Keep quiet.’ Laney mouthed.

“She got cold.”

“Oh.” Joe shrugged it off and buried his face in the crook of Laney’s neck.
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