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Sugar, We're Going Down

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Patrick’s eyes started to flutter open as he regained consciousness. His head was pounding like a drum with no rest. His eyes were now focused and he realized that the darkness was not a result of being blind or that his hat was over his eyes, he was just sleeping in a small, cramped, dark closet. As he got up, he hit his head with a long metal pole and felt denim fabric caress his face.

“I have to stop drinking.” He muttered as he was pushing the closet door open, the door to the room burst open. A boy and a girl entered, stumbling toward the bed. The girl’s giggle reached Patrick’s ear as he watched through the crack of the closet. “Anna.” He thought when the girl turned out to be his best friend. He watched her as she climbed up on her accompany and Patrick clawed at the door when he saw the guy’s hand moved up toward her hips then up her shirt.

Patrick’s breathing was shorter and heavier as he closed then closet door. He closed his eyes trying to block out what he just saw, tears fogging up his glasses, but Anna’s giggles filled his ears making it hard to forget his feelings about her.

“Isn’t it messed up how I’m just dying to be him?”

He thought to himself as he opened the door slightly. His heart dropped again when he saw Anna attached to the random guy’s lips. He was almost relieved when the door to the room burst open, the host of the party red in the face.

“Get out.”

She said the door wide open so the occupants can leave. Anna took the guy off of the bed and giggled her way out of the room. The door closed and Patrick burst through the closet door, head and eyes aching. He walked down to the party, heading towards the door, his mind set on going home.

“Patrick! Hey Patrick!” He turned at the sound of his name and he saw a smiling Anna running towards him. “Oh My Gawd, Patrick. You’ll never guess what happened!” She gushed as she pulled him away from the door.

“Really? What happened?” He tried to keep his expression blank.

“Pete Wentz actually talked to me ad I found out that he likes me as much as I like him!”

He tried to put on a smile but it kind of formed into a scowl. Anna wasn’t looking at him. Her eyes were searching for her other friends from the growing party. She then turned back to her best friend.

“I want to be the one to tell people so can you keep it a secret for a little while?” She asked with hopeful eyes. He tried his hardest to smile.

“Of course. I’ll be your number one with a bullet.”

She smiled and kissed his rosy cheek as his heart dropped again. Patrick watched Anna walk back into the party before he walked out onto the street. He gave himself advice that he knew he wouldn’t take. “Take aim at myself, take back what you said, take aim at myself.” He shook his thoughts out of his head.
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