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7 Minutes in Heaven (Ataven Halen)

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Pete smiled when he saw Katie at her locker after school. He rushed toward her, dodging every other teenager in his way and then slowed down when Katie closed her locker door.

“Hey Katie.” Pete smiled when she looked up from her book.

“Oh, hey Pete. How’s it going?” She smiled at him.

“Oh, Nothing much.” They both walked together down the buzzing hallway.

“I just wanted to ask you something.” He scratched his head as they reached the front of the school. “Okay. Shoot.”

“Well, I was wondering if you want to go to the dance with me.” He looked at her with hopeful brown eyes but then stopped. “I’m not the desperate type.” He told himself.

“Aww Pete. I would have but someone else asked me and I said yes.” She actually seemed upset about the situation.

“Oh, Okay.” Pete settled.

“I hope you have fun.”

“Thanks.” Katie said as her best friend Anna showed up by her side. “See you there.” She yelled as Anna pulled her away. Pete walked to his car and was just about to start it when his ears picked up his name.

“Why were you talking to Wentz?” He heard Anna’s voice as he looked through his windshield. “What did the loser want?”

“Anna, be nice. He was just asking me to the dance tonight.” Katie defended as she opened the door to Anna’s red sedan which was parked right in front of Pete’s black jeep. Anna scoffed loudly as she leaned over the roof of her car. Pete’s hate for her was suddenly growing.

“Did he really think he had a chance even if you weren’t going with Chad?” Pete’s hate shot to an all time high. He saw Katie shoot her a glare.

“He is cute.” She shrugged before getting into her friend’s car.

Pete watched them as the girls pulled out of the parking lot. He started the jeep, his thoughts rambling through his head but only one really stuck with his mood. The engine roared to life as he muttered.

“The only thing worse than not knowing is you thinking that I don’t know.”

“Hey Pete!”

Pete waved to his friends as they came over to the wall he was leaning on. “Hey guys.” He didn’t take his brown eyes off of Katie who was talking to her date on the other side of the dance. Patrick followed his gaze and smirked.

“You got it bad, huh?” He leaned against the wall next to him and his other friends, still watching the girl of Pete’s dreams. Pete nodded, finally tearing his vision away from Katie.

“What if I went up to her and told her ‘I’m sitting out dances on the wall, trying to forget everything that isn’t you.’ Do you think that’s a little stalkerish?”

All 3 of his friends stared at him with weird looks. “Yes.” Andy said bluntly, his eyes rolling while he turned his head back to the dance floor. Joe chuckled, his hand moving through his short brown hair. “Why don’t you just go home?”

Pete’s head rolled to the left to look at Joe.

“I’m not going home alone cause I don’t do to well on my own.”

His head lolled back toward the dance floor ad his eyes caught Katie’s. She smiled his way and Pete did the same. She then turned back to her date.

“You know, I heard that she went with him because he bombarded her with invites. She felt sorry for him.” Patrick offered. This brought a smile to Pete’s face.

“You see,” Andy said as he leaned next to Patrick. “You were having another episode.” Pete caught Katie’s eyes again and smiled when he saw her blush and knew he was the cause for it.

“Yeah probably.”
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