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Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part to Save the Scene and Stop Going to Shows)

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“Hey Joe, isn’t that Nicole?”

Andy had pointed to the front door where a tanned girl had just entered. The smile that had just occupied Joe’s face was now gone and his gaze was fixated on Nicole.

“Yeah. Uh, excuse me.”

Joe excused himself from his friends, moved around the partying teenagers and followed Nicole into the room that held the coats. He closed the door behind him so that the music was now muffled. Nicole quickly turned around when the room darkened her jet black hair twirling with her.

“Oh Joe, you scared me.” She laughed. She turned her back to him again as she placed her hoodie on one of the two beds in the two beds in the room.

“Nic, can we talk?” He asked. Her sigh filled the room as she turned back to him.

“You want to talk about this again?”

“The break up wasn’t fair!” He said inching toward her. She shook her head plopping her self down on the nearly empty bed.

“This has been said so many times that I’m not sure it matters.” She shrugged, her heart aching at the same time. Joe sat down next to her, his piercing blues studying her face.

“It matters.” He insisted. His fingers moved her chin so that she could face him. Her cheeks were flushed and her brown eyes were glassy as if tears could fall at any moment.

“Why did you like us so much?” She asked. “We never stood a chance.” He shrugged as his thumb was simultaneously rubbing her cheeks.

“You just do that to me. I used to obsess over living, now I only obsess over you.”

A slight smile appeared on her lips. She didn’t pull away when Joe softly kissed her. She didn’t want to. Joe pushed her back on the bed never once separating from her. As he pulled away for air, he muttered into her lips.

“Tell me you like boys like me better, in the dark lying on top of you.”

Nicole’s fingers wrapped around Joe’s brown locks and pulled him close. Her reply was a breathy whisper. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
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