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A little less 'Sixteen Candles', a little more 'Touch Me'

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“Pete.” Pete heard his name through the wood of his coffin and his eyes shot up.

“About time.” He muttered.

The lid was suddenly lifted and Pete squinted against the bright florescent lights. He rubbed his eyes and was helped out of the coffin.

“Had a good day’s sleep?” Joe smiled as he helped Pete. Pete shot him a glare as he walked past him to the kitchen. He saw Patrick sitting at his table, working as usual and heard stakes piercing Styrofoam bodies a couple of rooms over. Andy, of course, was working out. Pete blended the mix that Patrick had created for him to stop his cravings.

He quickly downed it and snarled at the taste. It tasted horrible but it got the job done. Patrick quickly stood up from his stool, staring intensely at the television. Pete was suddenly beside him, watching the scene. A brown haired girl was walking up a street (Alone if you can get any more cliché than that.) and the vampire punks are not surprisingly waiting on the other side.

“We have to help her.” Patrick breathed but as soon as he turned his head Pete was already near the vampire punks miles away. The one with the mini Mohawk had smelled his presence first.

“Looky here, we have an outsider joining us on the feed.” His evil grin showed his white teeth which looks faded in comparison with his ultra pale skin.

“I’m not joining in anything.” Pete snarled his fangs out as a threat.

Mini Mohawk’s guy grin soon disappeared and he let out a growl from his throat. “You’re a goody two shoes vamp, aren’t you?” Pete didn’t reply but he held down the stare.

“News flash, you neo-vamp generation idiot, you’re a vampire and there’s no such thing as a good vampire.”

He had inched forward Pete during his speech, his fangs now visible. He smiled when heels tapping on the concrete become louder. A snap of the fingers and a blur of white was the next thing Pete heard and saw. He felt arms around him and the girl he had seen on the screen was bound in mini Mohawk’s guy arms. An endearing smile was spread across her face.

“So, what are you waiting for? Kiss her, kiss her.” Her neck was displayed and he was being pushed toward her against his will. He opened his mouth to show them his fangs. He heard the girl gasp and he quickly kicked mini Mohawk guy in the chest.

The girl was dropped to the floor and she quickly crawled off to a corner and watched the fight from a safe distance. The fight was soon over, only one guy standing; the guy who had tried to bite her. The girl decided to run because who knows what that vampire might do next. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath before she ran but before she could let it out, Pete was right behind her.

“Are you okay?” She let out a cry as she inched away from him.

“What are you?” She cried scrambling to her feet.

“You could say I’m just the boy who had too many chances.” He offered as he stood up.

“You’re a vampire.” She stuttered out. Pete scoffed.

“Well Darling, what did you expect? You’re in a town full of them.” He nodded to the unconscious bodies on the floor. “I just saved you from evil vampires.” She shook her head furiously, not believing it.

“Vampires need blood. I have blood. You’re a vampire. Vampires are heartless, soulless creatures that don’t stop at nothing for blood. They’ll even kill innocent people.”

If Pete was breathing this would have been the time it would have stopped. He stayed in place as she inched away slightly.

“Look, you might be a good guy, I don’t know. I don’t blame you for being you but you can’t blame me for hating it.”

“Yeah sure.” Pete snapped as he started walking away. In less than two seconds, he was already back in the ware house, already lying in his coffin.

“Pete, what happened?” Joe asked as he reached the wooden box. Pete snapped.

“Nothing. I’m just off, a lost cause, a long shot.” He pushed Joe’s fingers away from the edges as he shut the lid tightly.
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