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I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written about Me

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"Fuck off Patrick!” Rebecca yelled, her feet storming off quickly on the green pasture toward her car.

“Oh yeah, walk away! That’s what you always do!” Patrick replied, flowing after her, running to keep up with her pace. Rebecca stopped in her tracks after Patrick’s words reached her ears. She slowly turned around to face him, her green eyes narrowed into slits.

“I don’t always walk away.” She hissed. “You had no fucking right!” There was a small distance between the fumed ex friends that Rebecca had put up and Patrick didn’t dare to cross.

“I think I had a right.” He defended, completely outraged. “You’re my best friend.”

“Uh-un.” She corrected. “We were best friends and besides some secrets weren’t meant to be told.”

She turned on her heel and continued to hurry to her car. Patrick ran after her. Catching up to her, he lightly turned her by the shoulders so she was looking into his light blue eyes.

“Don’t act like this; you’re acting like an immature baby.”

Rebecca glared at Patrick once more and shook Patrick off of her shoulder. She started to open the door but before it opened more than an inch, Patrick’s hand quickly moved up to the door to close it and stay there.

“I’m sorry! I guess you can say my conscience called in sick again.” He pleaded, his eyes hopeful for her to forgive him.

“Oh yes, because that makes me feel so much better. You screwed up again and I have to suffer for it.”

Rebecca yelped as she tried to open her blue car door again. Patrick’s hopeful demeanor had vanished and anger had occupied his face. An audible growl escaped his lips and threw his free hand on the other side of Rebecca, keeping her surrounded and pinned to the car.

“Patrick.” She warned.

He didn’t listen. He was breathing hard, inhaling her scent that was unfamiliar to him. “All because you fucking changed.” He muttered loudly so she could hear.

“Patrick, you’re making this worse.”

“You already made this worse.” He countered. “Even the way you dress.” He shook his head at the new Rebecca he hated. He leaned in to her side, his lips brushing her ears as he talked.

“Douse yourself in cheap perfume, it’s so fitting of the way you are,” He leaned back, twirling one of her brown curls. He gave her a smirk.

“Can’t cover it up.”

He watched Rebecca close her eyes and steady her breathing. Patrick felt horrible saying those things to his best friends. He just missed her, that’s all. He sighed deeply as his hands floated down by his side.

“Progress Report: I am missing you to death.” He said calmly.

Rebecca’s eyes shot open to see if he really did mean it. She knew he did. She unexpectedly wrapped her arms around her neck; giving him a big hug.

“I’m so sorry” He patted her back, not knowing what else do. “Sorry I said anything.”

“Sorry I treated you like crap.” Patrick nodded at her apology. “I really mean it. You’re the only place that feels like home.” He smiled at Rebecca and pressed his lips against her forehead.

“Same here.”
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