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Another Chance

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A girl takes a job being a nanny for a Rock Stars daughter. She didn't expect to love the little girl this much, and trying not to love the little girls father was harder than she thought it would be.

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Olivia walked past her favorite store and tried not to look at the window display as she pased. She was so broke and knew she could not afford a new pair of shoes, but the temptation to look was so hard to fight.

"You can do it, suck it up" She said to herself.

She was on her way to a job interview and she hoped she got the job. She needed one really bad. She had been un employed now for two months and just about all of her savings were gone and her rent was due. If she didn't get this job she mine as well find a nic box to live in on the street! She looked at the piece of paper in her hand and at the numbers on places she passed. She had to be lost! God her feet hurt! She decided on her 6inch hot pink heels and her black pant suit. She hoped she looked professional enough! She had been running late so her long blonde hair got pulled back into a pony tail and now a few whisps of hair wanted to fall out. She turned and looked at the paper then at the town house in front of her and was relieved to see the address matched. She walked up the steps took a deep breath then knocked. She heard some scrambeling around something fall then the door opened.

"Hello" Olivia said to the older lady standing in front of her.

"Hello, you must be t Olivia Clark" The lady said.

"Yes" Olivia gave her biggest smile as she was ushered in.

"Gerard will be down in a moment. He had a call he had to take. You can just wait here in his office" The lady smiled and left the room. Olivia sat in a leather chair in front of a Huge black desk.

"He likes black I guess" She said looking around at the decor. She heard a child cry, then a dog bark, and foot steps walking towards the door. She began to feel the butterflies in her bell that she felt before every interview. She heard the door open and turned to smile at her possible future employer.

"Sorry I had a call" He said grumply and took a seat behind his desk.

"It's fine. Hi I'm Olivia" She said holding out her hand as she stood.

"Hi" He said ignoring her outstretched hand. Okay, she thought to herself. He was a good 5'10 with jet black hair and pale skin. She didn't get a good look at his eyes but his clothes matched the rest of his things.

"So have you been a nanny for very long" He asked without looking up.

"Yes for 6 years. Here is my resume', your welcome to call my references" She said sweetly. He yanked the papers out of her hand and looked. He was so quiet and the room felt so uncomfortable. She started biting her nails and looking at him hoping he would speak.

"Why did you leave the last place. It looks like you were fired" He said with a raised eyebrow.

"I was, but it was because the mother was crazy and she....thought that I had the hots for her husband, and I most definently did not"She said with a nervous laugh.

"I only worked there for a few weeks" She smiled and he raised an eyebrow. He didn't speak.

"But you can check out my two other references. I only stopped working for them because they moved" She said quickly. Now she was getting nervous.

"Okay" He said and began to read her resume again. She wasn't going to get the job. She just knew it. Damn Catherine Whatts and her crazy delusions. She should have never taken that job. Her husband was really old and not very attractive.

"I mean if she wanted to point the finger at anyone, it was the maid. That's who her husband was messing around with" She said it oul loud and hadn't meant to. He didn't look up at her but she though she saw a little smile.

"Okay, well why don't I give you a trial run and then we will see" He said and stood up.

"Okay when" She beamed.

"Now" he said and walked out of the office. SHe followed him. Now? How was she supposed to run around in these heels? SHe was pretty sure she already had a blister. SHe heard a squeel then looked up to see a little girl who looked to be at least four running with the lady who answered the door hurryingbehind her.

"Gerard I am going to have a heart attack at this rate" She breathed heavily with her hand on her chest.

"Ruth this is Olivia she is going to watch Jade for the rest of the day" He said to the older lady.

"Jade, come here" He said and the little girl laughed and ran back towards her dad.

"Yes daddy" She said sweetly and lifter her arms to him. He picked her up and kissed her cheek.

"This lady is going to watch you for the rest of the day. Her name is Olivia" He said and the little girl turned her green eyes towards Olivia and smiled.

"Hello Olivia" She said and then turned shyly towards her father. She had very dark brown hair, and her eyes were so big and green. She was the most beautiful little girl she had ever seen.

"Hello Jade, it's nice to meet you. How old are you?" Olivia asked with a huge smile.

"Three" The little girl said without looking at Olivia.

"Oh really. Hm I thought you were at least six" Olivia said thoughtfully. Jade perked up and turned toards the women.

"Really" Jade asked happily.

"Yep" Olivia smiled.

Gerard looked at the women and watched his daughter reach for her.

"I want to play with Olivia daddy" She said and threw her arms around Olivia's neck.

He watched Olivia smile and his daughter giggle. The women was nervous as hell with him in the office then his daughter walks in and she lights up. Hopefully she would work out. He knew Ruth couldn't run around after her anymore and he was sick fans faking to be nanny's and coming to interviews to meet him. This girl seemed oblivious to his profession. He hoped she wasn't just acting like she didn't know who he was. He heard them both laughing and smiled as he headed back to his office. He needed to get some things done before he went to rehearsal later that night. He took Olivia's resume' and sat it in a drawer in his desk and took out his sketch book. He had to finish an issue of his comic by next week and he was no where near done. He looked down at the blank page in his sketch book and sighed. He tried to get into his creative mode but it just wasn't happening. He heard Jade squeal and smiled. He loved hearing her. She was shy like he was but once she liked you she was very outgoing and talked non stop. He looked at the picture of her on his desk. She was the best thing that ever happened to him. The love of his life. He just never pictured raising her on his own. He leaned his head back against the chair and tried to clear his head. He just had to come up with something for the comic. He leaned over and began to work.

Later he looked at the clock and realized it had been a few hours since he had began and that he hadn't heard the girls for a while. He walked out of the office and saw Olivia standing bare foot in his kitchen mixing something on the stove. She had discarded her jacket and looked comfortable cooking. He took the time to give her a good look. He stopped and her butt. It was very nice. Come on Gerard, she might be your nanny lets not check out her ass. She was very beautiful though.

"Damn" he heard her say and watched as she sucked on her middle finger. At that moment she looked up and saw that he was there.

"Hi" She blushed.

"Um Jade was hungry so I asked what she wanted and she said mac and cheese so I started it but then she fell asleep so I took her to her room" She took a deep breath.

"Then I decided I was kinda hungry and the water was boiling so I just continued to make some" She stopped and looked at Gerard. He was trying not to smile. Did she think she was in trouble? He thought about how friendly he had been earlier and thought she most likely was a little scared. He was kind of a jerk.

"That's fine. She loves mac an cheese" He said and walked to the fridge. He pulled out a can of diet coke.

"You want one" he asked her.

"Sure thanks"SHe smiled and took the can. They stood in silence as she began to mix the ingredients.

"She is a lovely little girl" SHe said breaking the silence.

"She is, she is the best thing thats happened to me" He said honestly. Olivia looked up at him and saw how truthful that statement was. She smiled.

"Kids change everything don't they" She asked.

"Yes they do. Do you have any" He asked. He saw her frown.

"No, but someday I want them" It was quiet again.

"Where are the plates" She asked.

"Over here" He said and turned to pull them down. She gave them a good portion and saved some for Jade. They sat at the kitchen table and ate together.

"So how do you think it's going" He asked.

"Good, she seems to like me. I really like her. She has quite the imagination. We were playing princesses for two hours" She laughed.

"That she gets from me" He laughed.

"Really what do you do for a liiving" She asked, then took a bite of her food. He paused and slowly swallowed.

"You don't have to answer" She said feeling embarrassed for asking.

"It's fine. I am a musician" He said and she smiled.

"What kind of music".

"Alternative, Punk rockish. I don't like the labels though" He laughed.

"So what instrument do you play".

"I sing, though I play a little guitar. Though I am not to good at it" They both laughed. It was nice chatting with her. Maybe she would be good for Jade. She seemed genuine and down to earth and Jade from what he could see liked her.

"So about the job" he said and she looked up at him.

"Do you want it" He asked.

"Very much" She said hoping that he was going to say she got the job.

"Your hired. The position is a live in position and when we go on tour I am gonna need you to come with us. Is that all ok with you" He asked. She sat there and thought about it. Did she want to be a live in nanny? She hadn't done that before. Also did she want to go on tour? It could be fun. This would be way different from what she was used to.

"Okay sounds good to me. When do I start"?

*Hey guys this is my new story. I am gonna be done with Mini G Way soon so wanted to start this one. I really like this one and I hope you all do to!
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