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What's his problem?

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Olivia starts her first day

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Olivia sat on the floor of her semi empty apartment. She had put most stuff into storage and now was in the process of moving the rest of her things out. She looked up when she heard a knock at the door and smiled.

"Hey Bree" She smiled at her friend. Bree had lived in the apartment across the hall from her ever since she moved to New York Five years ago.

"Hey, you look just about moved out. Why are you leaving me" Bree whined.

"Sorry, it was just a job offer I couldn't refuse" Olivia said as Bree took a seat next to her.

"You said he was in a band. Like what kind of band" Bree asked.

"Oh and is he hot" Bree added. Olivia laughed and shrugged.

"A rock band I guess. And I mean yeah he's cute. Seems a bit dark and twisty though".

"Hmm sounds like he's hot to me" Bree laughed and Olivia rolled her eyes.

"Well tonights your first night staying there right?" Bree asked.

"Yep, hopefully it goes well"

"Well good luck, love ya. You better visit" Bree got up and headed to the door.

"I will visit.Love ya too” Olivia stood up stretched and grabbed her suitcase.

Gerard told her to get there whenever she could that evening but she wanted to be there early enough to play a bit with Jade before she went to bed. The little girl was seriously adorable. She knew she was right to take this job. She had a good feeling about it.

Gerard sat at the kitchen table with Jade. Ruth had left for the weekend so it was just the two of them and Olivia whenever she got there. “So do you like Olivia so far” he asked his daughter.

“Yep she is weally nice and wikes princesses too” She smiled and sucked a spaghetti noodle into her mouth.

“Good. Hopefully she works out. Daddy is going on tour soon and needs someone to be there and hang out with you while I’m on stage” He smiled. She was singing under her breath and most likely didn’t hear a word he said.

“Jade, are you listening” He laughed.

“Yep. I like tours. I see my uncles and sleep with you in the bunk” She said sweetly. He smiled and continued to eat. RIght when they were finishing up dinner he heard the doorbell.

"Must be Olivia" He said and headed towards the door. He opened and saw a very flustered Olivia. SHe had two suitcases and a duffle bag. Her hair was barely up in its ponytail and her cheeks were flushed.

"You okay" He asked as he took her duffle bag and a suitcase.

"I couldnt' get a cab so I walked. Thank god I didn't wear heels" She said as she walked into the foyer.

"You walked. I could have came to get you" HE said cocnerned.

"It's fine, I needed the exercise" SHe said and smiled when she saw Jade.

"Hey little bit. Hows it going" SHe got down on one knee so she was eye level with Jade.

"Its good, I ate sgetti" She smiled and Olivia could see sauce left over on the little girls lips.

"Sounds good. Lets go get you cleaned up" SHe stood up and grabbed Jade in her arms.

"Were gonna go up and get cleaned up" She said to Gerard as they headed up the stairs.

"SOunds good. I'm gonna take your stuff to your room" He said then headed towards her room.

He had chosen the one off of the side of the kitchen. It was the second biggest room in the house. SHe had decided to stay with them which would be a big help so he thought it was only fair to give her a bigger room. He sat her things down and headed back into the kitchen. He cleaned up the table and stove then headed upstairs to check on Jade. She was sitting cross legged on her bed with Olivia behind her brushing threw her wet hair.

"How was the bath" He asked as he walked in.

"Good, Im clean now" Jade said happily then continued with her chatter to Olivia. He watched as Olivia listened with genuine interest and for a moment he caught himself becoming angry. This random women shouldn't be the one sitting here like this with his daughter. It should be her mother. Olivia looked up and immediatly saw Gerard looking at her. He looked angry. Had she done something wrong? I mean he hadn't been very nice when he interviewed her but he had been friendly enough since then.

"It's time for bed sweet heart" Gerard said and walked into the room. He was smiling again. He looked at Olivia like he didn't want her there.

"I'm just gonna go get settled in. Goodnight Jade" She smiled then turned and left the room.

She realized after she had walked out that she had no clue where her room was. So she decided to walk down to the kitchen. She looked around and saw dishes in the sink so she started loading them into the dish washer, giving her something to do. Thats how Gerard found her when he walked into the kitchen.

"You didn't have to do that" He said with a bite in his words.

"Sorry, I didn't know where my room was so I was just finding something to do" SHe said trying not to sound annoyed.

"Okay, I will show you your room then want to talk with you about Jade's schedule and what I expect" Then he turned and she followed him. She walked into a good sized room. It had a full sized bed, a dresser, a night stand and an attached bathroom. It was nicer than what she expected.

"Thanks it's nice" SHe said and turned and he had already left.

"Guess he's in a bad mood" SHe said to herself than began to un pack a bit. Twenty minutes later she walked into his office and took a seat.

"She usually gets up around 7:00am, eats breakfast then heads off to day care around 8am. She get's out at noon, so I will expect you to take her and pick her up. When she comes home she usually naps. While she's gone you can do what you want. Is that all clear" He asked.

"Very clear" She said with a fake smile.

"Well goodnight then" He said dismissing her.

She rolled her eyes then headed to her room. She took a shower and changed for bed. She settled down in her bed and took out a book. She wanted to read a bit then go to sleep. She wanted to get her mind off of how rude her new boss had been all evening. He was perfectly nice before. What the hell had changed?

Gerard laid in his bed and tried to fall asleep. He had been rude to Olivia all evening and he knew it. It wasn't her fault he was in such a bad mood. Seeing her with his daughter hurt him. Her own mother should be there taking care of her not someone he hired. But he knew not to dwell to much on that. His ex made it perfectly clear how she felt about being a mother. He would rather her not be around then have Jade feel unloved by the women who birthed her. He turned over onto his side hoping to get more comfortable but it didn't work. He sighed and sat up. He wasn't gonna be able to get to sleep for a while. He got up and walked down the hall and opened the door to Jades room and peeked in on her. SHe was fast asleep cuddled up to her stuffed doll she loved so much. He smiled. Some times he liked just coming in here and looking at her. She was the best part of his life. He was all drugged out and on the verge of suicide when Krystal told him she was pregnant. She originally wanted to abot the baby but he begged her not to. That baby had given him hope, something he hadn't had in years. His band mates had started to worry about him, Frank had started trying to talk him into rehab but he didn't want the help. But Jade had changed everything. He was clean since the minute he heard her little heart beat.

He left her room and headed down the steps. He stepped into the kitchen and saw Olivia sitting at the counter on a stool. She was in Pink Pajama bottoms and a white tank top sipping coffee. Her hair was down and looked a little damp. He tried not to notice how beautiful she looked.

"Couldn't sleep" he said and walked into the kitchen. She looked up looking surprised and guilty.

"No, sorry I was craving coffee".

"It's okay, got any left" He asked and walked over to the coffee pot.

"There should be some left" She said and sipped her coffee. Should couldn't tell what mood he was in. She watched him pour his coffee and took a sip and sighed.

"Coffee always makes me feel better" He said and turned to look at her. She didn't say anything. He knew he needed to apologize for earlier.

"About earlier. I'm sorry" There he said it. She looked up at him with a thoughtful look on her face. "It's fine" She shrugged. Why did he feel like he needed to explain why he was so upset to her?

"I just... well sometimes for Jade's sake I with her mother was here" He leaned against the counter and looked at his feet.

"Where is her mother. I wanted to ask but I didn't want to seem nosy" She asked. He ran his hand threw his hair and looked up at her.

"She decided after Jade was born that she just didn't want to be a mother. So she left". It was silent for a few minutes. Olivia felt sick to her stomach. His words brought back all sorts of feelings that she had tried to keep burried for years.

"I am so sorry Gerard. Jade is so great I just can't see why anyone wouldn't want her. But she is lucky you did. She's so sweet and creative and fun. You did a great job with her" She smiled and he looked up shocked by her words.

"Thanks" He said simply but when he looked at her she saw how much those words meant. They just looked at each other then he broke the silence.

"Well thanks for the coffee. Night" He said then turned to leave.

After he left Olivia walked over to the sink and dumped the rest of her coffee out. She braced her hands on the sink and shook her head. Her thoughts were going to the past and she needed to stop it. No wonder she bonded so quickly with Jade. They had something in common. She knew all about being unwanted by your mother. At least Jade had a good father who wanted her.

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