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Haunted eyes

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Gerard wonders about Olivia's past

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Olivia heard her alarm go off and turned over to shut it off. It was so early and she hadn't slep well at all. She sat up stretched then began to get ready. At 7:00 she walked into Jade's bedroom to find it empty. That was strange. Jade must have gotten up early. She headed down to the kitchen and heard the little girls chatter before she walked in and saw her. She was sitting on the counter and Gerard was kissing her all over her face. She watched Jade giggle and wiggle around. She couldn't help but smile. They were a sight to see. Gerard looked up and saw her watching. He stopped and straightened.

"She slept with me last night and then decided to get up at 5" He said looking very tired.

"Well she and I are gonna get her changed and head to school. Go take a nap" Olivia smiled and grabbed Jade.

"Thanks. I am gonna shower than head out.No time for a nap. Be good baby. Get a green day at pre school alright" He said and kissed his daughters cheek.

"I will daddy. Wuv you" She smiled and waved as Olivia headed up the steps with her.

"What would you like to wear today" Olivia asked Jade as she began to rummage threw her closet.

"A tu tu and cowboy boots pease" Olivia couldn't help but laugh. What a fashion statement that outfit would make.

"Hmmm that could work. What shirt would you wear though" Olivia asked looking as though she were in deep thought.

"My shirt with the pana on it" Jade said then opened her drawer and pulled it out.

"Oh I see so the black panda shirt, a pink tu tu, and those brown cowboy boots. I think it could work. Would you like to wear these black legging with the glitter with it as well" Olivia asked.

"Yes pease" Jade was so excited she immediatly started taking off her pj's. Fifteen minutes later they were heading out the front door. Olivia couldn't help but smile everytime she looked down at Jade. The little girl was now wearing huge hot pink sunglasses and carying her care bears lunch box. She was the cutest thing ever.

"So do you like pre school" Olivia asked.

"Is okay. I wike to finger paint" Olivia smiled.

"I liked finger painting to. Oh and I loved playing dress up".

"I wike that too. I wike you Owivia" She gave Olivia a toothy grin.

"THats good since I like you too".

Olivia walked in an hour later. She had dropped Jade off and picked up a bagel. Now she wanted to settle in to her room a bit more. Make it feel a little more like home. SHe heard talking and peeked into the living room. Gerard was sitting on the couch next to another man. The man was tall and skinny. He was laughing at something Gerard had said. She was turning to head off to her room with the man spotted her.

"Hey" He smiled and Gerard turned and looked at her.

"Come on in Olivia. Let me introduce you to my brother. Mikey this is the new Nanny Olivia. Olivia my brother Mikey" The two shook hands.

"It's nice to meet you Mikey" SHe smiled.

"Nice to meet you too. Hows Jade" He asked.

"Oh she's great. Quite a personality" Olivia laughed.

"She's a bit eccentric. Takes after her dad" Mikey said and Olivia saw Gerard roll his eyes.

"Well I'm off. Gonna go un pack more. See you guys later" She said and turned and left the room.

"You didn't say she was hot" Mikey said after she left.

"Was I supposed to mention that? Your married dude" Gerard teased and sat back.

"That doesn't mean I can't say other women are attractive. Alicia looks at other guys" Mikey laughed and took a seat next to his brother.

"So she is going to live here and you are going to ignore the fact that you have been practically celebate since Jade was born and she is a total hottie. Good luck with that" Mikey said shaking his head.

"She's attractive, yes. But I do not feel the least bit tempted. SHe is here to help me out with Jade, that's it" Gerard said starting to get annoyed.

"Okay calm down. I am just teasing ya. But look you do need to start at least thinking about dating a bit. Alicia has this friend..." Gerard heald up his hand.

"No, tell ALicia thanks but I am not interested. I am fine. I like it being just me and Jade. I am content. Now drop it. Let's talk about the tour okay" Gerard said and that stopped all conversation about his dating life, or lack there of.

Olivia laid back on her bed. She had just put up the last picture she had brought and was now really tired. She heard the front door open and close and assumed the buys had left. Gerard's brother seemed really nice. She saw he had a wedding ring on, to bad. She laughed at her self and stood up. She walked out into the kitchen and started to make herself a sandwich. She shut the fridge and jumped when she saw Gerard standing behind it.

"You scared me to death. I thought you left" She said with her hand to her heart.

"Sorry" He was trying not to laugh.

"I wanted to grab a bite. Seems you had the same idea". She took a deep breath and felt her heart beat go back to normal.

"I can make you a sandwich if you want" She offered.

"You don't have to" He said and started to get out some bread form himself.

"Really it's ok. Sit down it will be ready in a sec" She said and shewd him away from the bread.

"Okay. Thanks" He said and took a seat.

He watched her make their lunch. It was weird seeing a younger women in his kitchen. Ruth was in her fifty's and the nanny before Olivia was in her forties with teenagers. This girl was young, and well hot. His brother was right about that. That was something he was trying to ignore.

"Here ya go" She said and sat his plate in front of him then took a seat herself.

"Thanks" He said again.

"Your brother seems nice" She said as they ate.

"He's a good guy. He's in the band with me".

"Really. That must be fun touring with your brother. Hey I didn't even ask you your bands name" She said.

"My Chemical Romance" He said and looked at her to see if there was any recognition in her eyes. He didn't see any.

"Never heard of them. Hope that doesn't piss you off" She hoped she hadn't just insulted him.

"No it's refreshing actually. I had plenty of girls trying to get this job that were just fans. It's nice to know you don't know who we are" He was glad she was clueless to their popularity. It was much easier that way.

"So when do we leave for the tour" She asked.

"In a week. I like to have Jade with me on the road. I don't like leaving her for long periods of time" He said and she found that so cute. One minute he's pissing her off and the next he's being adorable.

She looked at him closely. He was wearing a black t shirt and jeans today. His hair was falling in his face and his eyes looked greener today. He was a very attractive guy. She had to push that thought away though. He was her boss and clearly had mixed feelings about her helping him out. They ate the rest of lunch in silence.

After they cleaned up he headed out and she headed to her room to take a quick nap before she picked up Jade. She woke up just in time to get Jade. The little girl talked the entire way home. She loved it. She looked down at Jade and saw so many of Gerard's features in her. They had the same nose and face structure. She wondered what Jade's mother looked like.

Later that night after watching the Little Mermaid and playing princess, Olivia got Jade ready for bed then stepped out as her dad put her to sleep. She loved that he liked to be home in time for that every night. She watched him bend over and kiss Jades fore head and found herself wondering what it would have been like to have a father that loved her that much. Gerard turned and locked eyes with her and she quickly turned to leave. But not before he saw the pain in her eyes. He walked out of Jade's room and found himself following Olivia.

"You okay" he asked before she walked int her room.

"I'm fine. Just tired. See you tomorrow" She dismissed him and shut the door.

Gerard decided to draw a bit. The day had been full of meetings about the up coming tour. He just wanted to settle down a bit. He headed to the attic of the house. He had turned it into his studio. A place to get away. He began to sharpen a pencil then beant over and looked at the blank peice of paper. He knew exactly what he wanted to draw. He began and got sucked in to the picture. Before he knew it, it was 1am and he was staring down at Olivia's sad face. Her eyes looked hurt and haunted. He sat back and looked it over once more and was happy with his work. He wondered what was haunting his daughters nanny.

"Don't get involved in her life like that. The hero look is not good on you" He said to himself. He shook his head and sat his pencil down. He needed sleep but he still didn't feel tired. When Mikey said he'd been celebate since Jade, he was not lying. He was fine with that, until he decided it was a great idea to hire an attractive young women with haunted eyes to help with his daughter. A recipi for disaster. She just wasn't like other girls he seemed to always be surrounded by. He was on tour alot so he was surrounded by girls in other bands and girls in the industry in general. This girl was a normal attractive women living in New York. He needed to stop thinking about her. She was becoming more appealing with every thought. Damn his brother for putting the thoughts in his head.

He headed down stairs to get a drink and saw her light on. The door was cracked and he was trying to stop himself from peeking in. That would be really stalkerish of him. He was staring at the door when she opened it. She had a robe on and hr hair was tossled. She looked embarrassed. She pulled her robe tightly around her.

"Scared me again" She said and just stood there.

"Sorry, just getting a drink before I went up to sleep" He was pretty sure she had nothing under the robe. He needed to slowly back away.

"Me too. Um... well... Goodnight" She said, turned and swiftly shut the door.

"Don't think about what was under that robe. Turn around and go to sleep" He said and began to walk up the stairs. Yeah he needed to avoid this women at all cost it would seem.
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