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We Okay Now?

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Gerard and Olivia fight

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Olivia did not sleep well the night before. She headed by the Starbucks she had beed frequenting the last few days. She had just dropped Jade off at pre school and had four hours to get whatever she needed done, done. She decided not to go back to Gerards. The run in with him last night was a bit embarrassing. It was no big deal but seeing your boss while wearing your robe, especially when you were naked underneath. Was a bit humiliating. She would avoid him today. Why did he have to look so damn cute in his sweat pants,tshirt, and no shoes.

"Do not think about how attractive he is" She told herself. I mean she had thought it since the first day, but seeing him with Jade... God he was hot.

"Shut up" she said to herself and continued walking to starbucks.

She ran her errands and headed to the pre school to get Jade. Jade of course was in high spirits as usual. They walked along the side walk and chatted.

"I am hungry" Jade said and Olivia realized she was too.

"Want to grab some pizza" Olivia asked.

"Oh yes pweas" Jade jumped up and down.

"I wuvs pissa" The little girl continued to tell Olivia her favorite pizza and how often the ordered it.

Later they were sitting in a crowded pizza place chowing down on a half cheese, half sausage and olives pizza.

"See I like just cheese because I feel like I can enjoy it more. No toppings to distract me from how good the pizza is" Olivia explained.

"I just wuv sausages" Jade smiled and took a huge bite of her pizza.

After they finished their pizza they headed back home. As soon as they wallked into the house Gerard was on her.

"Where have you been with her" He asked. She was taken back by the temper she saw in his face.

"We got some lunch. We were hungry" She said still shocked by his temper.

"I ate pissa" Jade said sadly. Gerard looked at Olivia then down to Jade.

"Was it good baby? I know how much you love pizza" He said sweetly and brushed his hand down Jade's hair.

"It was gweat" She smiled now.

"Why don't you come with me. I will get you down for your nap sweety" He heald out his hand for her and she took it.

SHe turned and smiled at Olivia then turned and followed her dad. Olivia was confused by Gerards reaction. She headed to her room to wait for his wrath. She didn't see why taking her out for pizza was wrong. He busted into her room minutes later and he still looked pissed.

"You can't just bust in here" She said angrily.

"It's my house" He growled. What the hell was his deal? She stood up and crossed her arms.

"What did I do wrong" She asked.

"You can't just not call and take my daughter out.I didn't know where you two were" He said loudly.

"WHy didn't you just call my cell" She asked angrily. She didn't care who he was right now. He wasn't going to get an attitude with her like this.

"I did, no answer!' He growled. She took out her phone and frowned. It was on silent.

"It's on silent" She said not looking at him.

"I need to be able to get ahold of you. Next time let me know when you are going to take my daughter off" He said then turned to leave.

"You hired me to take care of her! She was hungry! Am I supposed to be telling you about every move I make with her? Why would you hire me if you didn't think I could be trusted" She yelled. Crap, she didn't mean to yell like that.

He paused at the door and slowly turned around. If looks could kill she would be dead. He walked over to her. "From time to time her mother likes to drop in and take her without telling me. So excuse me that I worry about my daughter when she doesn't come home after school"! He gave her one more look then turned and left her room.

Shit! Now she'd done it! She just yelled at her boss. and now she felt bad because he had a valid reason to be upset. How was she supposed to know that Jade's mom dropped by and took her? She sighed, she had to go apologize.

She walked out to find him and saw him sitting on the back patio smoking. He looked stressed. She felt bad all over again. She opened the sliding door and took a seat next to him. He didn't acknowledge her.

"I'm sorry. I didn't think about it at all Gerard. I just knew we were hungry. I didn't realize how us not showing up would effect you" She sat there and waited for a response. He took a few more puffs on his cigarett and finally spoke.

"It's not your fault. You didn't know. Today was just a bad day and I over reacted" He looked over at her and wow... he looked amazing. She shoudln't be thinking that right now. His face was so close to hers.

"We okay now" She asked. He looked away

"Yeah were fine". Gerard enhaled deeply.

She was sitting so close. He could smell her perfume. He hated that his stomach was in knots and all he wanted to do was throw her over his shoulder and take her to his room. This celebacy thing was getting to him. She turned and looked at him and when she did her shoulder brushed his. She felt a tingle go all the way up her arm. They both looked up, they both looked surprised. She shook it off. She had to ignore that.

"So if her mom doesn't want anything to do with her then why is she dropping in and taking her?" She asked.

"She likes to mess with me. She comes into town for a few days, picks Jade up from preschool and just goes off with her. I freak out and she tells me she's her mom she can do whatever she wants" He said and put out his cigarett.

"She isn't her mom. Just because she gave birth to her does not make her, her mother. Your a mom when you stick around to be apart of your childs life" She said angrily. He looked over at her

"What happened to you"? He wasn't going to ask but he wanted to know.

He saw her hesitate "I grew up in a home. My parents didn't want me. Social services came and got me when I was five. I know all about feeling abandoned" It grew quiet. Damn! He should have never asked.

"I think you being there for Jade is great. Your such a good dad. I get envious" she admitted. She turned and smiled.

"That sounded creepy" She smiled.

"No it didn't. Thanks for saying that. Sometimes when I'm touring and taking her to all these places, I don't feel like such a good dad. Sometimes I want to quit and give her a stable life".

"No you want her with you. That's the best thing. She knows you love her" She turned and smiled. Their faces were close again. She wanted him to kiss her. She wanted the comfort. He wanted to kiss her so bad.

"Daddy" He heard Jade yell. The both jumped.

"Here baby" He said as he walked into the house. That was close. She thought.

She scrambled up and into the house. Jade was in her fathers arms. "I woked up and you was not theres" SHe said sadly into her dads shoulder.

"I'm here now. I was just chatting with Olivia. Sorry baby" he said and locked eyes with Olivia.

"Hey how about we go up stairs and have a tea party?" Olivia said happily. "Otay" Jade jumped from Gerards arms to Olivias.

"Okay well I am off. Gotta go to a meeting" Gerard said but the women barely heard him. He shook his head. He had just almost kissed Olivia. He decided he couldn't dwell on that right now. He had a meeting to go to and a deadline to meet.

He headed out and was at the meeting a few minutes late. They wanted to just wrap up the tour details.

"So were just keeping it low key this time around right" Mikey asked the table.

"Yep" Frank shook his head.

"Want to get back to it just being us and the music" Ray said then looked at Gerard.

"Right" Ray asked. Gerard had seemed out of it since he got there.

"Huh? Yeah. Where is Jesse" He asked. Jesse was their new drummer and it seemed he was running late.

"He got stuck in traffic. Tell me my the dufus decides to drive his motorcycle here when he could just walk" Frank laughed. They were all upset when Bob decided to part ways, but he recommended Jesse who was a friend of his. He just clicked with the group and it was a match made in heaven ever since.

"Speaking of..." Ray said as Jesse walked into the room.

"Nice of you to join us" Mikey teased.

"Traffic sucked. Sorry" Jesse smiled and took a seat next to Gerard. Jesse was 6foot, Blonde hair, Green eyes. They called him pretty boy even though he has sleeves on both arms and his lip pierced.

"No biggie" Gerard shrugged.

"You seem like your in a good mood" He hit Gerards arm. Gerard smiled

"I'm fine. Just had one of those days".

"What happened Bro" Mikey asked. Gerard didn't want to get into it, but he looked around and saw the looks he was getting.

"Got a call from Krystal and well that never goes well, then Olivia didn't bring Jade home after school and I got worried" Gerard said as he looked at his hands.

"Where were they" Frank asked.

"She took her for pizza. But when they came home I freaked out on her. I was an ass" Gerard still felt bad.

"Did you apologize" Ray asked.

"Yep, but she apologized first. We got into a big fight. She found me and said sorry. It's fine now" He didn't want to talk about it anymore.

"So what happened with Krystal" Jesse asked. He knew about Gerards past and hated Jade's mother just as much as the others did.

"She wanted to tell me she would be in town in a few weeks and wanted to see Jade. I told her no. We would be on tour" He took a deep breath.

"She yelled of course but I just hung up". The guys were quiet. They all knew about the crap Gerard had been threw with Krystal.

"But lets talk about the tour okay" Gerard said changing the subject.

Olivia shut the door to her room and stretched. She had put Jade to bed without Gerard. He had called saying he wouldn't be home until later. Jade did fine but she was sad her dad wasn't there. Olivia walked over to her dresser and turned the baby monitor on. she had brought it down stairs so she could here her if she woke up. She wanted a long hot bath. Oh she would kill for some wine right now.

"I will just have to do with a book and some bubbles" She said to herself.

She started her bath and put up her hair. She smiled to herself. She was just loving spending time with Jade. She was so happy she took this job. She slipped out of her clothes and lowered herself into the tub. Now Jades father was what she was thinking about. They had almost kissed on the back patio. She could almost feel his lips against hers. She wanted it to happen and thats what had her all tied up in knots. She couldn't want to kiss her boss. That was crossing all sorts of lines. She sighed. She would just keep away from him and make sure Jade was around whenever he was. She heard someone walking around in the kitchen. He must be home. She wanted to go talk to him but knew she couldn't. She got out of the tub dried off, put on her lotion, then slipped into bed. She turned over and tried to not think of Gerard. It was harder than she thought.

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