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On Fire

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Olivia has lunch with an old Boyfriend and her and Gerard have a run in, literally

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Gerard walked into the kitchen a few mornings later and saw Olivia leaning against the counter talking on the phone.

"No. Ryan I told you it was over. I told you to leave me alone" He heard her say. That sparked his interest in the conversation.

"I have a new job and I am happy" He watched her pace around the kitchen.

"No, I do not want to see you when your in town" She rolled her eyes.

"Goodbye" he watched as she slammed her cell phone on the counter.

"I am assuming you dislike that guy" He laughed. She turned and blushed.

"You heard that" She shook her head.

"Yep" He walked over to the fridge.

"Sorry" She said and accepted the diet coke he offered her. "

Your ex" He asked. She shook her head yes as she sipped her coke. They both stood there in silence for a few minutes. Gerard broke it.

"You okay" he asked.

"Yeah he just doesn't do well with people saying no to him. I broke it off and it gave his ego quite the blow" She said sounding annoyed.

"How did you meet" he asked.

"At a party at my employers house a few years ago. Shelly, she was the mom I worked for. Her and her husband always had these parties. They invited me to one and this young Lawyer hit on me. He was handsome and funny... we dated for about a year".

"What happened" he asked, he wanted to know more about this guy.

"He just ended up not being what I wanted" She sighed then looked up and smiled.

"But whatever. How has your day been? You were up early this morning".

He leaned against the counter "Yeah I went to a meeting about my comic, then got breakfast with Mikey. Now I need to go finish up some pages for my comic then I have a date with Jade" He grinned.

"You can have the rest of the day off if you want. I am taking her to Coney Island" Olivia smiled at him.

He was so damn cute. He was spending the day at Coney Island with Jade. She was a lucky little girl. He looked over at her and wanted to ask her to come with them. He had avoided her the last few days. He was being a chicken but he didn't want to cross a line with her.

"Sounds fun! She will love that" They both stood there.

Gerard looked at her "You could come if you wanted".

Olivia looked surprised. She knew it would not be a good idea. He was getting more attractive every day and spending the day with him and Jade would make it worse.

"Thanks but I am gonna run some errands, maybe go see my friend Bree" She wanted nothing more then to spend time with him and Jade.

Gerard was bummed. "Okay. Well I'm gonna go work. If I don't see you. Have a good rest of the day" he turned and walked up the steps.

Olivia took a deep breath then called Bree. Thirty Minutes later she was on Bree's couch. "So I haven't seen you in forever" Bree said angrily.

"It's been a week stalker" Olivia laughed.

"Whatever! How goes the job" Bree asked.

"Great! I love the little girl. She's awesome" Olivia smiled but Bree could see there was more.

"Hows the dad" Bree saw Olivia's eyes change and knew that's where the problem was.

"He's good. We get along a little better" Olivia didn't say anything else. She didn't know if she wanted to talk about her attraction for her boss or not.

"Your not telling me something. Come on spill". Olivia rolled her eyes.

"There is nothing to tell. But I have some bad news for you. I am leaving to go on tour with them next week" She saw Bree frown.

"Your leaving me. Again! You are the worst friend".

"Sorry! I will make it up to you" She laughed and hugged Bree.

"You Will survive" Olivia spent the rest of the evening talking and watching movies with Bree.

When she walked in the house later that night it was silent. Everyone must be in bed. She walked into the kitchen and poured herself some water then headed to her room. She took a quick shower than crawled into her bed. She had missed spending the evening with Jade... and she had to admit she missed spending it with Gerard to. She heard her phone vibrate and flipped it open. "Leave me alone Ryan" She said and threw her phone onto the bed next to her. Ryan Thomas was really beginning to piss her off. He had been blowing up her phone since that morning and it was starting to really annoy her.

She finally fell asleep and before she knew it her alarm was going off. She opened her eyes and yelped. "Hewo" Jade said. The little girl was standing next to the bed looking at her.

"Jade you scared me. You and your dad have a way of doing that" She said clutching her chest.

Jade giggled "Sowy". Olivia couldn't help but smile.

"Okay well I'm up! Lets eat some breakfast" Olivia scooped Jade up into her arms and headed for the kitchen.

"There you are" She looked up and saw Gerard in the kitchen doorway.

"Let me guess, you couldn't find her" Olivia said as she sat Jade down in her chair.

"Nope, was just coming to check the kitchen. She has been getting up so early" Gerard said as he walked over and kissed his daughters cheek.

"Mornin" She said with a grin.

"Morning to you to. Your my little ghost sneaking around the house at all hours of the morning" He laughed and walked over to Olivia.

"She scare ya" He laughed.

"Yes. The both of you like to try to give me a heart attack" She looked at him and smiled. He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and he entire body tingled.

"Hungry1" Jade said from behind them. Gerard stepped back and mumbled something about his comic and left the room.

"Breakfast is on the way little thang" Olivia said and began to make them both pancakes.

By the time Olivia dropped Jade off at school she was annoyed. Ryan was not relenting. She finally answered her phone. "Stop calling me" She said angrily.

"Have lunch with me. That's all I want" she heard him say. She was silent for a minute, she rolled her eyes.

"Fine, where" She was giving in.

Maybe this would get him off of her back. She met him thirty minutes later at this French restaurant he loved so much. She walked in and immediately spotted him. He was as hansom as the day she left him. Suit, tie, clean cut... His bright blue eyes spotted her and he broke out in the whitest smile she had ever seen.

"Hello Ryan" She said and took a seat across from him. He had stood up to hug her but she avoided that.

"You look lovely" He said beaming at her. She doubted that. She had no make up on her hair was thrown up and she was wearing her old jeans and a tank top.

"Thanks" She said and looked at the menu.

"Why have you been ignoring me" He asked after they put in their orders.

"Well you tend to do that when someone wont stop blowing up your phone" She said angrily.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to see you. I miss you" She knew he meant it. She felt a pang of guilt for being mean to him.

"Sorry Ryan. We broke up and it's over for me" She looked up and saw he was angry. He ran his hands threw his light brown hair and sat back.

"It wasn't over for me" They both were quiet.

"I'm sorry. Your a great guy, your just not the guy for me" She felt her phone vibrate and saw it was Gerard.

"Gotta answer this. It's my boss" She said and flipped open her phone.

"Hey Gerard"

"Hey, was just wondering if..." He trailed off.

"If" She repeated.

"You wanted to grab some lunch" She could tell he was nervous. She smiled.

"I would love to but I am at lunch as we speak. Some other time?" SHe asked. God she would much rather be at lunch with him.

"Oh ok, some other time. See you later" He hung up quickly. She sighed.

"Your boss wants lunch with you? Who's this guy anyways" Ryan asked. She heard the jealousy in his voice.

"He's a musician. I am his daughters nanny" She said and locked eyes with him.

"So that's what this is about" HE said shaking his head.

"I don't want kids. You did, so you dumped me" He said, he couldn't believe it.

"I am done with this lunch. it was nice seeing you" She stood up and kept walking, even when he called her name. She walked until she was very out of breath. She had loved Ryan, thought he was the one then he tells her no kids, ever. That was just the icing on the cake for her, He was never for her. She knew that now.

She walked in and bumped right in to Gerard. "Fuck" She heard him say. Then knew why. Her chest was scalding.

"Shit, sorry. Coffee. Come in here" He said and took her to the kitchen.

"Ouch. It's okay" She said trying to hide how much the coffee had burnt her. He picked her up and sat her on the counter, she was shocked. He didn't seem to notice.

"Just sit there and I will get you all cleaned up" He said and turned the sink on. She watched him grab ice and a kitchen towel.

"Take off your shirt" He said without hesitation. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head. Was he serious? He looked very serious.

"I know all about burns sugar. Take off your shirt" He said looking impatient. She obeyed and swiftly took off her shirt. He immediately placed the towel on her chest. He has spilled it right in between her breast.

"Feel better" He asked. She couldn't talk she just shook her head yes. She bit her lip and tried to ignore the fact that he was so close.

"I have burn cream somewhere. Hold that right there okay" He said then ran up the stairs.

She let out a long breath. She no longer felt the burn but her body was definitely on fire.

Gerard shut the door to his bathroom and took a deep breath. He turned and rested his hands on the sink and looked in the mirror. He was so concerned about the burn he hadn't thought about anything else, until she took her shirt off. She had just a plane white bra on but my God.... She had an amazing body. What in the world was he going to do. He rummaged threw his medicine cabinet and found the cream he was looking for. He had to go down there and act like she had no effect on him.

"You are not some 13 horny kid, your a man. Calm down" He said to himself before he headed back down stairs.

He walked into the kitchen and she looked like she was talking to herself. "Found it" he said and walked up to her. Don't stare at her boobs. He was coaching himself. But they looked so good! STOP! He yelled at himself.

"You okay" She asked. She saw his hands were shaking. Was he feeling it to? He touched the creme to he chest and she shut her eyes and grit her teeth. He rubbed it in and her body was responding whether she wanted it to or not. Gerard knew he had to get out of there before his body betrayed him.

"Done" He said and turned to wash his hands.

"I really am sorry" He said and turned to look at her. A few strands of hair had fallen and her face looked flush. God he wanted her. Not to mention she was sitting on the counter without her shirt on. It would be so easy to push her back and take her. He had to stop thinking like that.

"Well I was heading out. Tell Jade I will be home to tuck her in. Oh and put the cream on again in a few hours" He said and she just shook her head yes.

She watched him walk out and was so turned on she felt like she needed a cold shower. Damn him for making her want him so much. For a minute she thought he would take her right there on the counter. She jumped down and headed to her room. She had to get a grip on the situation. But first she was gonna cool off and try to clear her head. She could not feel like this. She liked her job. She wouldn't do anything to jeopardize it. No matter how much she wanted Gerard.

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