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Cookies and Coffee

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Gerard spends some time with Olivia

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Gerard sat across from his brother and didn't hear a word he was saying. "Are you listening to me" Mikey asked.

"Yeah, sorry. My mind is in a totally different place" Gerard looked at his brother.

"What place would that be" Mikey asked. Gerard had been off in la la land since he had come over.

"No where important. SO where is the wife" Gerard asked trying to keep his mind from straying. He just couldn't shake what had happened before he came to Mikey's.

"She's fine. Look I am gonna tell you something and don't take it the wrong way" Mikey said seriously.

"Um... Okay" Gerard laughed.

"You need to stop the celibacy thing and have sex. Don't laugh. I am being so serious" Mikey shook his head at his brothers laughs.

"I am fine. Can we not talk about my sex life, or lack there of" Gerard said wanting to change the subject.

"Okay, so how is the new nanny". Gerard really didn't want to talk about that either.

"She's good. Jade likes her alot". Mikey could tell there was something more.

"You like her" He asked.

"Of course. I wouldn't leave her alone with my child if I didn't" Gerard lit a cigarette and took a deep breath. He looked and saw that Mikey wasn't buying a thing he said.

"Okay she's hot. I'm crazy attracted to her. So what. I'm not gonna do anything about it". Mikey shook his head.

"Your gonna let Krystal ruin everything for you aren't you" Mikey knew it was a touchy subject but he was sick of seeing his brother lonely. He knew he had Jade but he wanted Gerard to have what he had.

"Don't" Gerard said sharply.

"You are lonely, and yes I know you have Jade, but you need a women. You know it" Mikey watched Gerard inhale deeply.

"Just think about it bro" Mikey said then changed the subject.

Olivia sat on the floor coloring next to Jade. She had bought a Disney princess book for Jade and couldn't wait to give it to her. Jade of course loved it. Olivia loved it to. She felt like a little girl in a women's body sometimes.

"Your picture is very pretty" She said to Jade and earned a big grin.

"Thanks. I wike yours to" Jade said then bent over and kissed Olivia's cheek.

Olivia smiled "What was that for".

"I wike you" Jade said with a shrug. Olivia's heart melted.

She was falling hard for the little girl. She was trying to not fall to hard for the dad though. She looked up and saw the very man that was on her mind. He was leaning against the door with his dark washed Jeans and Black t shirt. His hair was falling a little in his face and his eyes were boring holes into hers.

"Daddy" Jade squealed when she noticed her father in the doorway.

"Hey sweets. How was your day" he asked as he picked her up.

"Good, I wost another toof" She smiled showing off the new vacancy in her mouth.

"We already put it under the pillow" Olivia said as she stood up.

"Good, the tooth fairy will definitely have to stop by tonight" He smiled and kissed Jades little cheek.

"Well I am off. Night Jade" Olivia smiled then headed to her room.

She walked in and shut her door. She felt like locking it. The man was driving her crazy! Had she ever been this attracted to someone? Not only did she want his body, but he was a good guy, a great dad...!

"Stop this" She said to herself. She took a long bath and heard a knock on her door as she pulled on her robe. She knew it would be him. Duh, no one else lived there.

"Coming" She said and tied her robe in double knots. She opened the door and Gerard was standing there with his hands in his pockets.

"Hey" She said nervously.

"Hey, just wanted to see if you wanted some coffee and cookies" She smiled at him cause he looked like a shy little boy.

"I could definitely go for both. Give me a second to change okay" She said and shut the door. She felt like a teenager!

Gerard put the coffee on and popped the cookies in the oven. He looked up when he heard the door open. She was wearing hot pink pajama shorts and a white t shirt. Her hair was still wet and he could smell it all the way across the kitchen.

"Coffee smells good" She said as she leaned against the counter.

"Didn't know if you would want any after today" He laughed. "

It didn't ruin my love of coffee, don't worry" They both avoided the others eyes.

"Hows the burn" he asked as he poured them both a cup of coffee.

"It's fine, I put the creme on again like you said, so I'm good" She accepted the cup he offered and took a huge sip.

"So how are the tour planes" She asked as they headed to the living room. They both took a seat on the huge leather couch.

"Good, we pretty much wrapped them up. We didn't want anything big this time around. Just gonna keep it simple" He noticed how far away she sat from him.

"I am wondering if I know any of your songs. Sing me a bar" She asked with a huge grin.

He shook his head "No way".

"Are ya shy" She joked.

"Very actually".

"That's odd for someone who performs in front of crowds".

"I change when I hit the stage. Gone is the nerdy comic book lover who can't talk to girls, I turn into this wild jerk who says whatever the hell he wants" He saw her smile and couldn't help but return it.

"I would like to see that. I can't imagine you that way" She thought it would be strange to see him performing.

"You will see it when your on tour. Jade goes to alot of the shows. I censor myself more now that she comes. I do not want her picking up my stage lingo" He liked talking to Olivia. It seemed natural.

"So your not gonna sing for me" She wanted to hear his voice!

"Nope, you will hear me next week. Give it up it's not happening" He watched her pout and shook his head no.

"Oh hey I was gonna see if you would help me Sunday, I have to make cup cakes for Jades class Monday... and well I have no clue how to bake" Olivia smiled at his request. How cute was it that he was even attempting to bake.

"Sure, it sounds fun. I am pretty good at makin cup cakes. Or so I've been told" They both laughed and stayed up chatting about movies and music for hours. By the time she went to bed she knew she was falling for the guy.

Gerard stood outside her door for a few minutes. He wanted to kiss her. He knew it was so unprofessional but he didn't care. He lightly knocked. If she didn't answer than it was a sign.

If she did then... "Hey" He heard her say when she opened the door. It's now or never. He stepped close to her and touched her face. Her skin was so soft. He saw her eyes get huge.

"What are we doing" She whispered when he brought his lips only inches away from hers.

"I'm not sure" His breath tickled her lips. She felt his lips lightly brush hers the watched him step back.

"Goodnight Olivia" He said then swiftly turned and walked away.

Olivia touched her lips and smiled. It was such a simple kiss, but God she could feel it from head to toe! What was she going to do?!

Gerard woke up Sunday morning with Jade snuggled against him. She had, had a bad dream and slept with him that night. She was snoring so loud! It made him laugh. He had let her stay up late last night so he knew she would sleep for a while longer. He had only seen Olivia for a few minutes yesterday since Saturday was her day off. She said something about shopping then left. She had barely looked at him. He couldn't believe he had kissed her. It was a big no no on his part, but he couldn't bring himself to regret it. He slipped out of bed and headed down for coffee. He knew she would probably be up already. He walked into the kitchen and he could smell the coffee.

She was sitting at the counter in a white button down shirt and jean shorts. Her blond hair was hanging in her face and she was sipping coffee and reading a book. God she was beautiful. Like an Angel sitting in his kitchen. How did he not notice how amazing she was when he first hired her? She looked up and smiled.

"Coffee is waiting for you. Oh and I bought the cup cake mix and icing yesterday" She said and watched him pour his coffee. She loved to look at him when he just woke up.

"Thanks, I had forgotten all about it" He took a gulp of coffee and relaxed. This was the life. A quiet, sunny, Sunday morning with Olivia.

"Alicia is coming to get Jade around eleven. They are having a girls day, whatever that is. We can make the cup cakes while she's gone" He walked over and leaned against the counter in front of her.

"Sounds like a plan. Hey where has Ruth been" She asked. The maid hadn't been around in a while.

"Her sister bought a condo in Miami. Asked her to come live with her. She jumped on the chance. I gave her a nice bonus and sent her on her way. She was good to us, she deserved it" Olivia just looked at him. He was a good man. She just wanted to lean over and kiss him.

"What" he asked her. She was staring at him like she might eat him.

"Nothing, your just a good guy" She said and sat back in her chair.

"No I really am not" He shook his head adamantly. She didn't know him well enough yet.

"Don't sell yourself so short Gerard" She reached out and grabbed his hand just as Jade walked into the kitchen. He swiftly removed his hand and turned to greet his daughter. She had a feeling there was alot more to learn about Gerard. And she couldn't wait to learn more.
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