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Chapter One

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Sometimes life doesn't always work out the way we want it to. We just have to learn how to cope.

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Miley strolled down the quiet street of her neighboorhood listening to her iPod. Throughout the day, she couldn't stop worrying about Ryan. He had not shownup at school for two consecutive days. Her heart was pounding fiercely in her chest as she opened up her cell phone. Zero calls from Ryan. She put her phone back into her bag. Putting her golden key into the lock of the front door, Miley entered her cozy home. Her parents were still at work and her brother was with his friends. She plopped her blue Aeropostale bag onto the hardwood flooring and headed up to her room.
Miley closed the door into her lone room and layed her frigid body on her soft inviting bed. She held her phone close to her heart contemplating whether she could call Ryan or not. Instead, she did what she always did: worry. The memory of when Miley witnessed Ryan's first act of suicide kept replaying like a broken record in her mind.

* "Ryan?" Miley walked into the bathroom and gasped at the horror in front of her. She began to shake lightly, not knowing what to think.
There Ryan stood, in front of her. His wrists her bleeding uncontrolably and he was sobbing lightly. He continued to shove the sharp, blood stained razor agaisnt his frail wrists despite Miley's presence. He, too, was shaking heavily.
"Ryan!" Miley screamed, as she swatted the razor away from his wrists. She took his wrists in her hands as he cringed in pain. Washing the cuts thoroughly, the blood didn't let up at all. She finally came to the conclusion that he had cut one of his veins. He felt a rush of a massive painful sensation inflicting on his wrists. He put his bloody hand to his forehead trying to escape it all. Slowly, he began to black out. *

Miley opened her eyes. She was done dwelling on the past. He's fine now... She kept telling herself. Pushing the loose hair out of the way, Miley sighed. Closing her eyes again, she tried to run from it all. But suddenly, surprise jolted her heart as she heard a low thump on her window. Her heart beating quickly, Miley opened the curtains and noticed Ryan standing outside. She smiled in relief then darted down to see Ryan.
Ryan smiled at the sight of Miley. Her beautiful brown hair flowed in the wind. He chuckled as she threw her slender body into his arms. "Missed me?" He said as he planted a soft kiss upon her forehead.
"So much." Miley replied, clutching his skinny body against hers. "I hate being away from you." She rested her head upon his shoulder as he kissed the nape of her neck continuously.
"I'm sorry, I just got caught up with some other things." Ryan explained, trying to hide what was really happening. Miley slowly pulled away from their embrace and looked at him intently, attempting to scrutinize his expression. "No...suicidal things I hope." Miley said, barely choking out the words.
"Of course not!" Ryan said, trying to scatter away the thought of him doing that. "I will never try that again Miles. That would mean I'd have to be away from you." He looked at her seriously. Lifting her chin, he pressed his lips softly onto hers, kissing her gently.
Relieved by what Ryan said, Miley held him joyfully. She deepened the kiss more and felt butterflies arise in her stomach. Her heart raced as she felt Ryan move his hands down her back.

Brendon drove into the driveway of his house and noticed Ryan and Miley kissing by the door. He rolled his eyes and shuffled outof the car. He giggled to himself that they were to busy to notice him. Walking over to them, he pulled them apart. "Stay away from my sister you suicidal asshole." Brendon said, angrily.
"Go away Brendon..." Miley seethed, annoyed that he interupted them. "He's not an asshole and he's not suicidal...anymore."
"Hello!" Brendon shouted at her. "This idiot made you cry yourself to sleep for a month because he kept cutting his wrists and doing stupid, harmful crap! I thought you two were over?!"
"I-I made her cry every night?" Ryan said quietly. He was ashamed that he deeply hurt the love of his life like that. He loved her more than anything and all he wanted was for her to be
"No sh!t sherlock. I would know. I had lay her in my arms for hours before she fell asleep. She was a wreak because of you." Brendon explained, pissed off. Ryan looked down at his shoes trying to hold back upcoming tears. It killed him to find out that he was the reason Miley was put through so much pain. His heart slowly broke in half.

Chelsea giggled as she sketched a gruesome picture of a woman on her math homework. She bit her lip trying to hold back intense laughter so Leighton wouldn't notice. Abruptly, she let out a squeal of giggles.
Leighton diverted her attention from her complicated numeral problems over to Chelsea. She rolled her eyes jokingly. "What are you doing?" She smiled revealing her perfect pearly whites.
"Oh nothing." Chelsea smiled, putting her hand over the drawing. Leighton forced Chelsea's hand away from the picture. Holding it up, Leighton giggled. "Is that Mrs. Baker?"
"Maaaaybe." Chelsea batted her eyes and added more details to the absurd drawing. "Isn't she purty?" She said sarcastically.
"Ha ha, hilarious Chels." Leighton said arrogantly. "But seriously, we really need to get working here. I have a D average in math and my mom is going to kill me. You're the genius help!" Leighton said, a bit worried.
"Okay, okay." Chelsea settled. "But Miley's better at math than me." A thought struck her. "Where is she? Wasn't she supposed to be here an hour ago?" Chelsea asked.
Leighton rolled her eyes with a bit of annoyance. "She's with Ryan." She paused for a second. "I swear sometimes that girl acts like he's holding her on a leash. She's always worried about him!"
"Wow." Chelsea though to herself for a second, recalling the events of the past. "Well let's just hope he doesn't have a relapse of his suicide 'phase' again." She looked down at her homework, resuming to solve the problems.
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