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Chapter Six

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Pulling Miley into his lap, Ryan kissed her neck softly. "So does this mean we're back together?" He said, holding her hand gently, hoping she'd say yes.
"Mhm." Miley held his hand tightly, smiling. Meeting her lips with his, she felt joy soar throughout her body. She lay herself on Ryan, listening to the nature around them. The wind blew and the clouds rolled in, signaling a thunderstorm. Holding onto Ryan tighter, she listened to his steady heartbeat. She looked up at him, and smiled cutely. "Do you want to go for some ice cream?" She asked.
"Sure baby." Ryan beamed at her and took her hand in his.

Miley and Ryan walked along the temperate beach, her fingers intertwined through his. She giggled as fed her ice cream. Kissing him gently, she smiled. She gazed into his beautiful chocolate brown eyes. At that moment, she realized that she didn't want to be with anyone else but him. "Ryan...I-I think I'm ready." She whispered nerrvously.
"For what?" Ryan asked calmly. Scruitinizing her facial expression, he then realized what she meant. "Oh... you mean...have...?"He said without finishing, implying what he meant. As she nodded, he felt the blood rush beneath his skin. He motioned for them to sit down. Sitting next
to her, watching the rough ocean waves, he spoke softly, "Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you." Miley closed her eyes then reopened them. "I'm ready...I love you so much." She smiled, laying her head on his shoulder.
Ryan held her tightly next to him. "I love you too, Miles...and I'm ready too..." He smiled before crashing his soft lips against hers. All the pain and depression seeped away from his body. She made him feel like the happiest person on earth. Miley pulled away from the kiss slowly and gazed into his amazing eyes. "C-Can we do it tonight?" She pleaded.
"Sure, I'm dying to." Ryan smiled seductively, gripping her hand.

Miley entered her home, clutching onto Ryan's hand. Brendon came into the foyer as he heard them walk in. "Mom and dad left for Aunt Kyla's house right?" Miley asked, looking around.
"Yeah." Brendon looked at them strangely, confused at the fact that they were back together. "You're dating him again?" He asked, a bit outraged.
Miley grinned, holding Ryan's body close to hers. "Yup." Her smiled turned seductive. "and we're gonna go make love now so bye." She started to head up to her room.
Brendon's eyes widened at her last statement. "Whoa, no you won't." He pulled her back to where she was standing. "you two are not having sex tonight. I don't care what you say, you're too young and not even married." He hoped to talk them out of it.
Miley became angry. "I'm seventeen effing years old Brendon! Don't tell me what to do! I love him more than anything and I want to do this. Please don't freakin stop me!" She fumed. Removing her purity ring off her finger, she placed it on the table. "I'm done listening to you."
Brendon became disappointed in Miley as he watched her take off her purity ring. "Miley, please just listen to me. I don't want you making a mistake that you can't take back. You can get pregnant...and then you're future is ruined." He threw her an empathetic look. "I just don't want you getting hurt."He prayed that she would rethink her decision.
Ryan felt guilty as he watched the quarrel between Miley and Brendon. He peered at Brendon, trying to settle the arguement. "You don't have anything to worry about...I promise I'll use protection and I won't hurt her." He chimed into their spat.
"That's not the point idiot!" Brendon countered. "I just don't want you to have sex with my sister!" Brendon suddenly had a clash of memories spiral into his mind. The time when his best friend made his girlfrend pregnant and the T.V. shows that centered around this topic. He shook his head in fright. "please...just save yourselves."
"No!" Miley said stubbornly. "we're in love and we shouldn't have to wait if we're ready!" She cried. "please Brendon...please let us."
Brendon contemplated what to do. He knew they shouldn't do it at all. Analyzing their expressions, they looked deeply in love. He remembered back to when he was in love with his girlfriend, so much, he would've did it with her. He wanted to let them do it but felt like he would be a bad big brother if he did. But after all, they were in love, and Ryan promised to use protection. Sighing, he nodded, "Fine...just don't get too carried away... please..."
Miley squealed in excitement and embraced Brendon. "Thank you sooo much Brenny, you are the best!" Her heart fluttered as she and Ryan ran up to her room.
"Don't forget to use protection!" Brendon called up to them, worrying greatly inside.

Miley's heart pounded fiercely and she and Ryan locked themselves in her room. She smiled cutely at him. "I'm a bit nervous." She admitted.
Ryan sat next to her and kissed her temple softly. "Don't be." Holding her close to him, he whispered sweetly, "if you want to stop, don't be afraid to tell me." He pecked her cutely on the lips.
"But what if I don't want to stop?" Miley cooed alluringly. Kissing him as deeply as she could, she pushed him down against the bed, with her body on his. Slowly, she unbottoned his shirt, revealing his skinny chest. Pressing her lips harder against his, she undressed herself.
Ryan stripped himself of the remaining clothing left on his body. He smiled warmly at Miley. "I love you so much." He breathed, letting himself fall on her.
"Mmm." Miley moaned softly, enjoying his taste. "I love you too." She cooed.
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