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Chapter Five

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Leighton and Chelsea darted up to Miley at her locker after school. Miley still looked broken hearted and shaken. Trying ease up Miley's mood, she smiled. "Hey Miles." She said very bouncy.
Miley flaunted a weak smile at them. "Oh hey guys." She continued putting books in her locker.
"You will never guess what Leighton did to Ryan today!" Chelsea, gushed, ecstatically.
Miley peered at them, her heart skipping a beat at the sound of Ryan's name. "What did you do to him?" Miley wondered, now interested to know what they wanted to tell her. Leighton started to giggle, trying to mask her heavy laughter.
"I poured Pepsi down his shirt!" She smirked, remembering the look on his face. "You should've seen him! He started to cry becuause he got a little sticky!"
Miley eyed them with a touch of anger. She couldn't believe how they ignored her warning not to say anything. Obviously, they talked to him. "How could you do that Leighton! I saw him in the
hall! He was crying!" She fumed.
"Aw the little baby got all wet and sticky, boo hoo!" Leighton snickered, while gesturing a crying notion with her hands. Chelsea laughed along with her.
Miley shook her head in disgustment. "You guys suck."
Chelsea took her serious of a moment. "Miley we're was just a harmles joke..." She explained.
Miley threw her hands up in the air. "It's not a harmless joke when he has to go through the same crap everyday!" She exclaimed. Pulling her bag on, she ambled away from them.

Miley came running into her room and plopped down on her soft bed. Staring up at the ceiling, she thought about Ryan and how her friends hurt him and...their breakup. Dying to talk to him, she knew that she couldn't go on like this anymore. After contemplating what to do, she decided to text him. Taking out her phone, she pounded her thumbs quickly against the keyboard.

Hey Ryry...can we talk? :/

Miley hit send, feeling her blood rush. She bit down on her lip, waiting for a reply.
Ryan's phone suddenly began vibrating. He looked at the number and saw that it was Miley. His stomach fluttered. Taking a deep breathe, he opened it and read the text message. He smiled a little bit, happy that she wanted to talk with him. Hitting reply, he began typing a response.

Um yeah :) Meet me in the park in 10 mins?

Miley opened up her phone to view the new message from Ryan. Smiling, she replied okay and hurried out of her room to go see Ryan. The blood was racing through her veins.

Ryan smiled when he saw Miley coming towards him. He was a bit shaken but he was happy to see her again. "Hey." He stood up, feeling a bit awkward not being able to kiss or hug her.
"H-Hi, Ryan." Miley answered quietly, butterflies forming in her stomach. "C-can we talk?"
"Um yeah..." They both sat down on a nearby bench. Looking into her clear, sparkling orbs, he longed to hold her in his arms. "What did you want to talk about?"
Miley gazed back into his chocolate brown eyes. All her memories of them together flooded her head, including the harsh break up. She missed him; she wanted him; she needed him. Not being able to hold back her waterworks, she let out a low, soft cry. It amounted into a painful sob. "I-I can't live without're all I think about. I try to stay strong but I can't because...I'm in love with you." She cried, letting all of her fustration out.
Ryan looked at her solemnly. It killed him that he was hurting her like this. It wasn't fair. When they were together he hurt her, and now they were apart and she seemed to be doing much worse. "I love you too Miley, but I don't deserve you. I hurt you too much. With my suicide and depression...I ruined everything for you. I just can't bear to see you miserable."
Miley shot him a look of desperation. "B-But I was never miserable with you, you made me the happiest person alive. Sure, it hurt me to see you in pain but what kept me going was the love I have for you and how amazing you are. You mean the world to me." She barely choked out the last sentence.
Ryan gazed deeply into her eyes, taking it what she had said. He could not stand it any longer. Caressing her cheek with his hand, he pressed his lips deeply onto hers, kissing her passionately.
Miley's heart began to pound when she felt his lips on hers. Putting her arms around his neck, she deepened the kiss more. She pulled away for a moment. "You're amazing Ryry." She whispered before crashing her lips onto his again.
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