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New Troubles

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Chapter 4

New Troubles

It had been a week since both Harry and Hermione had awoken from the turning, and unlike the first week of most new born vampires, amazingly it had not been full of blood and gore. In fact the Cullens had been amazed at the control which Harry and Hermione showed, having perfected the control of their blood lust in just a week when for the rest of them it had taken years.

There had been that one slip where Harry had spent the day chasing Emmet round Washington State, but Carlisle suspected that was less of an issue of blood lust and more that Harry wanted revenge for one of Emmet's misconceived pranks. An event which had led to both Vampires receiving fantastic tellings off from their respective partners, before both being ordered to their rooms, which allowed their partners to get together to having a good grumble about the stupidity of the pair.

That 'small' incident put a side it had been a good week for the new Cullens, and now the pair were ready to go collect their Godson, though it wouldn't just be them as Carlisle insisted the whole family went just in case the new borns had any trouble. Though Harry thought Carlisle just wanted a chance to see the place where he had lived, before being turned.

"But Hermione. What if he hates me for what I've become?" Harry said to hermione, his voice trembling and his face ash white, "What if he thinks I've become a monster? What if..."

"Harry will you stop it with the 'what ifs'already!" Hermione screamed in frustration, before realising she had perhaps been too aggressive, when she turned and saw his face so full of nerves and mainly panic. This had been something that she had struggled to control at times, her new found aggression and loss of patience which seemed to have come with the turning, and what made it worse was that Harry had stayed his former calm and generally patient self, the luck of that damn boy.

"Harry, for a start he is only a toddler"Carlisle calmly stated as he walked into the room. "He probably won't even notice till he's old, and plus he's the son of a werewolf, and could yet turn out to be one himself" He finished, his words as usually full of wisdom, and almost impossible to disagree with.

"Humph" Harry pouted, his nerves suddenly gone, to replace with a not so quiet disgruntlement that he had once again been outwitted by Carlisle. Having had Hermione do that to him all through school was bad enough, but now he had another person who did so on regular occurrences, along with the original perpetrator, Edward even joined in sometimes. The whole world was just out to get him, he thought to himself. It wasn't his fault he often thought with his heart first and brain second, and in the past it had helped him get out of various tight moments.

"He's at it as well is he" Rosalie said as she walked into the room, quickly followed by Emmet who also appeared to be upset about something.

"What's up with him?" Hermione asked Rosalie, however Emmet answered for her.

"No baseball" He muttered under his breath, his face hung looking toward the ground.

"Sorry what was that? Rosalie?" Hermione asked, this time clearly directing her question toward the other female, instead of the stroppy Emmet.

"Nothing really, Edward just told him that they don't play baseball in England, so he's spent the last twenty minutes muttering under his breath about the stupidity of the English" Rosalie answered, trying to say it in a serious voice, but struggling to hold back her giggles at her husband's behaviour.

"Oh" Hermione said, turning and knocking her head against the wall, clearly fed up of the behaviour of Harry and Emmet, it was likely looking after two toddlers not grown men.

Upon hearing the noise the two sulking boys looked up, and turned to look at hermione, before turning toward each other and asking at the same time, "What's up with her?"

"I don't know, I thought you might" Harry asked sounded confused as to why his wife would wish to bang her head against the very hard, stone wall.

"Neither do I mate" Emmet answered sounding equally confused. "Fancy a quick chuck about?" He asked pulling a baseball out from his back pocket.

"Yeh, okay!" Harry responded and with that the pair walked out of the room, suddenly appearing to be much happier. Upon which Rosalie turned toward the wall as well and also began hitting her head against it, grumbling about the stupidity of men.

"Come, on!!!" Hermione screamed to the boys half an hour later, as the rest of the Cullens stood at the door waiting to leave. Hermione holding both her suitcase and Harry's, whilst Rosalie did the same.

"Okay, okay! Calm down woman" Emmet said in an exasperated voice as he ran to the door, only to give a slight squeal as Hermione wandlessly shot at stinging hex at him.

"Sorry Hermione" Harry pouted with his best puppy dog eyes, which really were incredibly pathetic the gold and green combining - Harry somehow having managed to maintain some of his original eye colour somehow. As hermione had said many a time when referring to his new eye colour,'You can never just be normal'.

"That is not going to work on me, Mr. Potter" Hermione said through clenched teeth. "Now come here and apparate us to Teddy. You know full well that I'm not powerfully enough to take all of us such a long distance" She finished pointing to a spot on her ground next to her.

"Fine" He said, dragging his feet as he walked over to the exact spot Hermione had pointed at.

"Good boy" Hermione said, patting his head as though he was some sort of mongrel dog. "Now get on with it, and do your thing!"

"Right everyone hold hands, and get ready for the ride of your life!" Harry said with a little self satisfied smirk. "Oh and Bella please try to be careful when we land, I know how clumsy you are!" He finished chuckling to himself.

"Why you little sh..." Bella began to say, before with one final little smirk Harry apparated them away, the pop of so many people apparating at once covering his chuckles at the reaction he provoked from Bella.

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