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“Good luck finding someone, cause all your friends think you’re being a real ass."

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A week had passed since Paisley and Gerard’s falling out. Both were feeling the effects, but stubbornness got the best of them.

“I haven’t seen my baby in a week,” Gerard grumbled into his cup of coffee.



“Ouch,” Frank winced, “That’s rough. Why are you so adamant on making not only your life so miserable, but Paisley’s also?”

Gerard sat the coffee down and took a pull from his cigarette.

“Frank, you know when there’s an annoying gnat pestering you and you try to swat at it, but it won’t go away?”

Frank nodded with a confused look, “Yeah.”

“You’re being that gnat right now.”

“Back to what I was saying before I was unnecessarily insulted, you’ve got issues man. Like I think you are secretly a sadist and a masochist, because you must get pleasure from hurting yourself and Paisley, since you do it all the damn time.”

Gerard glared at his friend, “None of this would have happened if Paisley would have quit being so stubborn.”

“I think you both were being stubborn. I also think that you need to be a man and apologize to your fiancée for trying to control her. Truthfully I’m getting a little tired of playing referee. You can’t just run away from your problems dude. That’s not how it works.”

Gerard put out his cigarette, “I don’t know why you’re trying to tell me to man up. It’s not necessary.”

Frank stood up so fast that he knocked his chair over.

“Gerard. Damn it, I real man wouldn’t try to control his woman. A real man wouldn’t have left his fiancée and baby to fend for themselves. Are you sure you even really love her? Or is she just your crutch in this world? I’d figure it out pretty damn soon, or she may get so fed up over your shit and find herself a new guy. One that will treat her like she’s an actual human being.”

Gerard stood up and grabbed his keys

“Where are you going,” Frank asked, trying to slow his heart rate down.

“Somewhere where I won’t get lectured by someone who doesn’t understand me and my intentions.”

“Good luck finding someone, cause all your friends think you’re being a real ass,”Frank yelled after him.
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