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“So does that mean it’s over between you two?”

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“Why are you here,” Frank asked with a confused look on his face.


“What happened?”


“That’s real helpful,” Frank yawned and rubbed his eye, “Come in. Camp out on the couch. I’m going back to bed. You can explain it all to me when I’m awake.”

Gerard followed his friend into his house and threw himself down on the den couch.

Frank waited for Gerard to get comfortable before heading upstairs to his bedroom. Once he was in there he picked up his cell and texted Ray. Sighing, he lay the phone down and rolled over.

Paisley was sitting on the couch feeding Helena when someone knocked on the door.

“One minute,” she called as she adjusted her shirt back down.

Hitching the three month old on her hip, Paisley opened the door.

“Hey Ray. Come in.”

“Thanks Paise,” Ray skirted around her and sat down in a recliner.


“What happened between you and Gerard? Frank texted me and told me you two had a fight.”

Paisley turned Helena around and began to burp her, “Well, apparently he thinks it’s the 1950’s or something where when women have babies they aren’t supposed to have a job.”

Ray nodded, “And you do.”

“Yes. I tried to make him understand that if I had a job it wouldn’t be full time. Plus it would help out with expenses. But he went all Alpha Male on me and I refuse to deal with that. I will not let a man act like he owns me or tell me what I can and cannot do.”
“I can respect that Paisley. I really do. But have you stopped to think how he feels?”

Paisley stared at him, “Ray. What is there to think about? He doesn’t want me to work. Period. There’s really nothing to think about.”

Ray sat back in his chair and watched Paisley play with Helena.

“Can I hold her?”

Paisley looked up and smiled, “Sure. Make sure to support her neck.”

Ray carefully cradled the baby in his hands. Settling back in the chair he gazed at Helena.

“Gerard loves the two of you. More than anything. I know that the two of you have had your rough patches, but now the two of you have a baby. This little girl needs both of you.”

Paisley frowned, “ I know that. But I refuse to let a male run my life for me and I don’t want her to grow up with that. My dad did that to my mom. She used to be such a strong willed woman before she met him. In her pictures, you could tell. But after my parents married there was a visible change in her. I vowed that would never happen to me.”

Ray looked up at her earnestly, “So does that mean it’s over between you two?”

Paisley raised her hand to wipe away a stray tear, “ I really don’t know.”
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